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The Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard at the roadside had tinted windows so that Zhishu He couldn’t see whether Wenxu Jiang was in it or not. He waited for a while but no one got out of it, so he went straight home.

There was nobody at home. Zhishu He changed his shoes and sat on the sofa, and then he heard the sound of the key turning.

Wenxu Jiang had sunk into bitter jealousy as soon as he walked out of the house this morning. He felt uncomfortable at the thought of Zhishu making friends with some unknown man outside as he knew clearly about men’s odious natural character and feared that Zhishu would cheat on him. From his point of view, he could find a lover and have an affair, but he didn't allow Zhishu He to do the same things. He didn’t trust the new friend of Zhishu.

Wenxu Jiang sat in the car and thought for a long time before he decided to return home and had to have a heart-to-heart talk with Zhishu. Although he had been tired of Zhishu He’s uninteresting personality and monotonous sexual skills, he felt a moment of pure panic of losing his spouse. He didn’t expect Zhishu He also went out after he just left the home.

“Who’s the man? I saw him send you back!” Wenxu Jiang opened the door and said with a surge of great fury, “Couldn’t the cold weather cool your sexual desire down?”

Zhishu He pressed his temples and replied, “It’s just a friend.”

“The friend who gave you the orchid?” Wenxu Jiang slammed the door shut with a bang. “How did you know him? Can you introduce me to your new friend?”

“He’s a doctor, and I got to know him when I went to the hospital to get some medicines,” Zhishu He said in an emotionless tone as he slowly took his down jacket off, folded it carefully, and then put it down on the sofa.

Wenxu Jiang sneered, “He must be an excellent doctor. Alright, where is your medicine?”

He just looked at Zhishu with cold doubtful eyes and showed no concern for Zhishu He’s illness. He didn’t ask Zhishu how long he had been ill and if he often went to the hospital to see the doctor. He only cared about whether Zhishu cuckolded him or not.

“I left it in his car,” Zhishu He curled his lips into an ironical smile, as he finally realized that Jiang had a double standard and they were unequal at all in this love. He looked up at Jiang’s eyes and said, “Take it easy. Although the doctor is a charming man who’s young, rich and tender, he is dissatisfied with me. So, we won't be together.”

Having spent years on business, Wenxu Jiang was able to control his temper but he always behaved like an ill-tempered boy in front of Zhishu He. His eyes reddened as he grasped Zhishu’s collar and said, “Do you want to be with him?”

“It's hard to tell what's going on in the minds of other people. So, don’t ask me that. Even I say no, you won’t believe me, will you?” Zhishu He could not shake Jiang’s hands off; instead, he felt his face burning for the lack of air.

“You must get lonely because I didn’t return home for several days. You are eager to seek a lover, right? Zhishu He, I really didn’t know you well before,” Wenxu Jiang suddenly shoved Zhishu down on the sofa, and looked down at him with a contemptuous expression on the face.

Although Zhishu He was gentle and quiet, he had his own principles and couldn’t bear these insulting remarks. “Good, you have seen through my mind. Now, what? Are you scared by me?” he completely gave up arguing with Jiang.

These words needled Wenxu Jiang and he raised his hand and gave Zhishu a hard slap on the cheek.

Zhishu He was completely stunned. His brain was in buzz before he felt the pain in his cheek. The slap brought his thoughts back to the past.

In the past, they had many quarrels with each other and even exchanged blows, but Wenxu Jiang never slapped his face. Jiang used to treat Zhishu as a treasure and always vented his anger by screwing Zhishu on the bed.

It was the first time that Jiang slapped Zhishu’s face, which gave Zhishu a huge blow.

Zhishu He didn’t feel any pleasure for Jiang’s jealousy and suspicion. He only felt a chill creeping over his heart as he knew that Wenxu Jiang got angry just because of the possessiveness which had nothing to do with love.

When Jiang really loved someone, he would be very jealous but never show it, just as what he had done to Zhishu in the past. Like a wild wolf pretending to be a faithful dog, he would hide all his anger and envy, and rush back home immediately as long as Zhishu called him. He would look at Zhishu with watery eyes and say in a worried, aggrieved and straight-out tone, "I am jealous… Can you stay away from him? You've ignored me for several days."

When he really cared about someone, he wouldn’t hurt his sweetheart by sarcasm and slaps.

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