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Chapter 975: Chapter 996, the end of the picture

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“War can only bring loss and pain to any living creature.”

At this time, Joshua walked onto the stage again. His gaze swept across everyone present. He also saw Noggs, who had been in the last row of the theater.

He seemed to be planning to leave… However, Joshua’s appearance forced him to stay a little longer at the scene.

“You may not be able to experience war in real life, but you can in the game… This is one of the modes I imagined in the conflict. You can call it a battlefield.”

This time, Joshua did not delay any further and directly said to everyone present.

“There are many other possibilities! In the previous trial and demonstration, you only played a soldier on this battlefield. So imagine what would happen if you played a hero? “Just like the hero of the Holy Spirit, he has his own unique skills.”

When Joshua threw out this question, the archer realized that the leg of the short-tentacle magic wand beside him was shaking non-stop.

“Why are you shaking?”

The archer impatiently pushed the short-tentacle magic wand with his elbow. The movement of his shaking leg could even be felt from his seat.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I’m so excited just thinking about what master Joshua said.”

The short-tentacle wand had not joined the snake of Yevilk in the real world. In front of this ferocious mercenary group, the short-tentacle wand was still a little afraid.

“There’s another interesting pattern.”Joshua snapped his fingers again, and another airship that looked like a giant whale appeared on the screen behind him.

The design of this world’s airship was really based on the size of a whale. It even had a fin-like device that was slowly waving in the sky like a giant paddle.

The airship slowly passed by an island. The screen suddenly changed, and the hatch of the airship suddenly opened. Several soldiers directly fell down from the sky, between their arms and abdomen, there was a thin membrane that looked like a flying rat.

They slid all the way to the ground, and just as they were about to land, they pulled open their parachutes… This kind of thing was also something that did not exist in this world.

Not long after, the entire island was occupied by these soldiers who descended from the sky. They did not belong to any team, and after they found guns on the island, they began to kill each other.

“The way to play this mode is to place 100 players on an island… where all the places are weapons. You Don’t have any friends. The other 99 players are all enemies! “You can only obtain the final victory of this game after you kill all of them, the ruler of this island.” 1

When Joshua briefly introduced another new mode, the archer’s legs began to shake uncontrollably.

“Brother Wand, forget what I said before.”

The Archer’s voice was also filled with uncontrollable excitement. Before he could shake his legs for three seconds, a hand directly pressed down on his shaking leg, firmly holding it down and preventing it from moving.

“Keya, try shaking it again?”

When the archer turned his head, his sister gave him a kind smile, but the strength of his sister’s grip on his thigh… was not kind at all.

He did not dare to speak for a moment. He kept shaking his head. Only then did his sister release her grip on his thigh.

The Archer looked at the stage on the screen and could not help but swallow his saliva. He began to fear what interesting things Josh would say next.

If the archer could not control his emotions, his sister might really break his leg on the spot.

“Unfortunately, due to the time constraint, I can’t explain my other thoughts in detail.”

Joshua’s next sentence made the archer slightly relieved, but the interface on the screen changed again.

On the screen was a picture. In the picture, there were four characters dressed like different civilian classes, standing on an abandoned magic car, shooting at some… deformed undead monsters with an inscription rifle.

“This is a mode called the path of survival. The world is occupied by monsters… you can only rely on the other three teammates and the rune guns in your hands.”After Joshua briefly introduced this one.., the picture on the screen changed again.

The Archer quietly listened to Joshua’s description of the other possibilities. The more he listened, the more he could not hold back the excitement in his heart. He felt that his legs were about to shake again, but the archer still held it in.

“Actually, I have many other ideas… I want to share them with everyone, but the production of the game is not easy.”

Joshua glanced at the time on the magic net interface and felt that it was time for him to end this drawing of a cake.

“I can see the Passion in your eyes for the game. Most of the people sitting here are players, but have you ever thought of making your own game?”When Joshua said this sentence, he felt the gaze of Hiri’s sister Herland.

This genius sister who worked at the Nolan Bank was also one of Josh’s earliest programming apprentices.

“Yes! Yes!”

Behind Herland, Sophia, who was more outgoing and confident, stood up.

“But I want to know where I can learn… how to make the game,”Sophia asked.

This girl really liked everything.

Joshua looked at her shining eyes. How could he let this girl down at this time.

“Before I answer this question, I’m honored to introduce… The other creator of the game ‘war’.”

Joshua made a gesture of invitation to the backstage. Before Lloyd could react, Tyreen gently pushed her and she carefully walked to the stage.

“Her name is Lloyd. That’s right, she has the same name as the god of order. Similarly, her attainments in the runes of order are comparable to the god of order.”

Joshua’s introduction made Lloyd want to shout, “I am the god of Order!”

But at this time, she could only smile and wave to the people below.

“I have already negotiated with the four sages. The programming course will be officially opened to the public at the RUHLSK Advanced Magic Academy. This god of order will become your teacher.”

This was considered a small advertisement for the last time.

“Everyone, in the end, I hope that… in a few years’time, you will be able to stand in my position and introduce the game you have created to everyone.”

After Joshua said this, before Lloyd could say anything, the game press conference came to an end.

Lloyd listened to the applause on the stage and felt that he had been deceived.

However, in Lloyd’s eyes, some light of faith suddenly surrounded her.

“I’m starting to have believers?”

Lloyd came to the backstage and asked Joshua in confusion.

“This is a live broadcast with millions of people. Many of these people may have originally believed in the god of order, but they may not have thought that the god of order they believe in… well… in short, to some extent, the appearance of the god also determines how many believers they have.”

The part that Joshua omitted midway… was because Lloyd’s figure was really good.

“Millions of people.”

Lloyd spread his hand and looked at the power of faith in his palm.

This could be considered one of the advantages that Joshua had in gathering so many believers. That was the near-terrifying spread rate of the magic net.

“Alright! Our performance has ended. The rest is to go to the audience to watch other people’s performances,”Joshua said to Lloyd, who had just gone on stage for less than ten seconds.

After the game launch, it was the movie awards ceremony. For some of the audience… that was what they were really looking forward to.

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