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Chapter 2181 - Fully Indestructible

The appearance of the Eight King Kong was extremely shocking.

All eight of them were formidable existences.

However …

Not only did they have to face a Law God, a Sovereign, but also an indescribable outer space powerhouse.

An opponent?

Without waiting for them to approach, Long Fei shouted loudly, "Don't come over, all of you leave this place, don't come over here …"

The young man sneered and said, "Kill him!"

These eight must die as well.

Others may not know about the Eight King Kong, but he was very clear that the eight gigantic Heaven Pillar in the ancient world were reincarnated together with the ancient inheritance on Long Fei's body.

They were Long Fei's guardians.

Thus …

They had to die too.

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Li Yuanba suddenly descended.

It was also at this time.

The other six people also stopped.

Because someone had blocked their way. The Sovereign … Hong Tu!

Hong Tu said sinisterly: "Eight King Kong right? Today, I want you all to become eight dead dogs! "


The might of a Sovereign burst out, forming a violent tide.

The violent tides surged, churning up huge waves as they rolled over.

Chen Tianfei took a step forward, and the holy-armor king kong energy around his body shot up into the sky like a heavy stone pillar. It formed into a gigantic wall, and said with a heavy voice, "Let me!"


holy-armor king kong s had heaven-defying defense.

One step to the front.

The power of a Sovereign smashed down.


"Creak, creak, creak …"

"Creak, creak, creak …"

Crack Crack Crack Crack The godly armor made loud noises as it cracked open. Fatmen Chen's body slightly sank as his right leg dug into the ground.

However …

Relying on his own strength, he was able to forcibly suppress the might of a host god.


At this moment, Fatmen Chen released a wild roar, "F * ck, come again!"

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Extremely arrogant.

Hong Tu's face turned sinister, his right hand moved, and a purple sword pierced over, "Die!"

His figure disappeared.

The speed was breathtakingly fast.

The Black Knife raised its eyes and shouted, "Let me!"

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With the cut of the Great Black Knife in his hand, his body glowed with a black light. The light ignited on his body, "Vajra Body!"

"Black Flame Slash!"


Similarly, his body pierced through the air.

With one step, he blocked in front of Fatmen Chen.

In that instant, a black light appeared in the air. It was followed by the sound of space splitting and shattering in all directions.

As the Sovereign retreated, his eyes turned dark.

The Black Knife also retreated, the Qi and blood under its chest rolling up, blood dripping down from its sleeves, but no one saw it.

The move just now had the Black Knife heavily injured.

His arm was almost chopped off.


His aura was not weak.

He was even more arrogant.

Of the two vajra bodies, one blocked the aura and the other blocked the attack.

Very strong!

This allowed Long Fei and the retreating army to slightly stabilize the formation.

"Trash!" The young man was extremely dissatisfied with Hong Tu's performance. He snorted coldly and said: "I've raised you for so many years yet you can't even deal with a few ants. What's the use of having you?"

He never thought that the power of the eight Heaven Pillar would be cultivated to this extent.

It surprised him.

However …

This made him even more determined to kill.

Hong Tu's expression changed greatly as he immediately said, "Sir, please give me one more chance!"

The young man said coldly, "Then what are you still standing there for? Still not giving it to me? "

Hong Tu immediately replied: "Yes!"

Li Yuanba did not look at Hong Tu, but instead looked at the young man. Then, seeing that the man was extremely close to Long Fei, his eyes trembled slightly.

What was he going to do?

Others might not know, but Long Fei was too clear about it.

Long Fei immediately shouted, "Yuan Ba, don't come over!"

Li Yuanba usually looked silly and foolish, but he was smarter than anyone else.

Hong Tu was only a small fry of a young man, even if he was killed, it wouldn't be able to save Long Fei, so... Capture the thief first and kill him... First kill the Boss!


The heavy stone coffin behind him fell down.

A deafening sound rang out as the door to the sarcophagus fell open. A beam of golden light shot out into the void.

The Giant Spirit Axe in Li Yuanba's hand moved.

Target, young man!



Pure physical power caused the God Power in his body to burst out crazily.

In that instant.

Li Yuanba entered the state of the 'Vajra Body'.

Hong Tu's expression changed slightly. He wanted to stop him, but the young man coldly said: "You're here to throw your life away? "Then I'll help you!"

Hong Tu did not attack Li Yuanba, but he did not stop, and continued to attack the other King Kong.

In that instant.

Li Yuanba erupted, his hands gripping the axe tightly as he slashed at the young man's head, the Strength Stripes shot out.

This slash …

It was as if it could tear the world apart.


Coupled with the power released by Li Yuanba's Diamond Body, it was even more terrifying.

His attacks were not too flashy.

Just a moment ago!

It was hard!

The young man raised his eyes slightly as his lips curled up in a disdainful manner, "Is it only this kind of power?"

He did not move.

He allowed Li Yuanba to slash on him.


As the battle axe cleaved down, a powerful force pressed down crazily. Space itself constantly ruptured, resulting in a loud explosion. However … The axe stopped half a meter above the young man's head.

He couldn't go down at all.

Ripples appeared on the young man's body, like ripples in water.

He gently swung it open.

He couldn't split it open!

Li Yuanba's pupils constricted. With a leap, he leapt up again and struck down heavily.

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It was the same as before, completely blocked by a wave of power. Moreover, this defensive power was countless times stronger than his own.

It was as if he couldn't move at all.

The other King Kong were all stunned.

The people around him were the same.

Forget about the Code God, even God Hong Tu didn't dare to take the power that Li Yuanba had released, however... The man did not move.

There were no signs of aura fluctuations on his body.

In other words … He did not use any strength at all!

He didn't try to defend at all.

It was the power of his own cultivation base.

How strong was this?

Too fierce!

Long Fei had already tried out the method from the very beginning, the ten essence and blood s could not break through its defense, no matter how strong Li Yuanba was, it would be difficult.

"Yuan Ba, run!"


"Quickly run!"

Long Fei shouted loudly.

Li Yuanba had also realized the danger, and his eyes slightly tightened.

The young man stretched out a finger and smiled, "You want to run? "Hahaha!"

A ray of light flashed from the tip of his finger.

It directly pierced into Li Yuanba's chest and at the same time, Li Yuanba's body suddenly exploded outwards as fresh blood wildly spurted out and a fist-sized hole was bore through his chest.

One move...

Sending Li Yuanba flying tens of thousands of kilometers.

The mountain range was smashed into ruins.

This power …

It was hard to imagine!

"Yuan Ba!"

"King Kong!"

"F * ck your grandmother!"

… ….

For a time, many of the King Kong's warriors were enraged, and all of them stormed towards the young man …

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