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Nie Yi said that there was no mercy.

He would do his utmost to protect the safety of Qi Jingchen, and let the people around him know the importance of Qi Jingchen to himself. After all, he did not necessarily stay in Qi Jingchen. 

Therefore, he had already made up his mind to use Yan Zhe to kill chickens and monkeys… If this was not the case, he had already killed this person privately - from the late last days, he had no obstacles to killing. There was no hobby to leave a scourge around. 

He was now killing Yan Zhe in public, in order to let those who he rescued see the facts, but also to let Ping Shengchao, Shao Zhenglan and others know what to do and should not do. 

Maybe others would think that he was too cruel to Yan Zhe. Nie Yi did not feel at all. If there were too many people here who were afraid of frightening people, he didn’t even mind to give more pain to Yan Zhe… 

Speaking of Yan Zhe, if he was a little bit safe, he could give him a good time. As a result, Yan Zhe actually wanted to harm Qi Jingchen… He had let him die so quickly that he had been cheaper. 

Nie Yi's move to kill chickens and monkeys was really good. 

Shao Zhenglan spit a bit, and then heard Nie Yi's words were white. She had seen Nie Yi's attitude toward Yan Zhe before, and she could not think that Nie Yi would be so unrequited. 

However, regardless of whether Nie Yi was unrequited or not, she had seen a lot of things at this time, and she had decided not to provoke Nie Yi afterwards, not to provoke Qi Jingchen, even her belly, and it was best not to have. 

Shao Zhenglan thought this way. Xu Nan and others certainly thought so. Many of them originally did not see Qi Jingchen, but now… If there was Nie Yi's words, how dared they look down on Qi Jingchen? Now that he had made up his mind, he must align with Jingchen in the future. 

They didn’t want to die, they didn’t want to be retaliated by Nie Yi.

After these people secretly made a decision, they calmed down and saw that Qi Jingchen was still looking at the still-looking appearance. Not only that… When Nie Yi murdered, he seemed to have no eyes on it? These people recalled the practice before Qi Jingchen, and were shocked by a cold sweat. At the same time, they were very happy to be foolish about Qi Jingchen. 

Although Qi Jingchen had been holding people, but he had also passed before, it was not without the ability to act. In this case, he saw Yao Jialong rushing past and moving, seeing that Yan Zhe was killed and indifferent, it was not because he can't move, but because he was calm enough. 

A person who was still so calm at this time, would it be a simple person? 

Xu Nan suddenly thought that he had guessed that Qi Jingchen was very powerful… He didn’t know if his guess was right or wrong, but he had decided that he would be more respectful to Nie Yi in this future. 

“Brother! Wow…” At this time, Qi Yaoyao, who was scared, returned to reality and flew toward Qi Jingchen. 

That Yan Zhe actually wanted to kill her brother, her brother almost died! Her mind was far from Xu Nan and so many Qi Yaoyao. She just wanted her brother to comfort her. 

Qi Yaoyao’s move toward Qi Jingchen’s past was quick, but Nie Yi’s movements were faster than her. 

As soon as he reached out, Nie Yi grabbed her back collar: “You give me a point!” 

Qi Yaoyao recalled the scene of Nie Yi’s murder before, and was scared to be on the spot, and did not dare to move. 

“Yaoyao, I am fine.” Qi Jingchen smiled at Qi Yaoyao. 

He actually guessed that Yan Zhe would have a small movement. Although he didn’t know what the little action would be, he planned to use this little action to find death. 

He was a dark-powered person, especially sensitive to the energy of the dark system. Therefore, the smell of Yao Jialong was not felt early on him. Yao Jialong did not look at him. He also felt it. Later, he discovered what was also hidden in Yan Zhe.

Yan Zhe wanted to kill him. Of course he had to cooperate with him. Although he would not be killed if he was injured by a zombie, maybe the person who changed into a zombie could kill him? Or if the person bit him, and the others would kill him? 

He had already cooperated with these people. Seeing that the person was going to become a zombie, he let Nie Yi settle down and sent Nie Yi and a bodyguard away. 

Unfortunately, he did not succeed… Of course, this was actually for him. It was not unexpected - he knew that to guard against Yan Zhe, Nie Yi certainly knew this more clearly. 

Most of the time, when he thought about dying, Nie Yi had been watching it outside… 

Qi Jingchen took a look at Nie Yi and let Nie Yi let go of Qi Yaoyao and closed his eyes again. 

Nie Yi saw Qi Jingchen in this way, thinking that before Qi Jingchen was ruined because Yao Jialong was killed, his heart was angry and painful. 

He was angry in his heart, but he could not face Qi Jingchen. He could only turn around and greet Xu Nan, and then continue to save people, or take on the zombies outside to vent. 

Nie Yi took the people away, but the family members were still worried, and several children even cried. 

Xu Nan's wife, Zhao Qiuyue, hugged her daughter and glared at them. The old man with a child was next to her and couldn't help but say: "The man was murdered in front of the child, and the child was frightened. How can this be done…” 

“Now is not the time before, when the zombies bite people, whether you are a child or not… It is better to let the children know more than to make the children.” Zhao Qiuyue whispered, then looked at the position of Yao Jialong. 

Yao Jialong had completely turned into a zombie. Now two bodyguards were about to throw him out of the window. Yao's father, and Yao's mother, was reluctant to throw out the child, but he did not dare to stop it. He could only scream at the side.

The old man who complained to Zhao Qiuyue saw this scene and immediately silenced. Before they changed, they saw something unhealthy on TV. Maybe they would have to watch a TV station, but now… this world was indeed different.

Could they protect their children for a while, and could they protect their children forever? He couldn’t finally end up with the end of Yao’s father Yao… 

Yao’s father Yao was still crying at this moment: “You are such a child, even if he becomes a zombie, we can’t just throw him away… ” 

“You give us the body, let’s dig a grave for him…” 

“My family dragon, I don’t know which one killed a thousand knives!” 


Yao father Yao mother cried, with the eyes of hatred did not fall on Shao Zhenglan. 

“Oh… your son has been hiding behind but has become a zombie. Maybe it was really hurt.” Shao Zhenglan sneered, she spit too much before, and was intimidated by Nie Yi, she did not follow Nie again. Nie Yi went to kill the zombies, but stayed. 

“Who is the one who harms him?” Yao’s father Yao asked, and looked at Shao Zhenglan with hatred. 

“I am not me anyway. I am doing a good job to kill such a useless guy? It is the thing that Yan Zhe has a zombie, and I don't know if your son has contacted him.” Shao Zhenglan pointed to the body of Yan Zhe. She was still very uncomfortable now, and she did not see Yao's father, but her education had been subconsciously making some correct choices, such as transferring the hatred of Yao's father Yao to others. 

When Yao's father heard Shao Zhenglan's words, he really remembered that his son had mentioned that Yan Zhe was a good person and helped him clean up the things… 

This Yan Zhe had obviously looked down on them before, and now suddenly helped their sons to clean up. Something… 

Yao mother suddenly rushed toward Yan Zhe's body, kicked and beat again, and cried: "Is it because you killed my son, is it you?" 

Yao's father Yao did not dare to question Nie Yi and the others. Naturally, the full anger was vented on the body of Yan Zhe. The two bodyguards saw the body of Yao Jialong, and then threw out the body of Yan Zhe, who was kicked by Yao's father Yao's mother for a long time.

When Yan Zhe died, he did not change into a zombie. It was not long before he was thrown out. The fresh flesh and blood attracted two zombies, they grabbed his body and bit it… 

After the death of two people in the team, the whole team temperament changed. After that, no one was fighting for something or making trouble. After Nie Yi brought back some people to join the team, some people immediately went up to explain the situation of the team to those people. 

Nie Yi was still very good at getting along with, he would protect them, but the premise was that everyone must be aligned with Qi Jingchen and be respectful. 

“Who is this Qi Jingchen?” A new teenager asked inexplicably. 

This young man around a slap hit the boy in the head: “Do not casually inquire, as long as you know to him when we must be careful, he should look more important than Nie boss on the line!” 

The boy had still wanted to say something, but saw the person who reprimanded him with a dignified face, and wisely shut up. 

In the last days, doubts were not too much. 

With Nie Yi's beat, no one dared to provoke things on the way. After another day, they saw the B City safety zone. 

The B City safety zone was large, but it had not been expanded yet, so it was much smaller than Nie Yi's impression. 

More than 20 days later, a wall has been built outside the safe area, and the buildings and trees in the vicinity of the safe area were all cleaned with explosives. This was to facilitate observation of whether there were zombies nearby. On the other hand, it was because the safe area was definitely to be expanded. 

The land cleared with explosives was very broad, and in front of this land, some large or small areas were surrounded by barbed wire, which was where people who wanted to enter the safe area registered. 

All those who wanted to enter the safe area must first go to a place where they could wash off the dirt that may be contaminated on the shoes with water mixed with disinfectant, and then wait for four in the area surrounded by barbed wire.

People who had been injured by zombies would start to die after four hours, even if they had not become zombies. When they entered the city, they could see the doctors who were looking at their hands. 

Of course, there were also some people who held a special gold-colored identity card in the safe area. They could go directly without waiting outside, even without checking. Those who had a silver ID card could also take a convenient passage. There, someone would let them included a test strip that had just been developed in their mouths. As long as the test strips did not turn black, they were determined that they had not been injured by the zombies, and they could immediately enter the safe area. 

Nie Yi got the golden identity card that year. Of course, his identity information had not been entered yet, so he had to wait at the door like everyone else. 

They had hundreds of people at the beginning, and there were hundreds of people who were saved in the past two days. Because they were all new, they were separated into an isolated area. 

Two hundred of them crowded a segregated area, and they were sitting or standing in front of them in areas separated by barbed wire. 

All of these people waiting to enter the city carried a lot of things with them, but the vehicles had been taken away by people in the safe area. Of course, each of their cars could be replaced with a car card that said the size of the car. If you wanted to leave the city in the future, you could use the car card to get the corresponding car. 

The management of large security zones was still quite complete compared to those of small security zones. 

Nie Yi’s body was clean, and his appearance was completely different from other people waiting to enter the city. It was very eye-catching, but it was still incomparable with Qi Jingchen. 

Nie Yi was wearing a pair of long sleeves such as military boots for the end of the world, but Qi Jingchen was wearing white T-shirt, white sneakers, and the soles were still clean without a trace of dust. 

Yes, everyone could see his soles, because Nie Yi took the initiative to give him a wicker chair, so that he could lie comfortably.

These barbed wire fences had been surrounded by soldiers in the vicinity of the isolation area. They had been patrolling back and forth. Every time they passed by, they couldn’t help but look at Qi Jingchen, and even come over and wait for them to register as registrars. They were also first attracted by Qi Jingchen, and then looked at Nie Yi. 

At this time, suddenly there was a riot in the side, and the cry of “life-saving” was full-bodied - in the isolation area next to the isolation zone, someone became a zombie! 

The people in the quarantine area probably did not experience the battle with the zombies. The people around them did not know that they had to resist after changing to the zombies. Instead, they only knew that they had escaped. Fortunately, the child who had changed into a zombie was a child of seven or eight years old. After he became a zombie, he had been licking the first person he had seized, and thus had not caused any serious consequences for the time being. 

At this moment, the two guns of “bang” and “bang”, the patrol people had killed the zombies and the people they smashed on the spot, they also divided three people, two of them entered the area. Two bodies were towed away, and the remaining one was sprinkled with lime in the area contaminated with blood. 

Nie Yi had long been used to seeing such things and not surprised, but others had been scared silly at this time. Yao mother suddenly rushed out: “People’s Liberation Army, People’s Liberation Army report we want to help ah!!” 

The two men speaking with an accent, the name was also slightly weird, but those patrolling people stopped. 

“He killed people on the road! The People’s Liberation Army, he killed people on the road! He burned a person!” Yao mother shouted at Nie Yi, although he guessed that Yao Jialong should be severely cherished, but if there was no Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen, that Yan Zhe would not hurt anyone… Yao mother was still remembering Nie Yi. 

When she was on the road, she was afraid of Nie Yi. She was afraid that she would be burned to death. She did not dare to say anything more. But now that these patrols have guns on hand, they felt that they had the confidence and they intended to report Nie Yi. 

“They forced us to kill the zombies on the road! They still kill!” Yao father also quickly said. 

Those who patrolled heard Yao's words and thought they were actually a bit funny, but they still stood to look at Nie Yi.

Nie Yi heard that Yao's father report did not justify his report. He just found a document from his chest and handed it over to those who came to register: "My name is Nie Yi, after picking up the mission in S City. Those who come here, those who are saved on my way.” 

“Nie Yi!” The registrar felt that Nie was familiar before, and then no doubt: “Mr. Nie, Nie District Governor has been waiting for you! You don’t have to wait here, I will take you and your team members to see Nie District Chief.” 

“Yes.” Nie Yi nodded and then looked at Qi Jingchen. 

Qi Jingchen finally stood up and stood next to Nie Yi. Shao Zhenglan and the others were smiling and stood up. Qi Yaoyao was a bit stunned, but Ping Shengchao took her and pulled her over. 

The registrar opened the door above the barbed wire and let Nie Yi and the others walk out. The patrolling person stopped the others in time and closed the door. 

“Who is the Nie district chief? What is the relationship with this Nie Yi?” Yao mother noticed that something was wrong and asked with concern. 

“The district chief of this safe area is surnamed Nie, who should be his son.” Someone from the patrol said, looked at Yao mother disdainfully. 

When the team came, they all saw it. The whole team looked at it. The team had old people and few ordinary people who had no fighting power. He was afraid that it was the protection of the few people before. People didn’t know how to be grateful, but also tell people to kill people… It was funny.

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