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Chapter 426 – Hot Spring

The next morning, Megan woke up early. Although she had been on the sea for four days, she was still unfamiliar with sleeping on the ship. This made her rests each day quite unpractical.

.This was also the reason why Megan's mood was not very good these days. If one was not well rested, then their temperament wouldn't be good. It was precisely because of this that Megan had been very depressed in the past days.

After washing up, Megan went out of the cabin. She thought of breathing in the sea breeze outside. This time, she went out of her house without bringing any servants along with her. But Megan wasn't regretful, since she was going to marry Zhao Hai, then she must be familiar with his lifestyle, she doesn't want Zhao Hai to see her as a young lady that need servants all the time to help her.

When Megan arrived on the deck, she saw that Zhao Hai and Laura were already up. Megan quickly went forwards and embarrassingly said, "Big Brother Hai, Sister Laura, you’re all up. I'm sorry I woke up late."

Zhao Hai turned to Megan and saw that there were dark circles around her eyes, he couldn't help but feel very apologetic towards her. He smiled and said, "What's wrong? Not sleeping very well? This is normal for newcomers at sea, always feeling sick because of the swaying and shaking. Hehe."

Megan smiled stiffly and said, "I really don't know. I've already been used to the swaying since I was young. But I think If I still stayed here when I was young, I would still get sick." This caused Laura and Zhao Hai to laugh.

Megan also laughed, although she underwent hardship and suffered a bit over the past two days, she also learned a lot from Zhao Hai's group. They were hard-working, persevering, and optimistic. It was because of this that she can still joke about at this point.

Now Megan understood the thing about Zhao Hai that attracts her, it was his spirit of optimism. No matter what happens, Zhao Hai was still optimistic. The most important thing about Zhao Hai was that he strives to move forward no matter what happens, this seemed to be attractive to her.

While looking at Megan's face, Zhao Hai calmed down. He looked at Megan and sternly said, "Megan, now that we're engaged, you'll be a person of my Buda Clan in the future. Because of this, I'll tell you our Buda Clan's greatest secret. I hope you keep this secret, even from your father, can you do it?"

When Megan heard Zhao Hai's first couple of words, she felt her face turn hot. But as soon as she heard the last ones, she froze and looked at Zhao Hai, but she didn't agree immediately.

She quietly thought about Zhao Hai's words. Yes, she was now engaged to Zhao Hai. And although they hadn't been married, the matter was already set. She will become a person of the Buda Clan, no matter what others thought about it, and it was also not in her mind to leave Zhao Hai.

However, she also needed to take her parents into account, which made it difficult for her. Her feelings for Smith and the madam was too deep. So if she wanted to keep a secret from her mother and father, she was afraid that she would be unable to do it.

Seeing that Megan didn't answer immediately, Zhao Hai didn't become angry. On the contrary, he was quite glad that Megan didn't quickly agree. I meant that she held relationships as important, and it also showed that her feelings for Zhao Hai were genuine. Otherwise, Megan could just agree immediately and when she returns, she could just sell Zhao Hai out.

Zhao Hai looked at Megan and said, "Megan, you must know that this secret is known by Laura, also Meg, all of the people from my Buda Clan knows. Since you've become engaged to me, I hope that you will have the same status as Laura and Meg. Otherwise, it would be unfair for you. At the same time, I completely believe in you, if I didn't, then it wouldn't be good in the future if you marry me. I hope you can take these words into account as well."

When Megan heard Zhao Hai, she understood that Zhao Hai hoped for her to reach the same status as Laura. This also meant that in his heart, she held the same place as Laura and Meg. This fact made Megan happy, she looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Big Brother Hai, you can rest assured, if you trust me that much, then I wouldn't disappoint you. I will protect the Buda Clan's secret, even from my mother and father."

Zhao Hai looked at Megan's face then laughed, "Alright, I already feel relieved from hearing your words. Are you prepared? Because you will now know about the biggest secret of the Buda Clan."

Megan took a deep breath and said, "I'm ready." Zhao Hai smiled faintly and made an intention on his mind. Megan felt a flash of white light before she appeared in front of the villa.

Megan looked at everything in front of her and thought that she must have been in the Prairie. All around were green grass, and not far from the villa was a cultivated land where various plants were planted. But most importantly, she didn't know how they arrived here, weren't they on the ship just now?

At this time, Meg came and opened the door to the villa. As soon as she saw Megan, she smiled and said, "Megan, you're here? Come in quickly, breakfast is already prepared. We can talk while eating at the same time."

Megan's mind was hazy as Meg pulled her into the villa. When they arrived at the dining doom, Meg didn't serve the dishes immediately, they waited before Shue and the others came and also sat down.

This was Zhao Hai's custom. When there was no special event, Shue and the others would dine with him, chatting on the table, increasing their sentiment to each other. Although they were under the Blood Oath, and were not allowed to betray Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai didn't want to depend on the Blood Oath for their loyalty. He hoped that Shue and the others would sincerely work for him

Megan was still hazy when she sat down, she was very puzzled seeing all of this. The villa was just fine for her, but the environment made her very confused.

At this time, Zhao Hai also sat down and smiled, "Megan, this is our Bida Clan's greatest secret, Um, Laura, go introduce Megan to the Space."

Laura didn't object, she smiled faintly and talked to Megan about the Space along with its various mystical properties.

Megan already forgot to eat as she just stared and listened to Laura telling everything about the myriad magical things that was in the Space. Laura also kept talking for about one hour, at this point, Zhao Hai and the others were already finished eating. The only people who have not yet eaten were Laura and Megan.

When Laura finished, Megan couldn't believe it as she looked outside the window and said, "You mean this entire place belonged to Brother Hai? In here, Brother Hai is a god?"

Laura smiled and said, "It's just like what you said, everything here belongs to Brother Hai. And even if he is a god here, he is a miserable god, why? It's because he needs to pay the Space for everything, also he needs to upgrade the space, otherwise he wouldn't be able to use its full potential."

Megan didn't understand so much about it, but she still muttered, "Everything here surprisingly belongs to Brother Hai, amazing, this is too amazing."

Seeing her appearance, Laura didn't say anything and just faintly smiled. She went to the kitchen to warm their meal. She had to, otherwise they wouldn't be able to eat it.

After some time, Megan recovered. Currently, it was only her who was left inside the dining room. Laura was busy in the kitchen while Zhao Hai and the others were in the living room.

Megan didn't head to the living room, but instead she went to the kitchen. She asked Laura about the questions she had about the Space. Laura was also patient in answering them all. Soon after, their meals were already prepared, then the two went to the dining room to eat. After the meal, they went to the living room and saw Zhao Hai and the others looking at the monitor. The screen displayed the state of the sea.

As the various images popped out of the monitor, Megan was again reminded of the various mysteries of the Space. Zhao Hai looked at her and faintly smiled, "Megan, is Laura done in telling you about the Space? This is our Buda Clan's ace, right, you should know about the good things i have right? Those were outputs of the Space, hehe, I can say that without the Space, you wouldn't be able to meet me."

Megan nodded at Zhao Hai, "Brother Hai, rest assured, I will certainly not mention the Space to anybody."

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, "Very well, I believe you. Megan, I know that you haven't been resting properly these days, you can go sleep inside the Space. I'll let Laura and Meg accompany you. The ship can just sail without us outside, but I still can't feel at ease."

Laura also said, "That's right, we haven't had a good rest these days either, so let's sleep here. Megan, let's go and take a rest." Then she pulled Megan and left.

Zhao Hai also lead Blockhead and the others outside the Space, leaving the girls alone. The women didn't immediately go to bed, they took Megan to have a good bath first. There was a hot spring spool in the Space, they can just bathe there and relax.

The hot spring of the Space was placed underneath the villa, which was Karen's former laboratory before he moved to Iron Mountain Fort. Since the basement was not used, Laura proposed to Cai'er her intent to make the basement into a Hot Spring pool. The pool was supplied with flowing water since there was a spring underneath the villa. At the same time, there was also an outlet on the pool, since it was hard to control the amount of water inside the basement.

In the basement, there weren't only some stone tables and other furnitures, Cai'er can also send some fruits and wine for Laura and the others to enjoy. After the basement was prepared, it was very well regarded by the group. Afterwards, Zhao Hai proposed dividing the place into two rooms, one for the women, then the other one is for men. [1]

Zhao Hai, a.k.a. The enemy of men. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 427 – Trade

Megan sat in the hot spring pool and felt an unprecedented sense of comfort. This was her first time experiencing a hot spring ever. Sky Water City was on a coastal region, there were no hot springs available there.

Soaking in hot water inside the spring made her feel really good, it was very comfortable. Sitting in the hot spring while eating fruits and drinking wine was something she thought only fairies could do.

After taking her wine glass and taking a sip, Megan turned her head towards Laura and Meg who were also soaking in the hot spring while sipping wine. Megan made a discontented pout and said, "You two are really good sisters, enjoying such good stuff these days but only telling me now, hmph."

Laura and Meg both laughed, after which Laura said, "It's not that we don't want to tell you, this place is just too important to the Buda Clan. If this secret were to be known by others, the Clan's final trump card would be gone, so we dared not to tell you immediately. We only told you this time because of Brother Hai's proposal." Although Laura also wanted to tell Zhao Hai to inform Megan about the Space, she didn't say it. No matter what, it was Zhao Hai's decision. Moreover, she also said that to make Megan's impression of Zhao Hai better, to make Megan's heart accept Zhao Hai more.

One had to recognize how much Laura thought about Zhao Hai, even such small details were taken into consideration. This was because Laura knew that since she wanted to spend her lifetime with this man, it would help him if she solves all of his troubles. So Laura decided to think about such matters.

When Megan heard Laura, she snorted, "I forgive you. I'll never tell anyone about this, be relieved .This place really is too good, you'll really enjoy it here."

Laura smiled and said, "It really is. Actually some of those things were Brother Hai's ideas, he just couldn't come enjoy them, he has too many things to do, he is too busy."

Megan also sighed, she also saw how much things Zhao Hai handled these past few days. Although Zhao Hai was not signing documents like her father, Zhao Hai also had a lot of matters regarding the Buda Clan to think about. Just like Laura said, Zhao Hai was indeed very busy.

After the group soaked at the hot springs for a while, they then went to rest upstairs. There were more than 20 rooms in the Space's villa, so there were still plenty of empty rooms. Since Megan had not rested well lately, she immediately fell asleep after the hot spring bath.

She didn't think that she would fall asleep until the afternoon. When she got out of bed, there weren't any other person inside the Space. After she wore her clothes, Megan immediately appeared on the Haven.

She stared for a moment before she understood that it was certainly Cai'er's doing. Zhao Hai already introduced Megan to Cai'er yesterday. But Zhao Hai didn't tell Megan that Cai'er was in fact a 9th rank expert.

When Megan arrived on the ship, Laura saw her. Laura immediately went and greeted her with a smile, "You woke up. Seeing you sleep so much during the day makes me think whether you can still be able to sleep at night."

Megan spat out her tongue and said, "I haven't slept well these past few days, so I had a very good rest. But I surprisingly overslept. Haha."

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, "We can just return to the Space in the night and rest. It's quiet there, and the air is very good as well. Sleeping there is very comfortable."

Megan nodded and looked at the scenery of the sea. She smiled and said, "Looking at the grass inside the Space, while gazing at the sea on the ship, this lifestyle is very good." Her words made Zhao Hai and the others smile.

After some time, Megan turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Big Brother Hai, what are we doing on this trip? Why do I see that we're heading towards the deep seas? Do you intend to go there?"

Zhai Hai smiled faintly and said, "Right, we'll head towards the deeps seas, as well as Ape Island, we have a base there."

When Megan was reading a few days ago, she also came across information regarding Ape Island. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, she couldn't help but be startled as she said, "Ape Island? Isn't that the one written in the book that had reefs surrounding it as well as strong magic beasts?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, "Yes, that Ape Island. We've already subdued the magic beasts there. One of them is called Little Jin, I'm sure you're going to like him. Moreover, that island is rich in Bread Fruits."

Megan also knew about the Bread Fruit, she had eaten several of them. She didn't think that the fruit was grown inside that ominous island.

After several days, Zhao Hai and the others finally arrived at Ape Island. Upon arriving, Little Jin's group received Zhao Hai and the others. However, Zhao Hai wasn't planning on staying long this time. He stayed for two days and then they left, but this time Little Jin joined them. Zhao Hai didn't oppose it, after all, there's a transmission point inside Ape Island, Little Jin can just return anytime.

Megan also came to like Little Jin very much. Although Zhao Hai and the others told her that Little Jin was formidable, Megan just can't see it just by looking at its face. She didn't really believe that Little Jin was as scary as what the others said,

After leaving Ape Island, Zhao Hai's group naturally headed to trade with the Rock Shrimp Tribe. Zhao Hai also told Megan about this, which made her shocked, she didn't expect Zhao Hai to be trading with the Merfolk.

Keeping this as a secret was also tol to Megan. Even if they can cooperate with the Calci Family about marine products later on, they cannot tell the family about their transactions with the Rock Shrimp Tribe.

Megan didn't oppose, ever since Zhao Hai revealed the Space to Megan, she already classified herself as someone from the Buda Clan. What she needed to do right now was to contribute into developing the clan. Not saying Zhao Hai's matter wouldn't affect the Calci Family's benefits anyway. Conversely, if she cooperates, the Calci Family would be obtaining a lot of advantages in the future.

Megan's transformation was also in small part the Space's doing. Although the Space's influence on a person was very minimal, almost nothing, ever since Megan started to stay inside the Space every evening, she changed bit by bit.

Naturally, this influence on a person was very limited, so Zhao Hai didn't really care about this point. Before long, they arrived at the Shrimp Tribe's domain. The tribesmen immediately came to meet them and escorted them to the reef where the tribe lived.

But when Zhao Hai arrived, he was shaken, this was because it was not only the Shrimp Tribe that was trading with him, there were also the Crabs and the Shellfishes. The deals with the two tribes were also very beneficial to Zhao Hai. There was needless to say about the Shell Tribe, since they were the ones who had the pearls. But the Crab Tribe also traded Zhao Hai with crab magic beasts. These crabs were really very big, if they were placed on the ground with their claws outstretched, their length would be about ten meters.

Altogether, what Zhao Hai gained from the trade this time were 100 jins of pearl, 100 corals, 200 gigantic crabs, 100 giant shrimps, as well as various marine plants and other Magic Beasts. One could say that Zhao Hai's harvests were very great.

Moreover, Libben also told Zhao Hai that he was still contacting other tribes to see who wanted to trade with Zhao Hai. Naturally, Zhao Hai was extremely glad about this, so he gave the Shrimp Tribe some Bread Fruits as well as some Milk Wine. As to whether how they will drink the liquor, it wasn't under Zhao Hai's worries.

When Zhao Hai left the Shrimp Tribe's area and headed towards the shallower sea, Megan couldn't help but release a breath. She looked at the Shrimp Tribe's territory and turned to Zhao Hai, "Brother Hai, aren't you scared when seeing those Shrimp and Crap Tribesmen?"

Zhao Hai already saw Shrimp Tribesmen from before. Now, he saw the Crab Tribesmen. Their upper bodies were vaguely similar to the Shrimps, but they didn't have as many arms like them, the Crabs were just like humans. However, their eyes were not normal since they stretched outwards their heads, they may even turn them 360 degrees to see all around their body. Their arms were like the humans, but their hands were replaced with huge claws. Their lower body had crab-like feet, they also had large shells. One could say that the Crab Tribesmen just looked like a long crab with half a human's body.

On the other hand, the Shell Tribesmen were very much like humans. But on their backs were a pair of wing-like shells. The shell was quite huge, as long as a Shell Tribesman curls their body, they could fit themselves inside their shells. When Zhao Hai saw the appearance of the Shell people, he couldn't help but think about Shell Girl. However, the Shell Tribesmen weren't very beautiful.

It was because of the odd and strange appearances of the Merfolk that Megan asked Zhao Hai that question. He just smiled and said, "Why should we be afraid? They are also creatures who had wisdom no lesser than our own. They just had appearances that appear strange to us, just like how us humans look strange to them. Megan, you have to remember this as a future senior member of the Buda Clan, you must be good if you meet different races. The most hated thing for these races are when Humans look down on their appearances. Therefore, even if you do fear them, don't show it. An expression of fear or loathing will enrage them, they might even possibly go out and attack you."

Megan stared, then she turned to Laura. Laura smiled and said, "In a few days, we will lead you to Iron Mountain Fort. There, you will be able to see some Giant-Horned Ox Clansmen. They are huge, with giant horns. We felt strange when we saw them for the first time, but give it some days and you will get used to it. You would be getting along with them and see that they are much more easy to interact with than other humans."

Although they already told Megan about the transmission points, Zhao Hai still hadn't brought Megan to Iron Mountain Fort. He just invited Green and the others to the Space to meet Megan.

Chapter 428 – Raise the Banner of the Wild Dragon, Show them Who is Invincible!

When Megan knew that she was going to meet Green, she was very anxious. From what she heard from Laura, Green was Meg's grandfather, the Buda Clan's housekeeper. He also looked after Zhao Hai while he was growing up, Green was no different from Zhao Hai's blood grandfather. Although Green still called Zhao Hai Young Master, Zhao Hai was extremely respectful to him. To get the recognition from the Buda Family, Grandpa Green's approval was required.

This made Megan nervous. When she saw Green, she didn't know what to speak, this made Green and Merine very amused.

At this point, Megan knew that Laura was just teasing her and chased her around for a long time. However, as a result, this made Megan look better in the eyes of the elders, and in the end she got Green's recognition.

These past few days, Zhao Hai had been busy sailing. So he didn't have the time to bring Megan back to Iron Mountain Fort. He just waited for a proper time before going back.

And now, when Megan heard Laura, she became very curious. She had known about Iron Mountain Fort for quite some time, but Laura and the others didn't talk much about it. She just knew that the Milk Wine that was very in demand in the continent was produced in the fort, this made her want to take a look at the place.

But Zhao Hai really didn't have much time to return to the fort. So Megan had no other choice but to wait. Now that they're on their return trip, there was now a lot of spare time, naturally it was also time to go back to the fort and take a look.

Just as Megan was about to ask Zhao Hai as to when he plans to take her to Iron Mountain fort, a hawk's sound was suddenly heard. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw that it was coming from a Blood Hawk, but he didn't know where this one came from. So he immediately called it down and took the letter attached on its body. When Zhao Hai read the letter, his expression sank.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and knew that something important just happened. She quickly asked, "What is is Brother Hai? Did an accident happen?"

Zhao Hai handed the letter off to Laura, which made Laura's calm face change. She muttered, "It's surprisingly Uncle Evan, 200 thousand mercenaries? How is this possible? Are they fools?"

Meg looked puzzled at Laura, "Sister Laura, what happened?"

Laura gave the letter to Meg, "The letter is from Uncle Evan, he said that Casa City is suddenly besieged by 100 thousand mercenaries. There was also another 100 thousand outside the city's vicinity to block reinforcements for the Purcell Family. Currently, Casa City is receiving no help, it will be broken into in five days."

Although Megan didn't read the letter, she stared blankly just by listening to Laura's words. Even if she wasn't an expert in military, hearing about 200 thousand mercenaries made her feel the absurdity of the situation, are the mercenaries crazy? 200 thousand mercenaries actually grouped up to attach a duchy? This was something a military would do, Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Big Brother Hai, which extraordinary person did the Purcell Family offend? Otherwise, why would so many mercenaries attack them? 200 thousand mercenaries, even if people who didn't understand militaires would definitely think that they are just soldiers in disguise."

Zhao Hai nodded, "It should be Southern King Boris. Back when Ruyen was heading home, Southern King acted against her, but was saved by the Swordfish Ship that I had sent. And now that Ruyen came home safely, it seems like Boris wants to extinguish the Purcell Family."

Laura turned to look at Zhao Hai and said, "Brother Hai, what do you want to do?"

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, "We'll go discuss this with Grandpa Green as well as Uncle Smith. Both of them are veterans in politics, they should have good inputs on this matter. As for the fleet, let them head towards Jade Water City. Let Mu'en handle this matter."

Laura nodded, "Mu'en can deal with it, in any case, he only needs to hand them over to Trezebo. We should indeed ask Grandpa Green's advice, however, he had minimum contact with the outside world lately. I think Uncle Smith's input is very valuable this time."

Zhao Hai nodded, then he immediately gave the Ghost Staff over to a Blood Hawk before sending it flying towards Sky Water City. At the same time, he had the five-masted ships gotten from the Markey Family to head to Jade Water City. He also left the traded items behind as well as an undead Water Mage to freeze the goods over. After that, everyone went to the Space and returned to Iron Mountain Fort.

Megan didn't think that this would be the reason why she could go to Iron Mountain Fort. After arriving at the fort, Zhao Hai had Meg take Megan to walk around and see the place. Zhao Hai found Green and the others in the living room, then he told them about Evan's matter.

Green frowned and said, "Of course we need to help, but if we do, then wouldn't we be exposing our status?"

Zhao Hai snorted and said, "If we get exposed, then we get exposed. We happen to be looking for an opportunity to do so. It's time to let the continent know that the Buda Clan has risen back. Grandpa Green, it seems like our Buda Clan's Wild Dragon Banner hadn't been shown in the continent for quite some time, should we take it?"

Green stared blankly before he stood up and laughed. From his body an intense killing aura, only those who experienced the battlefield would have, appeared, making the temperature in the room decrease by a several degrees.

Green turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Young Master, have you really decided?"

Zhao Hai nodded, "I've decided. Our Wild Dragon Banner must return to the face of the continent. Let people know that our Buda Clan is back."

Green laughed, "Alright, the Wild Dragon Banner needs to be inherited, one day it would land in your hands. Now that the strength of our Buda Clan has increased, I think it's time for the Young Master to receive it. Young Master, please wait, I'll go bring it right away."

Before long, Green arrived while carrying a neatly folded scarlet coth. When he arrived at the living room, he unfolded his hands and revealed the banner.

The banner was 2 meters high by 4 meters wide, fully red, and embroidered with a clawed dragon. This wasn't a Chinese dragon, but a Western dragon with wings. But the embroidery was quite abstract, the dragon was drawn on its side, along with some fire coming out of its mouth.

However, what made Laura and the others surprised was that the banner looked a bit tattered. A hole was even present on the middle of it, but not damaging the dragon image. On the contrary the hole was lined with gold thread, making it glitter.

Zhao Hai was excited while looking at this banner, from the memories he obtained from Adam, he knew the significance of this banner. This was a War Banner of the Buda Clan's First Patriarch. The banner itself was made with the most common red fabric, the dragon was also embroidered with ordinary yellow thread. However, during a battle, the First Patriarch was seriously injured while the flag was heavily damaged. The First Patriarch picked up the banner and wrapped it around his body, and struggled to survive while wearing it. In the end, they won the battle, and the banner was soaked with the blood of the family, making it even more scarlet red.

Afterwards, the Aksu Empire's Emperor personally assigned someone to use fire silk to fix the banner as well as use gold threads to redraw the dragon before giving it back to the Buda Clan. The Clan then continually used the banner for several wars and battles, even though the the cloth and the silk were getting damaged, the Clan never changed the banner. Finally, when they left Aksu Empire's capital, Green sold all of their things aside from the Clan's banner. This banner could be said to be the spirit of the Buda Clan.

Green looked at the War Banner and turned to Zhao Hai, "Young Master, this Banner represents the honor of our Buda Clan. Today, I bestow this banner to you. I hope you take the Clan's honor into heart. And most importantly, you must wave this banner in front of the Continent and let them know who is truly invincible!"

He said before handing the banner over to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received the banner and solemnly nodded, "Grandpa Green, be relieved. I will certainly ingrain the image of this banner onto the eyes of everyone in the continent, I promise!"

Green laughed, and at the same time, tears flowed down his face. More than a year, it was more than a year before the Buda Clan had been relocated. Ever since being relocated, Green had always hoped that the banner could re-emerge into the continent. Now that the opportunity has arrived, the continent would have to know, that the Buda Clan is back!"

Meg and Merine were also silently shedding tears on the side. After experiencing everything, the banner had finally been handed over to Zhao Hai, and he even appeared very noble while doing so.

Zhao Hai turned to Green and said, "Grandpa Green, I'll go now. SInce the Buda Clan is going to reappear on the continent, do you have any other advice?"

Green looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Young Master, I only have a few words. You must express the power and prestige of this flag, you cannot discredit this flag."

Zhao Hai nodded, then he folded the flag before sending it to the Space. But as the War Banner entered the Space, a prompt was unexpectedly heard, "Inheritance-type Special Item detected. Item can only be passed from generation to generation. Added to spirit department, special item class. This item can be used in battle, bound to the host, cannot be damaged, cannot be dropped. Can enhance soldiers, and increase host's leadership ability. Increases the Host's influence, loyalty of subordinates to the host increased. Also increases the Space's attack power."

Zhao Hai froze, he didn't expect the banner to be very special. He quickly told Green about this development.

After listening, Green laughed, "Good! The Space is truly made for the young master, it actually recognizes the family's treasure. This would be a great help to the Young Master. Right, the Young Master should leave. Don't hesitate to approach us if you ever need anything."

Zhao Hai nodded, then he led Laura and the others to return to the Space. After looking at the monitor, they saw the blood hawk quickly flying towards Sky Water City. Then he shifted to the Haven, and upon seeing that there were no other ships in the vicinity, he immediately stored the ship into the Space.

The group sat in the living room and looked carefully at the screen. Laura sat beside Zhao Hai and gently said, "Brother Hai, this time if we use the Buda Clan's War Banner, will those people shift their attention to the Black Wasteland? What do we do if they send some people over to investigate?"

Zhao Hai who was looking at the screen snorted, "They can come, but they won't be able to return. This time I've planned let out 10 thousand creatures for the attack, too much is no good. The rest of the undead, about 100 thousand, will be left behind the Black Wasteland. And with Cai'er, even if they send in a 9th rank, they wouldn't be able to leave."

Laura didn't oppose and just asked again, "Isn't 10 thousand too few?"

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "10 thousand is already a lot. There are several Dark Mages who can command 10 thousand undead to battle. For me to dominate with these 10 thousand could already shake some people."

Laura nodded, and then said, "Alright, 10 thousand is enough. We can also turn those we attack into undead, this way, nobody would get suspicious."

Zhao Hai nodded, at this time the Blood Hawk arrived outside Sky Water City. Zhao Hai and the others immediately flashed out of the Space and then rode horses directly towards the City Lord's Mansion.

Zhao Hai repeated his movements from before and sent a Blood Hawk to inform Smith about his arrival.

It was already afternoon, Smith and Randolph were in the living room talking about Zhao Hai. Megan had already been gone for ten days, they were now worried.

At this time, a hawk's cry came. When Smith heard this, he knew that it must be the Blood Hawk. He immediately had someone go out and retrieve the letter from the Hawk. After reading the letter, Smith quickly had Phil go to the side entrance and receive Zhao Hai. At the same time, he also returned to the living room and said to Randolph, "Father, Little Hai and Megan's group had come back. But this time it seems like they came with an important matter, they seem to be anxious."

Randolph knitted his brows and said, "What could it be? Alright, we'll just wait for them here. For them to return this soon, they must have something they needed to discuss with you."

Smith nodded, at this time Zhao Hai's group arrived at the side entrance and was greeted by Phil, "Mister, Miss, you're already back? Come in, the Patriarch is waiting."

Thunder seemed to erupt in Zhao Hai's mind as he heard Phil's words. But no matter what, he had to meet this man from the Calci Family, so he didn't say anything. However, Megan's face changed, "Grandpa is here? Does Grandpa oppose my engagement with Big Brother Hai? Grandpa Phil, what did Grandpa say?"

Phil smiled and said, "Young Lady need not worry, the Patriarch already agreed to your engagement. Now, the City Lord and the Patriarch are waiting in the living room, come in quickly."

Megan relaxed her uneasy expression, she was really worried that Randolph would stop her engagement with Zhao Hai.

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