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"Old Xue, I really didn't expect that I would run into an emperor here. My luck isn't bad!" Chen Xiang chuckled, then poured some tea for Xue Wenbo.

"Actually, you don't know about it. There are many big shots in Ancient Wolf Race, not only humans, but also other big ones of the Soul Race." Xue Wenbo said: "The main reason is because the environment in Ancient Wolf Race is very good, very safe, the higher ups of the Ancient Wolf Race pay attention to the rules, if there is anyone who violates it, they will definitely be severely punished, and if it is serious, they will even lose their lives."

Chen Xiang had seen a fellow being thrown into the water to be fed to the crocodiles before.

"Does the Ancient Wolf Race have many crocodiles? "It's very huge. I've seen one being blacklisted before and being thrown down." When Chen Xiang thought back to the Giant Alligator, he couldn't help but feel a trace of fear.

"What you are smearing is something that is meant to lure crocodiles. If you did not smeared that black stuff on your body, the crocodiles in the water would not attack you!" The Ancient Wolf Alligators here are very obedient. " Xue Wenbo laughed, "Everyone knows that the Ancient Wolf Alligators are obedient, but no one dares to run around in the water."

Just thinking about the huge crocodiles down there that were hundreds of feet long, no one would dare to run around randomly. Just thinking about it made him feel a sense of fear.

Chen Xiang now understood the Ancient Wolf Race. It was an extremely strict race, especially the rules here, which attracted many humans and spirit types who came to avoid revenge.

Even those who usually committed many evil deeds would have to behave themselves. If they were to cause trouble here and get caught by the Ancient Wolf Race, their fates would be very miserable.

"Old Xue, I trust you. This is for you first." Chen Xiang gave Xue Wenbo a piece of Crystal emperor: "This should be enough for you to temporarily recruit people, right?"

After Xue Wenbo received it, he smiled slightly: "How can you trust me that much? Aren't you afraid that I'll run away with your Crystal emperor?

You don't seem to know much about this place, and now that you've heard at least one story from me, you believe me. Don't you think I'm making it up? "

Chen Xiang drank a mouthful of tea and laughed: "I, Chen Xiang, have always had good judgement towards people. I believe in my judgement.

Chen Xiang had lived for a long time and seen a lot of people.

"Old Xue, have you heard of the Soul Demon Clan in the World Defying Stage Soul River?" Chen Xiang was very familiar with Xue Wenbo now, so he dared to ask him a few things.

"Of course I've heard of it, it's a newborn race, we had quite a few humans there before." Xue Wenbo said: "The World Defying Stage Soul River on the first level is the youngest World Defying Stage Soul River!"

"The youngest? I even thought that the first level's World Defying Stage Soul River was the oldest! " Chen Xiang said: "Didn't the Madness soul in the first level enter the second level after cultivating? And then the second and third levels, all the way up! "

Xue Wenbo nodded his head: "That's not bad, but the first Madness soul all flowed down from the Tao-creation Place s. The sixth floor is the Tao-creation Place s, and the Madness soul that came down from above came to the fifth floor, and after a period of reproduction, another group descended and formed the first World Defying Stage Soul River."

"The way to reproduce World Defying Stage Fierce Soul is to split!" Xue Wenbo picked up a leaf and tore it apart, saying, "One World Defying Stage Fierce Soul, split into two!"

After the leaf was torn into two pieces, Xue Wenbo continued to tear away, and in the end, tore apart numerous small pieces.

"These little pieces of leaf are the World Defying Stage Fierce Soul of the first level, and the entire leaf is the Madness soul of the Tao-creation Place! Of course, small fragments can also grow, absorb the soul power stored in the soul river, and evolve into a large fragment that returns to Tao-creation Place. In this way, the Great Madness soul of Tao-creation Place will always be able to maintain its strength. "

"And some Madness soul, by chance, will develop their spirituality and evolve into a living being! Soul Clan, or Soul Demon Clan. "

"So Madness soul are these kinds of existences. I only know about them now." At this time, Chen Xiang had gained a lot more understanding towards World Defying Stage Fierce Soul.

"The World Defying Stage Fierce Soul of the sixth floor, there is a very mysterious connection between them. After the first floor's World Defying Stage Fierce Soul evolves, they would come to the second floor, and sometimes the second floor's World Defying Stage Fierce Soul falls into the second floor as well. The second and third floor also have this kind of connection, and I feel that we can mutually maintain this connection. It's very mysterious that the Madness soul of the sixth floor can endlessly grow. " Xue Wenbo said again.

After drinking the tea, Xue Wenbo invited Chen Xiang to his residence. It was a tree hole in a large tree, and there were a few hundred tree holes in the tree itself.

"These tree holes were all constructed and sold by the Ancient Wolf Race. Although many of the trees have yet to be dug into the ground, no one dared to go and dig on their own. This is a quiet place in the Ancient Wolf Race." Xue Wenbo said, "Ancient Wolf Race also needs to earn some resources, so everyone can understand that."

"Old Xue, do you have any plans?" I want to see the Transmission array in the Snow Cloud Imperial Country as soon as possible. " Chen Xiang said.

"Yes!" There is a strong ancient wolf with a weird personality here. " Xue Wenbo said: "This guy is obsessed with weapons, and always wants to find the best materials to refine them. Although he has already found one Tao-creation Holy stone, he is still lacking one piece of the better quality Crystal emperor."

"How strong is this guy?"

The Ancient Wolf Race was able to intimidate and control so many fugitives in an orderly manner. One could tell that the people from the Ancient Wolf Race were very powerful.

"Peak of Aoshi Holy Stage! I'll go find him when it gets dark. Do you want to come with me? " Xue Wenbo said: "This guy has a strange personality. At night, he always opens his tree hole wide. If there's something you need to find him for, you can directly go in."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang was secretly looking forward to it.

When the sky darkened, Chen Xiang followed Xue Wenbo to another tree on the treetop, and continued walking like this. Chen Xiang didn't remember how many trees he had passed by.

"This tree belongs to him, we can go straight down from here." Xue Wenbo brought Chen Xiang into a tree hole in the big tree.

After entering the hollow of the tree, Chen Xiang felt a strong Qi, which made him feel even more pressured than when he was facing the Roc Old Ancestor.

Here, the powerful ancient wolves had no name, only a title!

The Ancient Wolf that Xue Wenbo came to find had a title, it was called Night lone wolf and he picked it himself.

"Who is it?" A cold and hoarse voice came from inside.

"Xue Wenbo!"

After Xue Wenbo finished, he looked at Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang!"

Chen Xiang immediately told her name.

The two of them were in a spacious room in the tree hole. A door slowly opened, and a tall, bearded, middle-aged man walked out.

The moment the middle aged man came out, his wolf-like eyes sized up Chen Xiang and Xue Wenbo with an ice-cold gaze. This caused Chen Xiang to secretly fear in his heart, this was truly a frightening fellow.

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