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Chapter 6 The Beauty Under the Bed

If it's the usual him, then it would be "who fucking cares" and he would have just fling his sleeves and turn to leave. The great young master Lee would never get himself involved in this type of "dirt on the crotch" trouble—it's up to the others, but definitely not him.

But there goes a poem "In north there's a beauty, a beauty of extraordinary; a glance falls the city, another falls the country." A beauty like Su ZhiXian always wreaks havoc. Even the reason he attended the wedding dinner before is to quench his curiosity about this renowned charmer.

Now that the belle is right before him—a weeping beauty begging softly, whimpering delicately. Coming into view, was her porcelain white skin, bumpy figure that was so captivating; invading his nose, is the entrancing scent that lingered, which was emanating from her skin.

Even with a heart of stone, it's impossible to be mean in this kind of scene! Not to mention it's the vigorous Lee ChengFeng that is always soft and tender towards women.

The reason why Lee ChengFeng pretended to capture Su ZhiXian just now was because he wanted to get words out of the opponent; he never expected they would really attack her. At the instance he felt a strain in his scalp; a heartless four-letter word was roaming at the corner of his lips, almost blurted out. He didn't realize he was sweating heavily; he subconsciously wrapped his forehead with his hands: "Don't cry, don't dry, I…… I'll handle it."

Su ZhiXian stopped weeping, but her tears still rolling down over her hand that covered her mouth and dropped onto the back of her hand. As if a bright pearl that fell onto the ground, it seeped into the dust and disappeared, just like her fate that is about to arrive.

Lee ChengFeng dare not to look at Su ZhiXian any longer, he peeped outside through the slit, only to see the leading man whispering to the subordinate next to him, and then the subordinate turned and left in a rush.

Lee ChengFeng felt a cold sensation travelling up on his spine—he knew they were coming up with some other tactic, if he did nothing, this will be the place of his last breath.

Lee ChengFeng brainstormed, his subconscious rang: "It doesn't make sense! Why did I just step willingly into this snare? I have no enmity with Yin Chai in the past! Why did she frame me? Why did the guys out there wanted to catch you? Could Lady ZhiXi be the decoy? Right, could Lady ZhiXi……"

As the inference surfaced, Lee ChengFeng fought it away: "No no, it couldn't be, how could Lady ZhiXi help them?"

Su ZhiXian was as if got hold onto a life-saving straw, she said: "Are they coming for Lady ZhiXi?"

Lee ChengFeng looked at her strangely: "Why don't you ask them?"

Su ZhiXian sobbed, feeling wronged: "Who would it be if it's not her? Why did I wake up here, but not at other places? Why did you come here, but not to other places?"

Her words woke Lee ChengFeng!

Yes, why is it him?

If they came for Su ZhiXian, could it be Liu ZhiXi who kidnapped her here? Yin Chai was nervous before she saw me, but her face lighted up when I showed up, and then she brought me here without delay. Obviously she knew something about here and I was made a scapegoat for this!

Lee ChengFeng was deducting in his heart, his face grew dark and he murmured: "Yin Chai was just a maid, she might not be the mastermind. But ZhiXi…… Why would she frame me? I have no enmity with her!"

Su ZhiXian reminded him softly beside: "Sir, you never know what's inside someone's heart!"

Lee ChengFeng stood up, his eyes engulfed in the flame of furious: "Wasp's sting on its back is never as vicious as the heart of a woman!"

Lee ChengFeng slammed on the bed pillar—the corroded pillar snapped instantaneously, the curtain and its frame forthwith fell, the bed also skewed to a side. Suddenly, Lee ChengFeng noticed a tiny corner of fabric under the bed!

Lee ChengFeng was startled, he immediately squatted down and flipped away the curtain on the bed, bent over and peeped below. At once he was so shocked that he fell sitting onto the ground!

There is someone hidden under the bed, the person was wearing a green short shirt, embroidered on the shirt was an exquisite picture of hundred flowers. Though meretricious, it complemented the lady's disposition and beauty. The lady wrapped her arms in front, her fingers are long and delicate—every finger is as if a refined carved jade, so perfect that nobody would want to touch or harm them. Her eyes were closed; her face looked pale and lifeless.

It is Liu ZhiXi!

Just a glance, Lee ChengFeng could know the lady in front of him is Liu ZhiXi!

This is because he saw her playing musical instruments in veil before—the belle had a unique blush cherry blossom makeup on her forehead, graceful figure and slender hands, they were all imprinted deeply in his mind like a silhouette.

Lee ChengFeng stood up, he checked the under-the-bed lady's pulse at her neck with his trembling hand—just in three breaths, Lee ChengFeng dropped again in front of the bed, he spoke under his breath: "What happened? Who killed her, why killed her?"

Just as he was talking to himself, the man outside growled impatiently after a long silence in the room: "Cheng QianFang! You can't get away with it! You better……"

Lee ChengFeng's brain convulsed, the words from outside reverberated in his ears, slowly went unclear to an incomprehensive form—his head felt heavy, his vision grew blurry and his body slanted aside.

The last thing Lee ChengFeng saw was Su ZhiXian's terrified face, her tiny lips was calling him but he couldn't even hear a single word and then, everything fell into darkness.

As Lee ChengFeng collapsed to the side, Su ZhiXian finally felt relieved. She put her arms back to the front—her fingers were still holding a spell, the blue glow vanished slowly from her fingertips.

Su ZhiXian watched Lee ChengFeng with an ambiguous smile; her pitiful, seductive charm evaporated instantly, instead, it was replaced by a cool gaze, she turned and look outside of the window, the man outside said: "…… Cheng QianFang, hand over your Vitality Innercraft, it will be counted as a good deed of your human life!"

Su ZhiXian sneered: "Hmph, bunch of tenacious people! If I wasn't injured by Zhan QiTian, how do get to clamour now?"

The man outside said coldly: "Cheng QianFang, you finally quit pretending? You better come out now, otherwise you would suffer on the way!"

Su ZhiXian sight roamed, said: "Let me think……"

Speaking, Su ZhiXian glanced towards Lee ChengFeng, her long, almond eyes squinted to a fine line, looking insidious. Yet her glance is still as cold: "Quite handsome, but unexpectedly a virgin! It's the blessing from above to send this virgin of primordial Yang, he could help to recover my mana a little!"

The man outside said: "Cheng QianFang, you are wounded by my master's Dragon Flame Surge, you have less than twenty percent of mana; this flame of dragon would burn your guts even you ran to the end of the world! Just accept your fate, you can't escape!"

Su ZhiXian's face changed, her teeth was creaking of intense grinding, her eyes were filled with anger and terror—that would be the excruciating pain that would torture her every day!

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