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Chapter 52 – Friend?

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Their slow steps finally brought the two to Grand Canal Manor.

Two guards, armed with longswords, stood on each side of the entrance with gravity.

Ji Yunshu had passed in front the place before, and each time, the doors were closed shut. This time, they were wide opened to welcome Jing Rong.

Wei Yi raised his head and pulled on one of Ji Yunshu’s large sleeves, “Big Brother, where are we?”

Ji Yunshu replied by pointing at the wooden panel which hung on top of the entrance, “Do you know how to read that?”

“Yes it’s ‘Guang’…1”  Wei Yi scratched his chin as he looked at the second character. He stared at the panel, but couldn’t come up with an answer.

Ji Yunshu squinted at him and explained patiently, “Guang-Qu-Yuan, Grand Canal Manor, that character is pronounced Qu, alright?”

“Yes, I’ll remember it’s called ‘Qu’,” repeated Wei Yi.

The excitement from learning something new was obvious in Wei Yi’s voice. Ji Yunshu looked at him with a radiant smile which let through some tenderness for Wei Yi and his childish behavior.

As they climbed the stairs leading to the entrance of the manor, the guards stopped them with a gesture.

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