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In the waiting room

When I became ready, I was guided to a place akin to a waiting room.
Sana and Ange-san, and also my grandmother are already there.

"Woah~~, Lillinoneesama, you are absolutely dazzling!"'

Ange-san's eyes were sparkling as she gazed at me.
Ange-san, who said so, is herself wearing a fluffy pink dress which makes for a lovely appearance.

"Thank you. But Ange-san, your dress really suits you too. It perfectly matches your atmosphere. Moreover, Sana… Such appearance is also great. I'm sure if I tell elder brother about your look, he'll shed tears of regret."

Sana made a troubled expression hearing my words.

"No, I'm still not used to such appearance. Could I remain in the waiting room?"

To bring up such a thing.
But it's no good, this time we can all participate, so you have to go.
Then grandmother lent me a helping hand.

"Ara, Sana. Such a perfect clothing was prepared specially for you, it would be a waste to not attend. Why don't you try landing yourself a nice man?"

Grandmother said such a thing playfully.
In contrast, Sana replied "No, I… Such…", overwhelmed.
But Sana who is dressed so beautifully may become a target of advances.
Brother would lose his temper if so.

At that time somebody knocked on the door.

"Is it alright if I enter?"

Apparently, it's grandfather.
Grandmother replied "It's alright~".
Then the door opened and grandfather, Allen-kun, and Sasuke-san entered.

Allen-kun and Sasuke-san are also dressed up.
I've seen such Allen-kun's appearance previously, but as before, it really suits him.
Will he be surrounded by older girls again?
And Sasuke-san… Ara ara, he looks completely different from his usual black outfit, he exudes an aura of a prince.
Isn't that right, Sasuke-san is a handsome guy after all~.
Although he's supposed to be a ninja, prince-like clothes suit him.

"… Lillinsama, you are really beautiful…"

Allen-kun came to me and complimented me.
It's somewhat embarrassing to be praised by Allen-kun.

"Thank you, Allen. You also look wonderful. But as you were taken away by ladies last time, please be careful."

"Certainly… But it's okay, this time I won't leave your side, Lillinsama."

Allen-kun got excited when he said it.
Yup, but aren't you underestimating the power of ladies?
As we were talking, Ange-san on the side is teasing Sasuke-san.

"Sasuke looks good even when he's not dresses in black, how surprising."

"Are, you, making a fool, of me?"

"Ara, I haven't done such a thing. It really suits you. If you're like this, it won't be just Allen who gets taken away this time. Good luck!"

"I'm, a ninja. I will erase, my presence, and hide."

"Eh, you can't do that. Allen must stick to Lillinoneesama to keep other guys from approaching her."

"… Impossible."

… Oh, they can unexpectedly communicate.
Afterwards, Ange-san and Sasuke-san repeated their amusing conversation.
They seem to be quite a good combination.
I hope he becomes restraint for Ange-san who likes acting recklessly.

When we were praising each other's appearance, a knock resounded again.
Oh? Who's this now.

"It's Chris, may I come in?"

Ch, Chris-sama, is it?
I became a little agitated because of the matter from the other day.
While I was trying to calm my flustered heart, grandfather gave him the permission.

"Excuse me."

Chris-sama who came in was without a doubt a prince.
A gorgeous outfit and a matching overwhelming aura of royalty.
With a smile on his face he came in front of me.

"Lillina… Ah, you look great. My choice was perfect for Lillina."

Eh? Has Chris-sama chosen these clothes for me?
Certainly, the color is my favorite.
It seems the twins perceived danger from such Chris-sama's words.
They approached me from both sides.
Then Allen-kun spoke to Chris-sama.

"It's not the time for the party yet… Why are you here?"

Allen-kun… That's no way to treat a prince.
But Chris-sama answered Allen-kun's rude question with a smile.

"Ah, aren't you missing one escort? That's why I came to accompany Lillina."

"No! It, it's not like she needs an escort for a small party."

"However, there's someone to escort her. It's better that way, isn't it?"

After saying so, he took my hand and whispered.

"To be able to escort Lillina who looks so lovely, I've never thought such a day would come. Please treat me well."

Ugh, uugh, somehow I don't think I can escape.
I only hope no problems arise during the party.

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