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Seeing that Xiao An had been staring pitifully at his husband, Xueluo, who was really pained, decided to use the [Domestic Violence] to help Xiao An.

"Feng Xinglang, if you dare not eat, I will not let you hold me late for a month!"

Xueluo took the mango that Little An An An had placed on the table. After ripping off a piece of the mango, he stuffed it into the mouth of his husband Feng Xinglang's mouth.

Before Feng Xinglang could say anything, his mouth was stuffed with his wife's fruits.

It was a good demonstration of what it meant by 'one thing goes against one thing'!

"An An, uncle has already eaten the mango you gave him, he has already forgiven you!"

Xueluo who was crouching in front of Xiao An, already had a loving and smiling mother-in-law. Seeing the cold and aloof Little An'er, Xueluo really liked her, but he couldn't describe the pain he felt in his heart.

An An saw that after Feng Xinglang ate the mango that she gave him, he immediately turned around and ran back.

"An'an... "Wait for the little bug." The small friend immediately chased after him to accompany him.

Watching his youngest son accompanying Little An An as he ran off, Xueluo's eyes were filled with warmth: His youngest son has finally walked out of the world which he had shut himself in! He had someone he liked, someone he wanted to care for and care for!

In the next second, Cong Gang dressed in his gray casual clothes appeared in front of everyone. He came and asked his daughter to send Feng Xinglang a mango for him to apologize to.

With the brown colored glasses, the cold Cong Gang seemed to have a hint of fatherly warmth in him. Then he scooped up his daughter, who was running towards him, with one arm.

"Mr. Songtai, your presence brings light to my humble house! "Please come in!"

The moment Cong Gang appeared, Bai Mo who was in charge of the east stepped forward to greet him. Bai Mo not only admired Cong Gang, but he also admired him quite a lot.

Feng Lixin also stood up to welcome him. Only Feng Xinglang was still lazily sitting on the rattan chair and eating his mango.

That gesture seemed to indicate: No matter how much respect others have for you, you are just my, Feng Xinglang's, subordinate. He had to know his own identity and abide by his master's and servant's standards.

"Big brother Jiang, you've raised An'an well, to be able to be so independent since young … …. I'm so envious of you! "

Xueluo stepped forward with a smile on his face.

"Brush …" Great Hero Cong... I have long heard of your great name. Seeing you today, you are indeed extraordinary! Cold enough to be cool enough! " Mo Ranran admired Cong Gang who spoke very little, and his words also became incoherent, "I … I like your family so much. Can you look at my son? Oh, little gentleman! Quiet and obedient, peaceful with your family. Or … Also

It's quite fitting! "

"What's the most compatible with it?" Only two or three months! My family's bugs are around the same age as An An, they are the most suitable for each other! "

Although he was a sister-in-law, and had a good relationship with her on normal days, for the sake of his youngest son, Xueluo didn't show any modesty and did his best to fight for her.

"That still depends on who Anthea likes, right?"

Mo Ranran carried the child out of the carriage and tried his best to let Xiao An, who was in Cong Gang's embrace, see it.

"That's right, that's right. An An is only two years old. It's too early for you to talk about proper matching!"

The meaning behind Yuan Duoduo's words was: At least wait for the birth of my family's map to discuss about this topic!

"Mr. Tsui, seeing how popular your daughter is... You should have had a few more! "

After following his brother Feng Xinglang for a long time, Feng Lixin had also learned to be humorous.

"In fact, someone like me, Ben doesn't deserve children. Perhaps it was because he was tired, so he wanted to draw warmth from the child! This is very selfish, and very irresponsible! "

Cong Gang's self-reflection and self-criticism sounded very sincere. Perhaps to him, letting little An An to be born was a very selfish act!

At least, that was what Feng Xinglang thought!

"Mr. Songtai's presence here is really giving Director Bai face!"

The one who followed up was Feng Xinglang. There was a faint smile on his face. From the looks of it, his words were aimed at raising Cong Gang up.

"That's right! Mr. Song, I, Bai Mo, once again express my gratitude and welcome to you. "

In an official setting, Bai Mo and Feng Xinglang's teamwork was rather well coordinated.

"Mo San, you are younger than Mr. Songtai … "If you don't mind, you can call Mr. Song 'third brother'!"

Feng Xinglang's casual words had a lot of information.

Firstly, he wanted Cong Gang to enter his circle with him. Moreover, he wanted Cong Gang to be his brother! Secondly, Cong Gang could only be Bai Mo's third brother, and had to call him second brother.

As for Yan Bang … As he moved around stealthily, Feng Xinglang still kept his position.

Bai Mo was still quite quick-witted, he immediately changed his words and greeted Cong Gang: Third brother!

Of course, being able to be brothers with Cong Gang was what he desired.

Cong Gang did not immediately reply. Instead, he indifferently looked at Feng Xinglang who was lazily sitting on the rattan chair, 'watching the show'. He thought that Feng Xinglang would 'torment' him, but he never expected it to be this way.

If he recognized Bai Mo as his "Fourth Brother," wouldn't that mean that he was going to get entangled with someone who wasn't related to him?!

"I can't be your third brother! You don't have the qualifications to be your third brother! I like to live a free life, sorry! "

Cong Gang rejected him in such a forceful manner. This made Bai Mo feel really awkward. It was really embarrassing.

Feng Xinglang instantly narrowed his eyes, the corner of his mouth curling up into a faint smile. But I can't read what he wants.

"Mr. Song, are you not giving face to our Director Bai?" Feng Xinglang coldly snorted.

Since Cong Gang wants to be the evil person, then let him go all the way! "I won't give him a chance to recover!" Thank you, President Feng, for praising me just now! But you can't harm your brother Director Bai either! You know that I have a lot of enemies, so whoever brothers with me will only be implicated by me and might even bring about a fatal disaster! [You are trying to screw Director Bai over, thinking of yourself!]

Is he the only one in the Shen City? "

Cong Gang said lightly, and said, "Come on, let's trick each other!"

The corner of Feng Xinglang's mouth twitched. Although he was angry at the way Cong Gang spoke, it was as if he was still angry at his actions … He was quite satisfied!

He, Cong Gang, could only be his! Others could not get their hands on him, Cong Gang, and he, Cong Gang, could not covet anyone! They could only obediently recognize him, Feng Xinglang, as their only master!

In everyone's eyes, Feng Xinglang's harsh words to Cong Gang made them panic!

If words could kill, he would have been drenched in blood by now!

"Big Brother Cong, you … You misunderstand! My family's Xinglang doesn't mean that... He … He really wants to be your friend! "

Xueluo immediately stopped his husband from fighting with Cong Gang. Furthermore, with so many children around, it would not be good for them to fight.

"That's right, Mr. Song, Brother Lang truly wants us to be brothers!" Bai Mo immediately took over.

"It was just a joke..."

Feng Xinglang stretched out his voice and snorted, "Bai Mo, someone like him who has eaten an entire meal, even he doesn't know if he can do so … He didn't know when he would be found dead on the street. It was all thanks to him that he became his brother! Furthermore, he is not qualified! " Feng Xinglang, who was just lifting Cong Gang up a moment ago, suddenly changed his tone and immediately stepped on Cong Gang.

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