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Book 6 Chapter 25.10 - Lost Secrets

After entering the underground base, a floating autonomous robot arrived before Diaster, guiding him to inspection room number one.

Inspection room number one had ten enormous scanning instruments arranged side by side. Meanwhile, behind the ground-reaching glass curtain wall, the black-haired Pandora was currently standing perfectly straight, quietly watching Diaster who was currently preparing to undergo the inspection. The underground base's inspection was far more strict than Scorpion Nest's. Diaster had to remove all of his clothes, have a special type of paint sprayed on him, and then undergo an inspection process from within a breeding tank. Meanwhile, the inspections for concocted humans was just a laboratory test of one vial of blood.

Diaster suppressed his rane, but his face was still completely red. He looked at Pandora behind the glass, and then suddenly laughed. He removed all of his clothes, revealing his old body full of excess flesh. His genitalia was actually perfectly straight, pointing right at Pandora! This wasn't all, Diaster even demonstrated his nature by grabbing it with his hand, stroking it fiercely a few times, and only then did he lay into the breeding tank with a smile of victory.

Culture fluid slowly poured in, slowly covering Diaster's body. The martial didn't hear the sigh that was so soft it was almost inaudible from Pandora's slightly opened lips. When the culture fluid completely filled the tank, Diaster suddenly opened his eyes, his entire body jerking about, crazily roaring, "This isn't a mutated tissues inspection!..."

Unfortunately, he who was now already completely immersed in culture fluid only released a string of bubbles from his mouth, completely unable to shout those words out. Even his roaring sounds didn't pass through the glass walls separating him and Pandora. After all of the bubbles were gone, a dark red blast of red mist floated out from Diaster's mouth and nose. His eyes were wide open, but the radiance in the depths of his pupils was slowly fading. Even more red color began to appear in the breeding tank, this was blood that seeped out from Diaster's skin into the culture fluid. The redness became thicker and thicker, eventually submerging Diaster's entire body.

The Pandora behind the glass wall stood there quietly, watching silently, as if she was completely unaffected. Only, her hands that were clenched into fists were trembling slightly.

Ten minutes later, all of the culture fluid inside the breeding tank already leaked out, the inside already completely blank. Diaster had already completely dissolved, not even a single bone left of him.

A gentle female voice sounded from the control room. "Genetic extraction already complete. Please immediately enter the core breeding region, the fusion process will be activated in five minutes. Once again…"

Only now did Pandora wake up from her sluggish expression. She gave the empty breeding tank on the other side of the wall a final deep look, and then she turned around, leaving the control room.

The high speed elevator quickly carried Pandora into the underground base's innermost depths. The flickering bands of light on the ground indicated that the black-haired young lady entered a secret room that had just recently been cleaned out. Within this spacious room was an already prepared breeding tank. The young lady hesitated a bit, and then removed her clothes. However, she didn't immediately step into the breeding tank. She seemed to be waiting for something.

A moment later, a gentle and sweet sigh sounded. Several streaks of light shot down, producing the face of a gentle and beautiful woman, this image surprisingly Naxu. However, this time, her face clearly carried expressions, a tenderness that originated from a pure motherly nature. She looked at Pandora, and then urged in a gentle and soft manner, "Pandora, the procedures have already been prepared. You should hurry along inside, we don't have much time left." 

"But…" Pandora bit her lower lip. When she saw the virtual Naxu, she was momentarily speechless.

"We finally managed to wait until the moment where the chance for the highest level of authority was acquired, we cannot let it go. Also, your maturation will take time as well. The apostle and its warship are currently returning, I do not know how much time we have left. Come, child, don't hesitate any longer!"

Pandora nodded, and then walked towards the breeding tank. Before stepping into the breeding tank, she suddenly turned around, asking, "Mama, you… will you forgive me?"

Naxu smiled gently, saying, "That isn't something you did, Mama has never blamed you, and will always love you."

Pandora's eyes became a bit blurry. She hurriedly lowered her head, and then stood in the breeding tank, laying down. Even though the black-haired young lady's eyes were tightly closed, two drops of ice-cold tears still couldn't help but flow out. Naxu watched as the breeding tank's lid slowly descended. The breeding tank gradually rose, and then she gave Pandora one last reluctant look, and then the virtual image thus disappeared.

Pandora's body was covered in culture fluid inside the breeding tank, but her consciousness was still wide awake. The events of the past surfaced before her eyes once again. Back then, she was only a cute little girl, but she easily crushed all of the guards in Scorpions of Disaster General Headquarters, to the extent where she even defeated her father Diaster who had eight levels of powerful combat strength back then, and then before his very eyes, removed her mother's head, pulled out her brain, and then put it into a breeding container.

This was the current ultra life form intelligence system, Naxu's previous body.

The reason why Pandora was able to erupt with extraordinary strength back then was completely because her consciousness was the apostle's consciousness that had begun to awaken. The apostle's consciousness launched a direct attack at her brain and consciousness through spatial faults, as well as the reason why Diaster with his eight levels of abilities couldn't stop Pandora's attacks. After creating the biological intelligence brain Naxu, and then with all of Diaster's abilities as the price, the apostle finally separated from Pandora, his medium, successfully leaving independently. Meanwhile, Pandora's own consciousness, was imprisoned year after year within the silent dark consciousness space, only released when the apostle needed her.

The black-haired young lady's current body, the biological weapon Black Flame Seal with both ten levels of power and defense, in reality, was just Pandora's original body. After endless years had passed, the apostle already changed the little girl back then into a terrifying biological weapon. After reconstructing the Scorpions of Disaster, the apostle also frequently entered a state of sleep. On one side, he was saving energy for his revival, on the other side building and completing the underground base used to construct Valhalla, as well as searching for individual organisms that could further complete his genes. The codename for these organisms, was sheep.

Pandora closed her eyes, but even without looking, she knew that only a single wall separated her and the breeding tank that stores the ultra life form intelligence system Naxu's original body. The Naxu that had evolved to its current state was already a giant mass close to a thousand cubic meters in size. At this very moment, from those layers of skin that had been folded who knew how many times, bloody mist continuously flowed out. Soon afterwards, the giant breeding tank already became completely dark red.

Ten minutes later, two strands of gene extraction liquid, one purple black, one bright red, were infused into the breeding tank Pandora was in. Her father Diaster and her mother Naxu's gene compounds were condensed, about to merge with Pandora, completing the deficiencies in her body, and then transform her into an ultra life form.

This was also Naxu's highest accomplishment in her ten years of evolution.

A day later, the black-haired young lady stood at the edge of Scorpion Nest, overlooking the entrance of the underground base that was currently closing. Wind blew through her black hair, moreover quietly brushing away the watery mist from her eyes.

Finally, Pandora turned around and left, her tall and beautiful figure disappearing into the depths of the wilderness. Behind her, a thick and magnificent pillar of flames rushed into the sky, and thus, Scorpion Nest's underground base that took ten years to build, the future mother ship base of the floating starship, went up in smoke within powerful explosions.

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