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'But she does know something about Jodie,' Ben said.

'Jodie?' Jack looked at Mamie in bewilderment.

'I'm sorry, Leila. I didn't mean to tell them,' Mamie pleaded.

'Mamie doesn't know what she's saying,' Leila argued. 'She has no sense of time, people or places.'

'On the contrary, Miss Barnes. We've found Mamie helpful and lucid,' Ben contradicted.

'Mamie, is that Jodie's locket?' Jack drew near his sister and examined it.

'Jodie gave it to me for "a borrow", Jack.'

'Jodie would never have given you that.' Jack paled. His eyes darkened.

'Only for "a borrow".' Mamie began to cry.

Jack crouched down in front of Mamie. 'I'm not angry with you, but I want to know when Jodie gave you this. I thought she was wearing it when she died.'

'She gave it to me in Wales.'

'You were in Wales with Jodie?' Jack asked Leila.

'Mamie will say anything, Jack. You know what she's like ...'

'Mamie doesn't lie,' Jack countered. 'When did you see Jodie in Wales, Mamie?'

'When Leila drove us there from Cornwall-'

'That's enough, Mamie ...'

'I've never hit a woman, Leila, but if you don't shut up I will,' Jack threatened.

'You're cross with me,' Mamie gulped between sobs.

Jack slipped his arm around his younger sister's shoulders. 'I'm not cross with you, Mamie. Tell me about your trip to Wales.'

'Leila and me left the hotel early so we could eat lunch with Jodie. Jodie was nice, like she always was. Then she was ill and Leila sent me to the car. That was after Jodie gave me the locket. I tried to give it back, Jack ... I tried ...'

Jack patted Mamie's shoulders but watched Leila. 'You never told me you visited Jodie in Wales, Leila.'

'Because I knew you'd be suspicious. You thought we didn't get on.'

'You were the reason Jodie wanted a retreat in Wales.'

'She wanted to get away from your womanising,' Leila snapped.

'What womanising?' Michael was clearly mystified.

Leila ignored Michael. 'You and Zee were a bloody disgrace, Jack. I don't know why you bothered to marry her. The way you carry on with your secretary and Zee with Ted. Her blood was all over his shirt ...'

'Who told you Zee's blood was on Ted's shirt, Leila?' Ben interrupted.

Her cheeks turned red. 'One of the police constables.'

'Police officers have faults, but a loose mouth is trained out of them,' Amy stated.

'It's obvious. Ted's the only one who could have killed Zee.' Leila's voice grew shrill. 'He had the master key code. He could move around the building ...'

'We need to interview you, Miss Barnes. Alone,' Amy said firmly. 'Sergeant Miller, please escort Miss Leila Barnes downstairs and call for a car to take her to the station.'

Before Ben could hustle Leila to the door, Jack stepped between them.

'Jodie, Zee and Bruno,' Jack challenged. 'You killed them!' killed them!'

Leila gazed at him, but not for long. She realised she'd said too much to continue protesting her innocence. 'Bruno was a mistake. I thought he was working. But he saw me returning the knives. As for Jodie and Zee, I did you a favour, Jack. They were tramps. You might have been blind to the way Zee carried on with Ted, but I wasn't.'

'Ted and Zee were only friends,' Michael broke in.

'No they weren't. Couldn't you see what Ted was up to? Sleeping with Zee. Worming his way into everyone's affections until you all preferred Ted to me. Never mind what I've done for you boys, as well as Mamie. Giving up my life and my career to care for her. And you?' Leila demanded of Jack. 'What would you have done once you became a father? Would you still have paid me an allowance to look after Mamie?'

'Of course ...'

'There's no, "of course". You were besotted with the idea of becoming a father. You would have tossed Mamie and me aside. That's why Jodie and Zee had to go.'

'Damn you, Leila. I saw Zee's body. Saw what you did to her ...' Jack slumped on a chair. Michael went to him.

Ben motioned to Irene. 'Ask the constable outside to come in and cuff Miss Barnes.'

Leila screamed hysterically as handcuffs were snapped on to her wrists. 'Everything I did, I did for you boys and Mamie. Promise me you'll look after her, Jack? Promise me ...'

'Jack doesn't have to promise you anything, Leila,' Michael answered as Ben and the constable escorted her to the door. 'As for Mamie, me and Jack, we'll look after one another.'

A heavy silence, punctuated by Mamie's quiet sobs, settled over the room after Leila had left with Ben and the constable.

When Amy could stand the tension no longer, she said, 'I'm so sorry, Mr Barnes.'

Jack took Mamie into his arms. She buried her head in his shoulder. He looked over her head at Amy. 'Thank you, Inspector Stuart. You did your job and did it well.'

Too close to tears to speak, Amy nodded. She left the apartment, closed the door quietly behind her and joined the others at the lift.

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