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Chapter 318 – Travelling Together with Ruyen

Zhao Hai was very dizzy by the time he left Evan's study. For fear of being suspicious, Evan didn't keep Zhao Hai in his study for long. Evan didn't accompany him out, but the matter of Ruyen following them towards Rosen Empire was already finalized.

Although Zhao Hai was against it, there was no other way. To be honest, he didn't want to mingle with Ruyen, but now that became very impossible.

Laura was by Zhao Hai's side, she also didn't have anything to say, She also didn't want Ruyen to travel with them, however, Evan was right that Ruyen would be the best shield for Zhao Hai's status.

At the study's exit, a servant immediately approached Zhao Hai and bowed, "Sir, your carriage is already parked at the front."

Zhao Hai nodded, the group followed the servant to the front door. Zhao Hai and the two stared at the carriage in front of them. This carriage was his, but there seems to be an addition of an insignia on the carriage.

Zhao Hai was stunned, he carefully looked at the badge that Evan gave along with his viscount title. He didn't think Evan would be that quick.

He knew that Evan already prepared the insignia for his servant's promotion to a Viscount. But now, the title was given to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai's current viscount status that was given by a Grand Duke was very different than an entitlement given by a King. A title given by a King gave you the right to develop your own insignia. A title given by a Grand Duke also gives you the right to make your own insignia, but in the corner of your badge there should be a scaled down version of the Grand Duke's insignia. In other words, you get the mark of a Grand Duke.

Zhao Hai looked at his insignia, because his title was given to him by Evan, Zhao Hai could see Evan's family emblem on the top-left corner of his insignia.

Zhao Hai gave the insignia a look, then he proceeded to leave the Grand Duke's mansion. He already told Evan that he will leave Casa City tomorrow. So if Ruyen wanted to follow them, she would need to be earlier than them. Otherwise, they will not wait for her.

Evan didn't object, although he had Ruyen follow Zhao Hai as cover for his status, this wasn't his original intention. Though he only interacted with Zhao Hai for a short time, he didn't forget that Zhao Hai settled in Purcell Duchy as a Dark Mage before. Adding Zhao Hai at that time and the present Zhao Hai, Evan knew that his nephew was very outstanding.

Adding on Evan and Zhao Hai's father's relationship, how could he give up having him become his son-in-law? Although Zhao Hai broke their engagement, Zhao Hai forgot that he didn't have any power to break the engagement. Although Evan couldn't change Zhao Hai's mind right now, he hoped that Zhao Hai can get along with Ruyen and see whether they would come to like each other. If they can fancy the other person, then any other issues would be easy to solve.

However, Evan also knew that Zhao Hai couldn't have any liking towards Ruyen. Ruyen was adamant to break her engagement, the Buda Family also knew about this since Green was informed when he came to break the engagement, and it would be impossible for Green to not inform Zhao Hai about it. Thus, Evan can only resort to giving Zhao Hai some help, making Zhao Hai grateful, and hopefully insert Ruyen by his side. If fortune favored Evan, his plans would maybe succeed.

Evan was very clear that if he didn't help Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai could still survive with his current strength, he didn't need to fear anyone. Especially, when Zhao Hai arrives at Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire's matters wouldn't be able to affect him. Zhao Hai wouldn't need to care about Evan then. Therefore Evan must make use of this opportunity and make situations where Ruyen would get to interact with Zhao Hai. Otherwise, Ruyen wouldn't get many chances to do so in the future.

Fortunately, Evan obtained some information that Ruyen's impression of Zhao Hai seemed to be quite good. Although there was a bit of a clash at Shelley hotel, it seemed to make Ruyen even more attentive towards Zhao Hai.

To Evan, this daughter of him was a headache. He knew that her daughter was spoiled by her mother which formed her bad habits. Although Ruyen was very rude to him before and made him quite angry, she was still his daughter, he couldn't just overlook her future.

Zhao Hai correctly guessed Evan's intentions, but even though it was what he expected, he couldn't just reject Evan's request, so he had no other choice but comply.

They quickly arrived at the hotel before dark. Zhao Hai and the others discussed about their travel tomorrow and then rested early since they had to hurry the next day.

They didn't know that their trip to the Grand Duke's mansion caused quite a stir in Casa City. When their carriage entered the mansion, it didn't have the insignia of a viscount, but when it came out, there was already one. This made the people in Casa City quite puzzled.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and the other got up early. They had their breakfast and prepared to head out of Casa City. When their small convoy left the city, they saw that ahead of them was another convoy.

The convoy was composed of five carriages, on each of them had the insignia of the Purcell Family and along with it were 100 guards. At the forefront of the convoy was a very luxurious carriage, it seems that the carriage at front carried the passenger and the following carriages were packed full with items.

Zhao Hai looked at the convoy and guessed that it was certainly Ruyen's convoy. The young lady's self-image was truly very big. Zhao Hai could only bear with it and force a smile, he made Shue overtake the carriage.

The carriage arrived by the side of the luxurious carriage, the window of the carriage opened and Ruyen's flower-like face appeared. She smiled at Zhao Hai, "Mister Wales, you are late."

Zhao Hai still didn't wear the mask that Evan gave him. He just exited Casa City, there were many people who had seen him in the city. He didn't want the people to see that his face just changed overnight. He didn't want them to be suspicious, so he just maintained yesterday's appearance.

Zhao Hai nodded to Ruyen, "I apologize for making young lady Ruyen wait, let's get going." Then he closed his window and blocked it with curtains, then he had Shue lead the carriage forward.

Zhao Hai was very rude, if it was another person, Ruyen would be raging. But when facing Zhao Hai, Ruyen felt that she just couldn't get angry, she surprisingly smiled and said "Really very stubborn, Jill, follow them." Jill immediately complied, he quickly had the carriage follow Zhao Hai.

Jill actually felt grateful towards Zhao Hai, this was because in the past few days, Ruyen's temper was very terrible. If they were unlucky, they would be whipped suddenly. But ever since Ruyen encountered Zhao Hai, her mood suddenly became better, they didn't manage to get whipped even once since then. Because of this, Jill was very thankful towards Zhao Hai.

The entire morning, they were just quietly hurrying along, Ruyen also didn't look for trouble. When noon came, Zhao Hai's group just ate inside their carriage then continued along while Ruyen's group needed to stop and eat. Zhao Hai didn't bother her, he only had his carriage go, if she wanted to stop and eat, then she could do so, Zhao Hai will not stop in any case.

Ruyen had no other choice but have Jill follow them. When they went out, they didn't prepare any dry rations, now Ruyen was very hungry.

For Jill, this was not a problem. It was also the same for the guards who followed Ruyen. They were all servants, so this kind of hardship is very normal. If they didn't head out suddenly today, they could still prepare some dry rations. For soldiers, it was common sense to do so. There were times when there was no time to stop to eat a meal, so you can only eat dry rations while on horseback.

Ruyen was a bit annoyed, but she didn't care too much. Her carriage's design was quite similar to Zhao Hai's. It had a cooling box inside, as well as a magical furnace. Moreover, there were also some snacks inside the carriage, so even if they didn't get to eat at noon, she could still munch on some snacks, alleviating her hunger.

When evening came, Zhao Hai arrived at a small town called Blanca. This town's population was quite small, altogether less than a hundred thousand people. But because of the constant traffic, it was very prosperous. Hotels and restaurants could be seen everywhere.

Zhao Hai and the others had found a medium sized hotel called Brown hotel to rest in. Although Brown Hotel wasn't that large, its service quality was very good. When Zhao Hai's carriage parked outside the hotel, two attendants immediately came out to cater to them. They stood by Zhao Hai carriage while bowing waiting for Zhao Hai to exit. Then one attendant led Zhao Hai and the others inside the hotel and helped them to arrange their accommodations. The other one led their carriages to the back of the hotel to park.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the hotel's resting area, Shue arrived at the reception desk to reserve their room. At the same time, Ruyen also arrived at Zhao Hai's side. Without caring for Zhao Hai's reaction, she sat opposite him and curiously looked at Zhao Hai's face.

This time, Zhao Hai already wore the elven mask. His face changed to his original face back on Earth. An ordinary yet unordinary face, it was the kind of face that was very easy to forget.

However, Zhao Hai's disposition was still arrogant. Which awarded him some points from Ruyen, because of this she just stared at Zhao Hai, somewhat curious. Seeing this, Zhao Hai frowned, "Young lady Ruyen, don't you think that what you are doing is rude?"

Note: I can actually sympathize with Evan. Ruyen was the only way for him to form a solid connection with Zhao Hai. I cannot blame him, with our boi's capabilities, just being on his contact list would save you quite some trouble in the future.

Chapter 319 – Who is it? Such Gall!

The young lady Ruyen smiled and said, "I am curious, why does mister use this face specifically?"

Zhao Hai calmly replied, "What's the difference? What does a face represent? Even if I were handsome, but if I have no strength, what's the point?"

Ruyen looked at Zhao Hai's serious expression, she could not help but curl her lip, "Mister, from your appearance, you shouldn't be a serious person, how come you're being serious right now?"

Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment, then his complexion changed. He had lost his self-control, he was supposed to act like a dandy, and acting serious wasn't something that a dandy would do.

Zhao Hai's expression was clearly seen through by Ruyen, now she became even more curious of Zhao Hai, she didn't think that those few words elicited such reaction from him. This was another ability of the mask, when changing your face to another one, even the expression made would be reflected to the new face, general disguising items couldn't do this.

Zhao Hai's expression turned normal, then he responded as he looked at Ruyen, "That depends on the person, I only put a serious face towards people I don't like."

Ruyen felt that Zhao Hai's words were a lie. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then his complexion wouldn't have changed. What he said then should only be a cover-up, so Ruyen didn't get offended by it. Now Ruyen was looking at Zhao Hai with an even more curious expression, Zhao Hai was getting more and more interesting to her.

At this time, Shue arrived, he bowed to Zhao Hai and said, "Young Master, I had arranged twenty low-class rooms for the guards, I also arranged two high-class rooms each for Young Master and Young Lady Ruyen. Me, Blockhead, and mister Jill would be in a mid-class room.

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "Arrange mid-class rooms for the guards. You get a high-class room next to mine so that it'll be easier to issue orders and arrange escape routes.

Shue complied, then he turned around and arrived at the hotel's reception desk. Before long, the rooms were arranged. Because there were a lot of people today, not only do they to arrange for the rooms but they also need to prepare for meals. Fortunately, Shue was a former mercenary, he was used to these types of things, so the arrangements were quickly done with anything going wrong.

Zhao Hai was now rich, so he didn't care about money. Like in this hotel, arranging for the meals and rooms for more than a hundred people could cost a few gold coins a day, but it was no big deal.

Although Zhao Hai had the Space, they still needed to put on an act, so he had Shue tell the Brown Hotel to prepare some dried food so that they could have something to eat while travelling.

After everything was arranged, Zhao Hai and the others went to their rooms to rest. Shue also had the hotel prepare their meals, they will meet Zhao Hai at the dining hall for their dinner when it is ready.

Zhao has was now acting as a dandy young master, so when young masters went to a place, how could they just stay in their rooms to eat? They would certainly go to the dining hall to eat while keeping up appearances and showing off. So Zhao Hai didn't stay in his room to eat today, but went to the dining hall.

However, this arrangement was a great inconvenience to Laura and Meg. This was because according to the continent's customs, while Zhao Hai is eating his meal, Laura and Meg cannot seat on the table since they were currently acting as ZHao Hai's concubines, not wives.

Laura and Meg didn't have any say in the matter, Zhao Hai was currently fulfilling the role of a dandy, it wouldn't be any good if he suddenly became a good person.

In the end Zhao Hai had them eat in the Space first, when they are done, only then did Zhao Hai came out of his room and headed to the dining hall.

In the Dining Hall, the food was already prepared. The dishes were all made with magic vegetables. Although it was winter, there were methods of growing vegetables in house available in the continent. And of course, their prices would be anything but cheap.

While Zhao Hai was just sitting down, Ruyen arrived and impolitely sat opposite him. Zhao Hai couldn't help but frown, he felt very uncomfortable. Laura and Meg, who were his genuine fiancees couldn't sit on the table to accompany him for a meal, but Ruyen just naturally sat opposite him. This made Zhao Hai complain for his current identity.

Although unsatisfied, the act should continue. Thus Zhao Hai can only sit on his table, looking at the dishes at the table, Zhao Hai actually lost his appetite.

Zhao Hai turned to Meg and said, "Gemma, go get me some liquor that we got form the prairie, I want to drink that wine today." The matter of names was already discussed by the group. This time Meg's name would be changed to Gemma. Laura's name was also changed to Julie, Nier's name wasn't changed.

Hearing what Zhao Hai said, Meg knew that ZHao Hai meant to get their Milk Wine. She immediately complied and went out of the room, before long she came back bringing a liquor bag with her.

Human's were used to placing their liquors in bottles or pots, nobody used liquor bags. On the other hand, almost all beastmen used liquor bags to store their milk wine. This was because of its convenience, using liquor bags while mounted was more comfortable.

Whether they were Ruyen or the other people in the dining hall, they were curious about the liquor bag on Meg's hands. They didn't understand why Zhao Hai suddenly wanted to drink milk wine at this time. Could it be that he thinks that a beastman's milk wine is better than human's fruit wine?

The beastman's milk wine is well known in the continent. Every so often, merchants would bring back rare items from the prairie to be sold the continent. But unfortunately, only a few humans could stomach the taste of milk wine,and with the lack of distillation, milk wine's shelf life wasn't very long. Because of these issues, milk wine wasn't sold in high volumes among the humans.

Zhao Hai didn't care about these, he just dumped the contents of his wine glass and placed it on the table. Meg took the liquor bag and poured Zhao Hai a glass of milk wine.

When the wine poured out, everyone became surprised. Among the people in the dining hall, many of them had drank milk wine before. In their minds, milk wine was white, but Zhao Hai's milk wine was colorless as if it was water.

Then they smelled the wine's fragrance, the fragrance of milk was mixed in with the wine. This was a very unique type of fragrance, it made the people present feel that they were undergoing aromatherapy.

Zhao Hai lifted his glass and took a sip, he nodded and placed his glass down. Then he ate some of the dishes with an expression of enjoyment.

Ruyen looked at Zhao Hai, she was curious of the contents of Zhao Hai's wine glass so she asked him, "Mister, what is that liquor?" Ruyen had drunk milk wine before, but she didn't like how it tasted so she didn't drink it anymore. Today, she looked at Zhao Hai's cup of milk wine and became curious, this was because the milk wine that she had drank before was different to Zhao Hai's.

Zhao Hai smiled, "Naturally it's milk wine, its wine that beastmen produces."

Ruyen frowned and replied, "But I had drank milk wine before, and it was very different than this."

Zhao Hai grinned, "This is a specially-made milk wine, even among the beastmen, it wasn't widely consumed. This wine is much better that fruit wine. Gemma, give young lady Ruyen a cup, have the young lady taste the wine."

Meg complied, she took the liquor bag, went to Ruyen and poured her a cup of wine, then she returned to Zhao Hai.

Ruyen looked curiously at the liquor in her glass, she took a deep breath and lifted the wine glass. She looked at Zhao Hai's appearance then took a small sip. Her face immediately turned red, but she didn't place her glass down, instead she took another sip. Then she put the glass down and ate a dish. She looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Really good, this wine tastes very good."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn't say anything. He just ate some dished and drank liquor. When his glass had become empty, Zhao Hai took a napkin and wiped his mouth gently. Then he turned his head to Ruyen and said, "Young lady, take your time, I'm taking my leave."

There was still half a cup of liquor left in Ruyen's glass. Although the wine was very good, it was too strong so Ruyen just drank it slowly. Now, Ruyen's face was crimson red, becoming more charming. But Zhao Hai seemed to not take notice of it, he just got up and left.

Seeing Zhao Hai leave, Ruyen lost her mood to drink. She also stood up and headed back to her room. The rest of the people in the dining hall were looking at Ruyen's half finished cup of milk wine. They believed that if there weren't a lot of people in the dining hall, someone would have already drank the wine left in that glass.

After Zhao Hai returned to his room, he immediately went to to the Space to prepare something to eat. He didn't get full back at the dining hall since he didn't feel like eating a meal together with Ruyen. But he still had to put on an act, therefore he just drank his glass of liquor and left the hall.

But he didn't think that as he entered the space, a prompt would be heard. "Camouflage item equipped, supply class, mask type. Can change a person's appearance. Extracting feature, integrating to the Ghost Staff. The host can now use this feature through the Ghost Staff."

Zhao Hai blankly stared, he recalled that he didn't remove his mask. Now he was very curious of this disguise function. So he remove his mask an took out his Ghost Staff. On the skull on the Ghost Staff, mystical symbols could now be seen. Zhao Hai immediately said, "Use disguise function." After he said that, the skull on top of the staff flew out and covered Zhao Hai's head. Zhao Hai was too terrified that he closed his eyes, but in the end he didn't feel anything.

Zhao Hai opened his eye to look at himself and sees that there was no change on his body. But the Ghost Staff now looked like a normal staff, except that it looked like it was made of a green crystal and was very beautiful. The skull on the wand had disappeared.

Zhao Hai arrived in front of a mirror and looked at his face. He saw that his appearance didn't have any difference compared to when he wore the mask. Moreover, another amazing thing was that the skin on his face wasn't any different to the skin of his neck. It looked as if he wasn't in disguise at all. Now he really seemed to be just like the Zhao Hai back in Earth, except for the skin color and the eye color which was different.

He couldn't help but touch his face. The skin of his face moved along with the force exerted by his hands as though it was always been there. Now he feared that even when a deity came, they couldn't guess that he was actually wearing a disguise.

Zhao Hai smiled, the Space was really very mysterious, it can unexpectedly extract the mask's disguising ability. Laura and the others also expressed their admiration, they were already used to the Space's mysterious abilities, so they were just a bit surprised and didn't take it any more seriously.

After eating, Zhao Hai and the others sat inside the Space Villa's living room. They looked at the situation inside Brown Hotel. They didn't monitor anyone but they already developed this habit. In the evening, they went to the space to sleep, even Shue and Blockhead were also inside the Space.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation outside as he asked Shue, "Shue, had the food and drinks of the guards been arranged?"

Shue nodded and said, "Young master doesn't need to worry, it's already arranged. The guards didn't have any special requests so I had the hotel prepare ordinary meals for them. They had been very satisfied, but they still had ten people casually dressed roaming around the hotel."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "No need to manage them, that is their job. They do that so that we could be free of worries, but you three should make arrangements to have someone pay attention to the hotel's situation and inform us right away." Shue, Blockhead, and Rockhead nodded. When monitoring for the evening, they could just sit in the living room and look at the situation through the screen, a very easy task.

The night was still early, so Zhao Hai and the others washed themselves up before resting. The Space is very peaceful, the air was also very good, so the people quickly fell asleep.

While Zhao Hai was sleeping soundly, the voice came from the space stone, "Master, Young Master, wake up quickly, something is happening."

Zhao Hai stared blankly, then immediately sobered up. He quickly walked toward the living room and looked at the screen. The screen showed the current situation inside Brown Hotel, a group of a hundred people surrounded the hotel and rushing towards it.

The Purcell guard placed on guard duty was taken down. It seems that the enemy has used doomed soldiers this time. Zhao Hai turned towards Shue and said, "Go to your room and pretend to be asleep. Come out when you hear sounds from my room."

Shue and Blockhead complied, then they vanished from the Space to return to their rooms. Zhao Hai seriously said, "Cai'er, come out. After we leave, pay attention to the situation on the screen. These people must be headed for my room, pay attention and detect the invisibility magic used by the doomed soldiers."

Cai'er complied, and looked at the hotel's situation with bright eyes. Zhao Hai and the others appeared on the hotel room and laid down on their beds, waiting for the enemy's arrival.

Although these people had not entered the hotel yet, Zhao Hai already believed that they should be heading for him. Otherwise, they wouldn't just attack the hotel. For the hotel to be attacked tonight isn't common, Brown Hotel didn't open just a day or two ago, they were an established institution inside Blanca. If they were attacked like this from time to time, then they would have a hard time keeping their business up.

At this time, Cai'er suddenly said, "Young Master, they had come, in front of the door is a stealthed doomed soldier." Zhao Ha sat up from his bed and took out the transformed Ghost Staff. Then he called out, "Who is it? Such gall!"]

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