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Chapter 454: Chapter 458, the past

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Joshua had already left. Cheryl took the two contracts and went to the second floor of the Mage Tower.

This place was much more spacious than the first floor. The sunlight pouring down from the windows on both sides fell in the middle of the second floor. Through the sunlight, Cheryl could see the dust floating in the air and the Owl’s feathers.

Following the trajectory of the feathers, Cheryl saw her best friend, sister Denise.

The nun was kneeling on the ground with her hands clasped together and her eyes closed. She was praying.

There was a rule in the land of saints that every nun had to spend about an hour every day praying to the gods.

“Denise, this is Nolan, not the land of saints. No one will care if you pray every day.”

Cheryl walked to Denise’s side. It was the first time she had reminded her friend where she was.

“But… This is my duty.”Denise opened her eyes and looked up. Cheryl’s face was reflected in her blue pupils.

“Duty? These are all lies fabricated by those swindlers. Why do you still believe them now?”

Ever since Cheryl joined the court of heresy, she no longer believed in the beliefs of the country of the holy religion or the lies of ‘God Bless the world’.

The motivation for her to carry out the mission was simply to survive. After defecting from the court of heresy, she held a disdainful attitude towards the beliefs of the country of the holy religion.

“You should know what kind of people those people who ask you to pray are in essence.”

Cheryl had told Dinisha many times that there were many truths about the land of the sacred religion. If an average person listened to Cheryl’s dark history and believed it, they might have already betrayed the religion.

However, after Dinisha came to Nolan, other than spending some time to write her ‘novel’every day, the rest of her life did not change at all in the land of the sacred religion.

“Does this have anything to do with my prayers?”Dinisha tilted her head in confusion.

“The relationship is that the god you believe in may be fabricated by them,”Cheryl said.

The nun shook her head calmly at Cheryl’s doubt.

“Cheryl, when I was very young, I got lost in a forest. When night fell, I was found by an elk shrouded in light in the forest.”

She reached her hand into the sunlight, as if wanting to touch the light.

“I believe that it must be the incarnation of Monica. He saved me.”

There were countless strange magical beasts in this world. Cheryl felt that it was not unusual for one or two moose to appear.

But Cheryl did not destroy Denisa’s longing at this time.

Belief itself was not a sin. If anyone was to blame, it was those despicable people who acted in the name of God but were not allowed to be seduced.

“Then do you want to return to the land of the sacred religion?”Cheryl asked Denisa’s opinion tentatively.

This nun would occasionally read some books about the land of the sacred religion. She seemed to miss her hometown very much as she was in a foreign country.

“I often think about it.”A nostalgic expression appeared on Denisa’s face again. “Every year at this time, I go to the orphanage in the Anta District of the Holy City to help. I wonder how the children There are this year. I also wonder if Mrs. Gill, who lives in the neighborhood next door, is better now.”

Wait… What were you doing when you were a heretic judge?

Cheryl looked at the nun and counted the things she had done in the sacred city.

If it was Cheryl who counted, she might have destroyed the underground organization’s lair under the orphanage and taken the Wizard’s head.

“Everyone in the sacred city is very good to me…”Denisa’s voice suddenly became softer, and she looked a little disappointed, however, she quickly forced a smile and said to cheryl, “But it doesn’t matter. I Won’t ask Cheryl to take me back willfully. After all, I know that the archbishop and the others hate us very much. If we go back, we might bring trouble to you, Cheryl…”


Cheryl looked at the slightly bitter smile on Denisa’s face, and her hands instantly clenched tightly.

As an insider, she felt an indescribable anger.

When Cheryl remembered, the sacred city was indeed filled with all kinds of warm memories, but it ended after Cheryl came into contact with the trial court.

Faced with the wanton actions of the trial court, Cheryl, who was unable to resist, could only choose to flee to Nolan.

But now, she was also unable to resist. Cheryl glanced at her slender arms. No matter how skillful her assassination skills were, she was still no match for the trial court.

“Cheryl, what are you holding in Your Hand?”Denisa’s voice woke Cheryl from her thoughts.


Cheryl glanced at the two contracts in her other hand. She almost blurted out, “These are the contracts of the Devil.”.

“Denisa, someone wants to publish the book you wrote.”

Cheryl handed the contract that belonged to the nun to her. Denisa took the contract and glanced at the contents.

“Published? Is it a book that turned into paper like ‘The Empire’s Warrior’s secrets’?”

The novel Denisa wrote on the Magic Web was also written according to her own interests. Jose directly handed her manuscript fee to Cheryl to manage.

She was not particularly good at money.

“Yes, I heard that we are going to hold… a signing ceremony.”

Cheryl began to patiently explain the various rules of the contract to Denisa.

Cheryl had given up her status as a judge. The only thing she could do now was to go as far as possible on the path of the author.

In the Hearthstone Tavern.

Joshua stretched his hands and took a sip of the hot milk beside his hand.

“What are you doing now?”

Healy carried the dinner into Josh’s study as usual. As soon as she entered the study, she saw all kinds of ‘magic web interface’in front of Josh.

“I’m going to separate the immovable library from the Spellcaster Forum and make it into a website,”Josh said.


“You can understand it as another spellcaster forum. It’s just that the ‘pub’where the users discuss has become a virtual ‘library’, which is specifically used to write and store books.”

There was no concept of the World Wide Web in the magic net. Currently, only the programs written by Joshua were available on the magic net.

“In short, it’s a place to read books?”Healy placed the dinner on the table and then moved closer to Joshua to browse the new interface on the magic net.

“You can think of it that way. Moreover, this is just the beginning. In the future, there will not only be a website that specializes in reading books, but there will also be a website that can appreciate paintings, browse video records, or purchase goods,”Joshua said softly. “This is the real exciting part of the magic net.”

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