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Chapter 423 – The Family Patriarch Arrives

Just as Zhao Hai thought about this, the Calci Family received the information regarding Zhao Hai and Megan's engagement. Their initial response was surprise and was immediately followed by anger!

The Calci Family are experienced in regards to their member, so naturally they understood what Smith wanted to do. Smith wanted to guarantee Zhao Hai's life.

Initially they wanted to disregard the engagement and continue on with their plans. However, upon further consideration they didn't want to have a falling out with Smith. Although Smith was a member of the family, he was strongly independent. If they really made Smith distance himself from the family, they would definitely lose a huge chunk of their income.

Moreover, the family understood that with Zhao Hai's engagement with Megan, he was now on the same side as them. This was equivalent to gaining more strength, for the family, this was great.

Although the ancestors had ordered that the women of the family cannot be married for benefits, for families like the Calci Family, that kind of situation rarely happens. No matter what kind of marriage they do, it will always be linked with politics. In the end, the marriage would inadvertently bring forth benefits.

Megan was in good graces with the family, she was their precious little princess. Naturally, the people from the family wouldn't want to marry her off as a tool. But at the same time, the family had concerns about who Megan was going to marry. In any case, they have to find a common ground.

From their point of view, Zhao Hai's identity was not worth marrying Megan. But if the family didn't acknowledge their engagement, the people will lose faith and then and at the same time they would become a laughingstock among the nobles. Similarly, Megan's reputation would also be ruined.

But they really couldn't just swallow this outcome. In the end, the Patriarch of the family, Smith's father, Randolph Calci couldn't sit still anymore. So he decided to head towards Sky Water City and personally meet this Zhao Hai.

Although Randolph was the Patriarch, he was also a person, and he loved Megan. So he wanted to go to Sky Water City to see what kind of person Zhao Hai was and see how he will handle the situation.

Ever since he heard Zhao Hai's name until now, he hasn't seen Zhao Hai's face. He only decided on his impression of the young man based on the reports of his subordinates, as well as Bell, Smith, and Juwan.

However these people had differing impressions of Zhao Hai. According to Bell, Zhao Hai was a very good Divergent Mage, moreover he also had a lot of businesses that could make money.

Smith's assessment of him was high as well. According to Smith, he was a very smart person, moreover, his leadership ability is very strong. Most importantly, his strength is immeasurable deep.

Juwan, on the other hand, naturally didn't put in good word in behalf of Zhao Hai. According to Juwan, Zhao Hai was a very arrogant and domineering person, a villain who was ignorant regarding the proper action to take.

After combining all of these descriptions, Randolph thought of Zhao Hai as an ambitious and arrogant man. This was why he decided to deal with him.

But now that Smith had shown his hand, Randolph was placed on an embarrassing situation. He had to stop the family from sending 9th ranks to deal with Zhao Hai since he needs to meet that man himself when he arrives at Sky Water City.

At this time, Charlie also received the information. Upon receiving it, he was glad. Then he felt that something was wrong. He knew that Zhao Hai was in conflict with Juwan from the Calci Family not too long ago. So how did he arrive to the situation of marrying the princess of the family?

Charlie was very familiar regarding the Calci Family. He was someone who was fighting for the throne, so of course he was informed about the old nobles of the empire.

And for Megan, he also knew about her, it was impossible not to, she was the family's precious Sugar Plum Princess. This was why when Lionheart made a move against Megan in the past, Charlie knew that he wouldn't live long, the Calci Family wouldn't allow him to.

Then suddenly, Zhao Hai unexpectedly got engaged to Megan. This made Charlie feel awe. He wanted to know what was going on, so he sent a letter to Trezebo in order to check it out.

Trezebo was also very confused. Just a day after Zhao Hai was very anxious to leave Jade Water City, he suddenly got engaged to Megan. This made Trezebo extremely surprised, judging from Zhao Hai's expression when he left, it didn't seem like he was going to be engaged.

The fifth day after Zhao Hai arrived at SKy Water City, Lando arrived. He came in secret this time, he didn't want to be overly known.

Just as he disembarked from the ship, he saw Smith and Phil already there waiting for him at the pier. When he gazed at the people who received him, he didn't see Megan's figure, nor did he see Zhao Hai. His face became sullen as he looked at Smith, "Where is Megan?"

Smith quickly replied, "She went to sea three days ago. Little Hai had something to do, and Megan wanted to follow, so she went."

Randolph snorted, he looked at Smith and Phil and said, "Let's go to the mansion and talk." Then they rode the carriage and headed to the City Lord's Mansion.

Upon arriving at the mansion, they entered the living room. Smith asked Randolph to sit down before he waved his hand to order everyone other than Phil to leave the room.

Smith and Phil had long prepared for this day, so they calmly stood there and waited for Randolph to unleash his anger.

When Lando saw that the two were acting like dead pigs who weren't afraid of boiling water, his anger couldn't help but flare up even more. But he suppressed his rage then looked at Smith and Phil, "Talk, how did this happen? Why did Megan get engaged to Zhao Hai? Why didn't they wait for me to arrive? They actually dared to not see me?"

Smith calmly replied, "Because Megan likes Zhao Hai. Therefore, I just allowed her and Zhao Hai to be engaged. As for why they went to sea, it was because God's Grace Day is fast approaching, and Zhao Hai had already made an appointment with Charlie to give him a set of shipments before then. That's why then needed to leave early."

Randolph look at Smith and snorted, "What? Since you're now old and quite established, you can now ignore my words? You knew that I already gave the command to deal Zhao Hai, but you actually engaged him to Megan. What are you thinking? Are you still Calci Family? Why did you decide to trip us over?"

Smith looked at Randolph and calmly said, "Naturally, I'm still a person of the family. I did this for the family. Megan was my very loved daughter, do you think that the daughter that I very much love would just get married, without even a ceremony to Zhao Hai, just for nothing? It was you who forced me." At the end of his dialogue, Smith was almost roaring.

Randolph looked at Smith and said coldly, "Good, you even dare shout at me. You say that you're doing it for the family? How could it be good for the family?"

Smith looked at Randolph coldly as well, "Of course it's good for the family. You shouldn't treat Zhao Hai like that, if you do, the other members of the League of Dark Mages wouldn't think well of us. Do you really want to disband the league? You want to make the Dark Mages scattered, only to be cleaned up by the Radiant Church?"

Randolph retorted, "What do you know, I'm doing this to fight against the Radiant Church. As long as we unite all of the Dark Mages under our family, then we will have the strength to fight the Church."

Smith seemed to not listen, he then gave his reply, "is it? In the past when the Radiant Church didn't suppress us, didn't we also try that? What happened? Did those Dark Mages listen to us? In the end, what we did was make it harder for people to learn the profession, causing our numbers to get fewer and fewer. And when the Radiant Church finally wanted to deal with us, the Dark Mage profession almost got exterminated. Is this what you call unity?"

Randolph's face was currently very ugly, He knew about the past matter. But he thought that time time would be different. With the plan provided by Zhao Hai, he felt like the Dark Mage was on its was to the top. At that time, the Calci Family would happily assume its leadership. It would make the family's strength almost as great as the Radiant Church.

However, when he thinks about these, Randolph couldn't help but be embarrassed. The method was given by Zhao Hai, and now they were actually planning on dealing with him.

Smith looked at Randolph and said, "Are you thinking that with Zhao Hai's idea, the Dark Mage profession would grow explosively? So in that case, even if you kill some Dark Mages here and there, then it's no big deal? Is that what you think? How long do you think training in becoming a Dark Mage would take? 20? 30? 40 years? Do you know what will happen in 20 years? Yes, with Zhao Hai's idea, Dark Mages would certainly increase exponentially, but it was under the premise that all of the schools in Rosen Empire were producing Dark Mages. If you really succeed in placing all Dark Mages under the influence of our Calci family then our family's power would truly increase. But at that time, what would differentiate us from the Radiant Church? Why was the Radiant Church being suppressed? Why did it vanish from Rosen Empire? Do you want to turn the family into the second Radiant Church? Even if the church were to be suppressed by the Rosen Empire, it still had its influence outside the empire. But what about us? What would happen if we do get suppressed by the alliance of all the Nobles of the empire? Do we leave? Don't forget, other than the Rosen Empire, the world outside belongs to the Radiant Church!"

Smith's words made Randolph perspire. His plan was just like what Smith said, essentially turning the family into a second Radiant Church. But he actually forgot that the Calci Family was still a only a Great Noble of the empire. There were also Great Nobles like them, as well as the Imperial Clan above. If they really become another Radiant Church, then they would be threatening the rule of the Imperial Clan. What would happen then? Will the other Nobles just let them off? If those Great Nobles got together and suppressed the family, what can they do?

Beside the Rosen Empire, the Radiant Church's influence outside was overwhelming. If they leave Rosen Empire, then the Radiant Church would surely run them over.

Before, Randolph admits that he had been stunned by their victory. After all, he was the Patriarch of a Great Family, he experienced the ups and downs of the family. Now that he heard Smith's thoughts, he sobered up and measured the pros and cons. In the end he has to acknowledge what Smith said.

At the same time, as a Patriarch, Randolph knew that the Imperial Clan wouldn't allow the presence of a power that could threaten their rule. The same was true with the other Great Nobles. If he really did what he planned, then they both the Imperial Clan and the Great Nobles would join together in suppressing the family.

Smith looked at his father and knew that he was thinking things out. So Smith just stood there quietly, he believed that his father would figure it out. If he couldn't, then he didn't deserve being the Calci Family's Patriarch.

After quite some time, Randolph let out a long breath and said, "Even if you are correct, you don't have to marry Megan off to Zhao Hai. In the end, what does he really have?"

Upon hearing that Randolph had somehow softened, Smith felt relief. He knew that Randolph was convinced. He immediately gave his answer, "Father, I did it for the family. If we really did send a 9th rank to deal with Zhao Hai, then I fear that we would have problems. I'm afraid that the 9th rank may not be able to return."

Randolph stared before his complexion changed, he looked at Smith and said, "Do you know what you're talking about? That is a 9th rank expert, do you really think that Zhao Hai is that strong?"

Smith forced a smile and said, "I don't know if he really is strong. But Zhao Hai told me that as long as you don't send five 9th rank experts, then those 9th ranks wouldn't be able to return. And even if we send five 9th ranks, he was confident that he could escape."

Randolph snorted, "You actually got terrified just by listening to him? Did you really believe what he said?"

Smith smiled stiffly and said, "I believe him, father. Did you know how long he took to travel from Jade Water City to Sky Water City? Only a few hours, he flew that fast. Even common falcons aren't that fast. Can most 9th ranks fly that fast? Because of this, I believed his words."

Randolph's shocked face looked at Smith and said, "Are you sure? Is he really that quick?"

Smith smiled, "If you don't believe me, you can ask Uncle Phil."

Phil nodded and said, "Patriarch, it's true, Zhao Hai is indeed very quick. We have arranged a person inside Jade Water City to specifically watch out for Zhao Hai, as long as Zhao Hai appears in Jade Water City, that person would immediately send us a letter. Six days ago, in the morning Zhao Hai arrived at Jade Water City. After his arrival, the person immediately sent a Wind Falcon to us. After we received his word, we then quickly had a Blood Hawk deliver a letter to Zhao Hai, telling him to rush towards Sky Water City as soon as possible. When the Blood Hawk bearing his reply arrived at Sky Water City, Zhao Hai also arrived."

Chapter 424 – The Sea

When Randolph heard what Phil said, he couldn't help but frown.  It would take a Wind Falcon several hours to fly from Jade Water CIty to Sky Water City. But after Zhao Hai received the letter, he unexpectedly arrived along with the Blood Hawk, this made him extremely surprised.

He had also seen the Blood Hawk that Zhao Hai gave Smith. It was very handsome, whether it be fighting strength or speed, it was much better than a Wind Falcon. However, Zhao Hai actually reached Sky Water City at the same time as the Hawk, a feat like this is extraordinary.

Smith looked at Randolph's appearance and said, "Father, I heard some whispers coming from the Shelley Family. It said that Zhao Hai is a Space Mage, but I don't know if it's true or not."

Randolph couldn't sit still, he immediately stood up and said, "Space Mage?! Are you sure?"

Smith nodded, "The Shelley Family had issued a gag order regarding this. No matter how hard I try to inquire, I couldn't get certain proof."

Randolph circled the ground twice, "If he is really a Space Mage, then he is certainly worth of Megan, but what is his identity? I never did find out about it, how can you be assured in leaving Megan to such a person?"

Smith forced a smile and said, "Father, I already know his identity. Although I just knew out about it, I should not be wrong."

Randolph said, "You found out? How is that possible? Almost all Great Clans in the continent were determined to find out, but came back with nothing. How did you manage to find out?"

Smith smiled and said, "I didn't actually find it, Zhao Hai himself told us. Before he got engaged to Megan, I asked him for his background. And he agreed to tell us."

Randolph looked at Smith and frowned, "So what is it? Is his identity special? Did he belong to a hidden family or a Great Power?"

Smith shook his head, "None of those. From the beginning, we had been looking at the wrong direction. He didn't belong to a hidden family nor a great power. His surname is Buda, formerly known as Adam Buda and now he changed his name to Zhao Hai Buda."

Randolph stared, then his eyes widened, "Buda? Are you talking about the lord of the Black Wasteland? That Buda Clan?"

Smith nodded, "Right, Black Wasteland's lord, the Buda Clan. This was the reason why he first appeared at Black Earth Fortress. This was why his first actions happened in Purcell Duchy."

Randolph nodded, and then his complexion changed, "You bastard, if he really is from the Buda Clan, then didn't he drink the Water of Nothingness? How can you let him marry Megan? Are you insane???"

Smith looked at Randolph and sighed, when looking at his father's appearance, it seems like he was looking at himself. At the time, when he found out about Zhao Hai's identity, his reaction was the exact same as Randolph. However, he still needed to answer his father's question, so he smiled and said, "If Zhao Hai still had the toxin from the Water of Nothingness, then how could I possibly give him Megan? The poison on his body has already been solved."

Randolph replied, "Solved? Really?"

Smith nodded, "Indeed, I made him demonstrate Magic as well as Battle Qi. Right now, his Magic has reached 8th rank, his Battle Qi as well, 8th rank. But since he didn't practice his Martial Arts that well before, he can only combat a 7th rank in regular battle. However, he's actually a Mage of every element, and he's skilled in them as well. He can also do Compound Magic. According to my calculations, his current fighting strength would make him invincible to those below 9th rank."

Randolph stared at Smith, "Are you serious? Is he really a Multi-element mage in all elements? Dual cultivating Magic and Battle Qi? What kind of fortuitous encounter did he experience?"

Smith smiled stiffly and said, "I also want to know, but he didn't agree to tell me. Perhaps he will tell Megan later, he couldn't just tell anyone he couldn't fully trust."

Randolph knit his brows, "He's very careful, but this is good as well. Your decision this time is truly correct, I didn't expect this kid to be this strong. If we really did continue to cause him trouble, then we would certainly suffer a huge loss. But for this youngster to steal my granddaughter away from me, I definitely won't forgive him."

Smith smiled, "Father, you should know that because of our earlier actions, Zhao Hai had been pushed towards Prince Charlie. Will this affect our family?"

Randolph thought for a moment and then shook his head, "I don't think so, Zhao Hai is still engaged to Megan, not married. And even if they are married, he is still primarily a member of the Buda Clan, not the Calci Family, so it shouldn't affect us. Just pay attention to not get too close with Charlie."

Smith nodded and looked at the weather as he said, "Father, it's already quite late. Let's go eat something. Right, Zhao Hai told me that he would return in a while. I think you're better off staying in Sky Water City for a while if you want to see Zhao Hai."

Randolph thought for a moment and nodded, "Alright, I haven't seen Megan in quite a while. Then I'll stay here for some time."

Smith nodded, then he lead Randolph towards the dining hall along with Phil. But they didn't think that at this time, Zhao Hai was heading towards the Rock Shrimp Tribe.

After getting along for a few days, Zhao Hai and Megan were now comfortable with each other. Although it still didn't reach the level he had with Meg and Laura, it was still very good.

However, Zhao Hai was still indecisive about telling Megan about the Space. Megan's situation was different than Laura and Meg. Laura had a falling out with her family and cannot return. Also, Meg had always been with him, so her loyalty was not an issue. Therefore, Zhao Hai can rest assured in telling them about the Space.

But Megan was different, standing behind her was a Great Noble Family. A family that ranked as one of the powerful families in the continent. Moreover, Megan still had a good relationship with her people. She was extremely favored by the family, so she still had deep sentiments towards it. If Zhao Hai tells Megan about the Space, then he was afraid that Megan would tell Smith if ever he asks. Then Zhao Hai's biggest secret would be exposed to the outside world, and Zhao Hai didn't want this to happen.

Megan didn't feel anything, she was just sitting on the deck of the Haven. The ships stolen from the Markey family were right next to it.

Ever since she was young, this was the first time that she had gone out this far to sea. When Megan was still at the family, she mostly got along the river and rarely the sea. Additionally, the family didn't include her in their businesses, so she was mostly just riding the boat near the coastlines. It was the first time that she got to travel such a long distance.

Two days after they left, Megan was still very excited. But on the third day, she became quite bored. In addition to the sea and the people on the boat, there was hardly anything to see.

Zhao Hai and the others were already used to Megan being on the ship, so they didn't enter the Space during the day. They needed to wait until the evening before entering the Space. In the morning, they could only play around on the ship.

In reality, the ship was very big, so there were alot of things to play around with. But because Zhao Hai and the others were used to the ship, they just chatted peaceful while drinking some tea and eating, unknowingly making the days past by.

It was already the third day after they left Sky Water City. Megan was currently feeling boredom, she just stood on the deck, watching the sea silently with a frown on her face.

At this time, Laura saw Megan's frown, she immediately walked over and asked, "Megan, why do you look so unhappy? Did you miss home?"

Megan turned to look at Laura and said "I don't really miss home, it's just that I'm feeling quite bored of the sea. We can only stay inside the ship, it's too boring."

Laura gave a smile and said, "We really have no other choice, this is how it is at sea. We still have seven days left of travel before we arrive at our destination."

Megan rolled her eyes and said, "I'm afraid I won't stay sane at that point. It's terrible, I don't think I would be able to endure the boredom."

Laura smiled and said, "If you really can't stand it anymore, just make something fun for yourself. There are books on the ship, we can also chat, you can learn how to cook. If that's not enough we can fish. If you always think about boredom, then you will be really bored."

Megan smiled and said, "Alright, then you should teach me well, I want to learn how to cook."

Laura smiled and said, "We can't right now, meal time isn't here yet. Actually, it isn't that boring sometimes. There were moments that we will come upon some pirates and might meet an attack. Those times were the most exciting. Ballistas firing arrows, Magic Cannons roaring, those really stimulate your senses."

Megan smiled stiffly and said, "I really couldn't understand how that could be interesting. I'd rather be bored that be attacked."

Laura smiled, "Rest assured, I'm just talking about it. It isn’t necessary that something will happen. Especially since we have a five-masted armored shp, there weren't a lot of pirates that would attack us. Pirates would generally attack three-masted ships."

At this time, Zhao Hai walked over, he looked at the two and said," What's wrong? What are the two of you talking about?"

Zhao Hai also understood that Megan was probably unhappy. Actually, he wasn't prepared to take Megan to the sea this time. But he didn't have the means to decline her joining them. So he could only bring Megan along. He didn't expect that Megan wouldn't be able to adapt to life at sea, it has only been three days.

Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Elder Brother Hai, aren't you bored? There's nothing at sea, only a few occasional seabirds passing by, or maybe a ship. Moreover, you have an undead crew, isn't that more tiring?"

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