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Chapter 552: Miracle Academy

Miracle Academy, it had the full name of Miracle Technology Research Academy.

This was a comprehensive academy created by Miracle Commerce in Miracle City, holding information from Qilin Hall, Yun Sect, the Spiritual Library, and etc.

The Miracle Academy had many different studies after first opening.  The main two studies were traditional studies and modern studies.

The traditional studies included martial arts, secret techniques, Alchemy, refining techniques, and array techniques.

The modern studies included source energy technology, source energy matrices, matrix programming, source energy mechanics, and energy studies.

These majors all branched off into different studies.  For example, in terms of cultivation studies, there was sword cultivation, body cultivation, demonic cultivation, and etc.  In terms of source energy technology, there was elemental energy studies, spatial energy studies, spiritual energy studies, and etc.

The first group of studies recruited were only around two thousand people.

That was from over eight hundred thousand people who applied!

Almost all of the Forest of Chaos, the areas in Great Summer, Great Zhou, Northern Militant, and all the scholars from places where Miracle Commerce had power in all applied.

This was because the Miracle Academy created a new era, it would create many talented people for Miracle Commerce, the Forest of Chaos, and even the continent.  Only two thousand people were selected from the eight hundred thousand who applied, what kind of intense competition was this? Every person that was selected was incredibly outstanding and lucky!

Miracle Academy had a plan to accept new students every half a year.  Once the students entered the academy, they would spend five years studying.  After those five years and they earned at least one professional degree, they could obtain a diploma from Miracle City to work in Miracle Commerce or anywhere else they chose to work.

Whether they stayed or left, those that graduated Miracle Academy were all peak talents in their professions!

Today was destined to be an extraordinary day, today was the day Miracle Academy had their opening ceremony.  The students from various regions were selected and they were all transported to Miracle City. There were only forty students picked from Central State and they were picked from the tens of thousands that applied from Central State.

"Wa, this is Miracle City?"

"We've finally come to Miracle City!"

"God, Miracle City is so beautiful, it's even more beautiful than we imagined!"

The people who came from Central State were old and young.  The overall academic level of Central State was lower than the Great Zhou Country, the gnomes, and the elves, but since Miracle Commerce came from Central State and it was where source energy technology was introduced earliest, Miracle City gave it special consideration.  There were as much as forty students that were accepted.

There was a young boy and girl among the Central State students who had passionate tears in their eyes as they wished they could kiss the ground underneath them.  They were no one else but the Lin siblings from South Sky City.

Their growth could only be described as inspirational!

They came from a small country's small city and were ordinary juniors from a poor family, but with their above average faith and dedication to studying, they attracted Meng Qingwu's attention in Central State City.  She gave them some technology and allowed them to study in Qilin Hall before allowing them to become researchers in the Yun Sect.

A month ago, Meng Qingwu announced Miracle Academy's enrollment plan and the Lin siblings immediately applied.  Although their strength was ordinary, with their solid knowledge on source energy technology, this pair was picked from among thousands of others.

Miracle City.

Miracle Commerce's headquarters!

The siblings came to Miracle City with the mentality of coming on a pilgrimage!  

Although they had spent some time as Yun Sect researchers, because their rank was too low, they could only participate in some lower level projects.  Naturally they didn't have much savings. The fees for Miracle Academy were very high and even a hundred years of income wasn't enough to pay it.

This could be understood.

Whether it was resources or technology, the investment in Miracle Academy wasn't small.  There were many technologies that could be considered secrets of Miracle Commerce, so the expenses were very expensive.  Moreover, after entering the school, to learn the special knowledge they had, one had to pay a high price.

Those that had a backing could barely afford this kind of price, but for most normal students, they didn't have any backing or resources, so what should they do!  Miracle Bank specially organized student loans. Each student can apply for loans to pay for their expenses and students could either participate in various projects while learning to pay for it, or they could slowly pay for it after their studies by working in Miracle Commerce.

In short.

Miracle Academy was a free school, but also a very expensive school.  Each person that came here had endless possibilities.

Lin Xuan found several elves walking beside her and she excitedly poked her brother, "Look, look, those are elves!"

Miracle City had all kinds of races which shocked the siblings.

Several elven girls wearing school uniforms saw the siblings and revealed friendly smiles, "Are you also students coming to learn?  We are elves from the Silver Moon Forest, we're mainly here to learn mechanical techniques. These are sisters from the Eternal Forest, they are here to learn matrix language and coding.  What about you gus?"

"We're Yun Sect researchers from Great Summer Country's Yun Sect."  Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed facing these beautiful and noble elves, "We are here to learn source energy technology."

An elf called out in surprise, "Wa, you guys are from the Yun Sect?"

Another elf's expression changed, "We heard the Yun Sect is very powerful, the matrices for the Source Energy Supercomputers were invented by the Yun Sect!  My dream is to compile a system for the supercomputer with the matrix language."

The Lin siblings were a bit embarrassed.  Although they were from the Yun Sect, they weren't high level members.

"We'll be friends from now on!  Everyone, let's work hard together!"

The elves were friendly and honest, making the Lin siblings feel very flattered.  The students from various places arrived at this time and there were many races among them, with most of them being either elves, gnomes or humans.

In this new batch of students, around half of them were elves and they were all elites chosen among elves.  They would become the trailblazers for new technology and would change the future of the elven race. Therefore, the elves placed a heavy importance on this and the Elven King Lancelot, the various council members, and the City Lords all came.

"Chairman Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu!"

The Lin siblings saw their idols once again, instantly being filled with awe.  Them being able to reach this day, wasn't it all from following in Chu Tian's footsteps?

The Heaven's Alliance became bigger and bigger to this day.

The Lin siblings had already decided to create the Heaven's Alliance in this school.

This was not a normal kind of worship, it was almost a kind of divine faith!

The Miracle Academy students began to arrive, all of them coming in school uniforms.  They all stood in the schoolyard, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Miracle Commerce's vice chairman and Miracle City's vice City Lord Meng Qingwu personally came up to give a speech.  Her speech had some pleasantries, talking about the regulations of Miracle Academy and the great support Miracle Commerce gave the school before giving a personal announcement.

Chu Tian was appointed the principal.

The Druid Prophet Yoda and the gnome Great Elder Clark, these two erudite individuals were named vice principals.  The Elven King Lancelot would be named an honorary principal to show the elves' support.

Hence, the Miracle Academy was officially established!

After the ceremony was over, Chu Tian found Lancelot.  He was prepared to talk to him about the Purgatory matter and ask him for his help.

Suddenly an unimaginable incident happened.

"This is bad, Nangong was caught by the Dragon Lord Death Wing in the Dragon's Ridge.  We have already lost contact with elder sister Nangong!" Meng Yingying quickly came in to find Chu Tian, "After the Dragon Lord locked up Nangong in Dragon City, he sent an envoy to Miracle City.  He wants us to give Dragon City an explanation or he will kill elder sister Nangong. What do we do!"

Chu Tian's face fell, "What?  Something like this happened!"

Nangong Yun was active around the Savage Highlands and the Dragon's Ridge.  She sold large amounts of weapons to the rebels of these areas, causing a lot of trouble for the Dragon Lord and Beast King.

This was already a very dangerous line of work.

Miracle City gave Nangong Yun enough Transport Scrolls, but if Death Wing personally caught her, she wouldn't even have the chance to use the scrolls.

"Our Miracle City isn't like before.  Nangong Yun is a high level member and has a high position in Miracle City, so even if the Dragon Lord has caught her, he wouldn't do anything to her."  Meng Qingwu said to Chu Tian, "How about I go to Dragon City, you still have the matter of the Purgatory World….."

Chu Tian shook his head.

There was no rush with Darkness City.

This was because compared to Darkness City, saving Nangong Yun was more important.  Death Wing was strong enough to contend with the Eternal Forest, so it could be imagined how much influence he has.  There was no guarantee nothing would happen to Nangong Yun.

"Nangong Yun is not irreplaceable like vice City Lord Meng Qingwu.  It wouldn't create fundamental damage to Miracle City if Death Wing killed her and it would create a life and death struggle with Miracle City.  This is not something easily taken care of."

Lancelot walked in.

Chu Tian was a bit stunned, "Your highness, the Elven King is saying….."

"With my understanding of Death Wing, he wouldn't do something as stupid as this.  This is just capturing a hostage and forcing you to go to Dragon City to negotiate."  Lancelot then said, "I'll go to Dragon City with you."

"What?"  Chu Tian was a bit surprised by Lancelot, "The Elven King wants to go to Dragon City?  The Eternal Forest has been fighting the Dragon's Ridge for many years!"

"Fights can be resolved." The Elven King slowly said, "The elves are tired of fighting.  With this great environment, why must there be constant death struggles in the Forest of Chaos?  I hope to use this chance to let everyone talk this out. Let's not cause any more problems for each other."


If the Elven King went, Chu Tian would be confident!

Dragon City, the Forest of Chaos' richest city.  Chu Tian wanted to see just how rich it was.

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