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Hungry, she was so hungry.

What was that sound, and why was it so noisy? Had someone sought death and dared to interrupt her cultivation grounds? No, this wasn’t her cultivation grounds. This place didn’t have a single trace of yin energy; furthermore, it was too overbearingly hot…

“Slut, don’t think that just because you’re the king consort that you’re anything special. If it wasn’t for the Her Majesty liking your face, then you wouldn’t even be worth being a common maid. Why don’t you scram right now? What are you waiting for, for Her Majesty to personally kick you out?” The sharp voice was filled with deep ridicule, making it even more unbearable to listen to.

“Enchanting Concubine, please mind your words. The Empress is currently unconscious, and thus it is my duty as king consort to wait by her side. What the Empress does when she awakens is the Empress’s business, something that I have no right in interfering with!” The kind and gentle voice revealed no trace of anger in it, as if the earlier words were not directed to them.

“You! Hmph, why are you pretending to be so virtuous and noble? The entire imperial palace knows that the Empress hates your kind of fake virtuousness and nobility the most!” The sharp voice became even more impudent, although it was not hard to pick out the anger that had surfaced. in it.

The previously unconscious person finally became provoked enough by this sharp sounding voice into opening their eyes, their two black pupils flashing with a strange golden red light, coldly staring at that loudly yelling man!

“Shut up, scram out of here!” The abnormally hoarse female voice carried with it a terrifying fury, shocking the surrounding people. The owner of the voice also seemed surprised, her expression becoming absent-minded as she tried to think of all the events that had precluded this…

She was a jiangshi that had lived for tens of thousands of years, having cultivated for millennials in order to ascend into the world of the immortals in the heavens. But she had never seen that day arrive yet, as when she had divined her blood she had realized that she was missing both her yin soul and her yang soul. Furthermore both her yin soul and yang soul had already turned into a person in a different world, so she had used up a hundred years of cultivation to cross over space-time to find her missing yin and yang souls. If she hadn’t calculated wrong, then this body she was in was probably her missing yin and yang souls…

Calming herself, she allowed the numerous trains of thought flow through her like the tide. In an instant, all the memories of her past life integrated with her. Thus she, a ten-thousand year old jiangshi, had finally become completed. All she had to do now was to regain her hundred years of cultivation, and it wouldn’t be long before she could ascend into the world of the immortals!

“Empress, you’ve awoken, you’ve finally awoken. This servant was so worried!” The owner of the sharp voice began speaking in a sweet and charming manner, waking up from his dazed state and immediately rushing over to her side.

“Scram, did We permit you to come over?” The Empress that was speaking right now was exactly that ten-thousand year old jiangshi seeking her yin and yang souls. Right now she was the Qianhe Dynasty’s Empress Qianhe Liyou. The man who had thrown himself at her was one of her imperial concubines, Situ Hongyu, who she had conferred on the title of “Enchanting Consort”.

“Em—Empress, you, what happened to you, was, was it this servant?” Situ Hongyu’s expression right now was extremely sexy, his eyes filled with an extremely flirtatious gleam. However it was clear that his eyes were also filled with doubts, as if he didn’t dare to believe that the Empress who had pampered him so lovingly was also the cold and indifferent person who was talking to him right now!

“Hmph!” Qianhe Liyou did not bother to pay any attention to the astonished man. She hated this kind of man who didn’t know propriety the most. Apparently he had even attempted to meddle with the affairs of the court. From the memory of her present body, she should have been able to tell that this man titled as the Enchanting Consort was extremely repulsive, though the body that her yin and yang souls had occupied had only known how to indulge in men and nothing else. Since this person had thrown the imperial harem in chaos so many times, he had already crossed the lowest of her toleration!

“Someone come, take the Enchanting Consort and throw him in the Sky Prison. Without Our permission, no one is allowed to visit him!” She hated people who didn’t have any moral compasses or propriety. Since she would have to live here in this world for another hundred years, it was best to properly tie up loose strings!

Within the Empress’s personal quarters, excluding the Emperor and the consorts, there were still all kinds of chamberlains and bodyguards. Added together there were about ten people, all of them standing still in complete shock towards what the Empress had just ordered them to do!

“Didn’t you hear Our words? Why aren’t you moving?” Liyou knew why all these people were looking at her with such strange expressions. It was because the previous “her” had pampered and spoiled this man with unconditional love, obeying whatever he wanted, except the position of king consort. And that was only because the reason she had ascended to the throne was due to the current king consort’s family’s backing. Everything else, as long as he wanted it, she would go to all lengths to gift it to him. Furthermore this man was extremely arrogant and unreasonable, withering the fertile branches of the harem. There had yet to be an imperial prince or princess born, and it was all this vile man’s fault!

The bodyguards moved to action, but there was still an air of hesitation to them.

“Enchanting Consort, please…” The imperial bodyguards walked to the Enchanting Consort’s side, clearly embarrassed as they spoke.

“Empress! You, how can you do this to me, what exactly is happening to you…”

“Get him out!”

Hearing the Empress’s decree, the bodyguards did not dare to hesitate any longer, and immediately pulled the Enchanting Consort out. The Enchanting Consort did not react to his treatment either, only silently wondering to himself why he was being treated so cruelly!

When the Empress’s inner chambers were finally quiet once again, the Empress realized that the king consort Luo Weiqing had knelt by her side. All of the bodyguards she had brought with her knelt as well, as silent as their master, while the Enchanting Consort’s bodyguards seemed to be shocked silly; seeing their own master being treated so roughly, they did not dare to say anything, kneeling on the ground while they trembled in fear.

Qianhe Liyou sat against the dragon couch, only to notice that her shoes were a bit far off from where she was sitting.

“King Consort, put on Our shoes for Us!” She was the Empress, and he was the king consort, so therefore he was her husband. Then the act of him putting on her shoes was not anything out of the ordinary… but why was the man in front of her wearing such an astonished expression!

And not only was Luo Weiqi so astonished, but all of the servants in the room seemed to be extremely shocked!

“What is it, do you not want to?” Seeing the man in front of her not make any movement, Liyou lowered her voice, allowing a tinge of displeasure to seep through.

“This servant does not dare.” At hearing Qianhe Liyou’s voice, Luo Weiqi finally reacted. Wearing an extremely confused expression he took her gold-embroidered shoes and knelt in front of Qianhe Liyou, carefully putting on her shoes.

After Luo Weiqi had finished, Qianhe Liyou’s eyes narrowed, her throat making an abnormal swallowing movement…

When she had woken up initially she had noticed that she was extremely hungry, perhaps because she had expended too much energy in transmigrating. At this time she urgently needed “food” to replenish her energy. In the past ten-thousand years she had only eaten one type of food: fresh blood. Although it wasn’t required for the blood to be human, the more intelligent the source of the blood was the more pure she found it to be and the more she enjoyed it. Furthermore the man in front of him was emitting the scent that she enjoyed the most…

This series will be translated in June, but here’s a sneak peek for right now.

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