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That day was truly the end. Everyone was in despair. No matter where you were, you would see a huge bloody hand pressing down on the planet. The planet was so small in front of the giant hand that it could be held in the palm of the hand

The moment the hand broke through the atmosphere, the mountains on the earth were smashed to dust, and half of the oceans were vaporized. Humans knelt on the ground and cried out, they were calling out God to save them.


When everyone thought that everything was about to come to an end, all of them heard a roar that shook the entire world. Following that, a human figure that was as tall as the sky and filled with ten thousand rays of five-colored divine light rushed up into the sky. After the glare disappeared, everything returned to normal.

Earth was still the same, the giant hand and all the destructive scenes had disappeared, the mountains and rivers had been restored to their original state …

This was a dream that all humans had had over the years. They did not know why they had such a strange dream and they all had the same dream. Experts couldn't give an exact answer. The dream was listed as the eleventh greatest mystery in the world.

And the man in the dream was so powerful that he saved the world being destroyed. Was he a God? Would the scenes in the dream have really happened in this world?

October 31, 1998. In the middle of the night in London, almost everyone fell asleep. The next day would be a busy day for the Halloween gala, which would last all day.

The night was strangely quiet, with only a full moon hanging high in the dark sky. The cold moonlight was falling everywhere in London, and those sleeping under the moon were unaware that a catastrophe was going on without a sound.

A young couple was strolling on the Tower Bridge across the River Thames. They had just enjoyed the night scenery and were preparing to return home. Modern Gothic style was then popular in England. Serena was wearing a black jacket, with light golden hair that freely draped over her shoulders. Her nose was tall and straight, and her sapphire eyes were shining. The smoky makeup and black thin eyebrows gave her a special kind of enticing feeling.

She was wearing tight black trousers with nails and a pair of black leather shoes. She had a black collar and silver earrings, her arms were tattooed with a cross. She was a perfect goth girl.

Her boyfriend, Jonny, wore a carefully chosen suit. In front of his beloved woman, Jonny wanted to show more of his gentleman manner.

Serena held her boyfriend's hand as she gazed at the night scenery. Just as they were about to reach the end of the bridge, she saw a strange man ahead.

Serena tugged on Jonny's hand and said: "Heh, look, that man is so strange. He seems to be wearing something in the style of the 17th century."

Jonny also looked over, it was indeed very strange. The man was dressed in an ornate black suit, or rather, a frock coat. It was the prototype of a tuxedo.

The coat had gorgeous print on it. Under the coat, the man was wearing tight black shorts and white stockings; on his feet were a pair of shiny black leather shoes.

Jonny smiled and said: "He looks like an aristocrat from the 18th century. Is he playing an English aristocrat? Right, it's already the Halloween Carnival. Let's go take a look."

The man noticed them, too. He then walked quickly towards the young couple. When he got closer, they discovered that this man was extremely handsome. Even a woman could not match his delicate features and alluring amber eyes.

His skin color was abnormally white, not a color of a living man. After seeing Serena, he suddenly bent his upper body forward 15 degrees, extended his right hand and politely said: "Beautiful young miss, can you dance with me for a while?"

"I… I'm a little tired and don't want to dance."

This man's action really startled Serena, she tried to find an excuse to refuse him.

"If you're tired, I can invite you to my house to rest. I still have a few bottles of delicious red wine that haven't been opened yet." This strange man was still smiling as he invited Serena over. Serena felt that this man was being unreasonable and subconsciously hid behind Jonny.

"Hey bro, this is my girlfriend, be careful of what you say." Jonny stepped forward and blocked the man. He naturally could not tolerate anyone teasing his girlfriend.

That man's smile slowly faded. He looked at Jonny with disgust and said coldly: "I only want to invite this lady. It has nothing to do with you, a worthless piece of shit. You are courting death!"

"What did you say…"

Just as Jonny was about to explode in anger, he was forced to stop. He looked at the pale white hand in front of him and wondered, why there was a heart in that hand. Then he looked at his chest, which had a terrible hole in it. He could even feel the wind blowing through his chest from behind.

He looked in disbelief at the beating heart and feebly reached out his hand to take it back. What awaited him was the hand covered in blood that mercilessly crushed the heart. The pitiful Jonny fell into a pool of blood. His puzzled eyes were still open even in death, reflecting the last scene before his death, a pale white hand that was drenched in blood.

"AHHHH! You... What did you do? How could you...? Jonny! No, no!" Serena knelt beside Jonny's corpse and cried out. Her tears washed the beautiful makeup off.

The man said expressionlessly, "I've said that I only want you, yet this piece of shit dared to obstruct me. I could only grant him a death. His life is worthless. Rather, the death is his greatest value."

"You demon! Go to hell!" Serena screamed crazily and rushed up to hit that man, but that man had grabbed her neck and held her up in the air, looked at her painfully struggling.

"Don't worry, you'll meet him soon. In my eyes, you're just a slightly better looking animal. I just want your blood. Being food for me, the Nicolas Quick Infante, is your life's greatest honor. You should thank me."

Then he bit Serena's neck. Within 5 seconds, he absorbed all the blood in her body and threw the corpse beside Jonny.

"Mm. It's been hundreds of years. I finally tasted fresh blood again. It's really delicious. However, it's not a high-grade delicacy, it's just an appetizer." After sucking up all blood of Serena, Nicolas licked his tongue, as if he was not satisfied with the taste. That amount of blood was not enough for him to enjoy.

"Look at you! It's just a fast food. Yet, you're still enjoying it. You're truly a lustful man."

"Haha, that's him. Unlike you, who needs special human pets, he doesn't care too much as long as the woman is slightly prettier."

"Stop mocking me! Aren't you picky about what you eat as well? Moreover, the human pets I have raised have always been delicious."

At this moment, another man and woman were walking over as they were quarreling. Their attires were similarly gorgeous, but not the Rococo style.

That woman was abnormally beautiful. Her enchanting red eyes and flaming red lips were filled with a bewitching charm. It was as if just a glance at her was enough to make a man want to bow down to her. She had beautiful silver hair and was wearing a retro Gothic dress.

The folds of the dark red and black skirt were as beautiful as relief sculptures. The tight upper part of the skirt accentuated her ample breasts, and the loose lower part could not hide her alluring figure. She looked so noble.

Her companion was dressed in a black tailcoat with a silk bow tie, and the flowery fringes of his shirt accentuated his aristocratic temperament. He had blond hair and blue eyes, with his hair combed back, his handsome face would attract the attention of countless women.

When Nicolas saw them, he smiled and said, "Annie Brantiny, Barnard Warenne, you finally came. I've been waiting here for a while. I was bored so I ate some snacks."

"Up to you, as long as you are not delayed, you are fine. After all, we are a bit later than expected." Annie said with a disdainful look on her face. Barnard also laughed, "That's right, we are just familiarizing ourselves with this unfamiliar world, and then we had to spend some time changing our clothes. Otherwise, we would have arrived a long time ago."

"Then your men and servants should have arrived as well. Let them wait here. There's no need for us to ambush them on this bridge. Let's just fight those guys in the open." Nicolas said to Annie and Barnard, and they nodded in agreement.

As they were talking, tens of people wearing deacon uniform appeared behind them. All men were handsome and all women were beautiful. Everyone had blood-red eyes and pale skin. They had a kind of sickly beauty. Soon after, they kneeled down and said in unison, "Greetings, Master."

Four sharp fangs could be seen in their mouths as they spoke. Behind them was a group of ragged, disheveled monsters.

their eyes were bloodshot, with no whites; their terrifying fangs were exposed. Looking at the two corpses on the ground, they let out low roars like wild beasts, as if they desperately wanted fresh blood.

Barnard glared at them and said coldly: "Alright, there will be food for all of you in a while, don't be anxious." The monsters seemed to be frightened and knelt on the ground, trembling, not daring to make the slightest sound.

"Ta, ta, ta..."

The sound of orderly footsteps came from the other end of the bridge, along with the sound of armor. The sound became clearer and clearer, and the surface of the bridge shook as if an invincible cavalry unit had arrived.

Nicolas's eyes turned blood-red. He turned his head to the north side of the bridge, licked his tongue and laughed: "Hehe, looks like our meal has already arrived. Let's enjoy it."

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