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The battle became more intense, in which Nattiavelle delayed Clara by herself, and the Cerberus she released entangled Herty. Stephanie and Camila besieged Charlson, who chopped down again with the giant axe made of his blood.

Camila immediately stopped it with an ice shield, and Stephanie took the opportunity to conjure dozens of beams and bombard Charlson, who instantly made a blood shield to withstand them. Then he quickly stepped forward as he switched to wave the shield. The scarlet Blood Axe was about to hit Camila.

But at this time, Camila suddenly gave up the ice shield, but moved instantaneously to the back of Charlson, and quickly chanted, "Ice Shackles!"

Dozens of ice chains appeared beside her and locked Charlson in a flash. Stephanie lifted her hand and struck out Destroying Demon Light Arrow. Unexpectedly, Charlson yelled in anger, and the blood immediately erupted from his entire body, which broke the ice chains.

When he turned around, he conjured a huge bloody hand that broke the light arrow into pieces, and then the bloody hand came to crash down. At the same time, the Blood Axe in his hand grew to ten meters long, rolling up fierce wind and chopping at the two of them.

Camila and Stephanie immediately conjured the Ice Wings and the Light Wings, flying up to dodge the bloody hand. With a loud bang, the bloody hand smashed the ground and broke it into pieces.

"Ice Crystal Falling!"

"Light Feather Judgment!"

The two of them immediately used their magic to attack, causing huge chunks of ice to fall from the sky, smashing the Blood Axe to pieces. Tens of thousands of light feathers that were as sharp as swords shot towards Charlson. He conjured the Blood Wings, quickly dodging the ice and going through the light feathers.

He escaped after less than three seconds. In next second, he held the huge Blood Sword in his hand and tried to chop them when the black sword light tore through the sky and struck towards the two of them. Then he went forward explosively.

Camila and Stephanie dodged the sword light. Camila lifted her hands and an ice wall appeared, blocking Charlson's attack. Then, she sealed up his entire body with Ice Prison.

Stephanie moved instantly to the distant place and summoned a huge magic array. She chanted quickly: "Dazzling starry sky full of starlight! I, in the name of the God of Light, ask you to turn into a sharp sword and cut through the sky, tear through the darkness, and guide this lost creature to the other side to repent!"

"Reply to my summons, my name is Stephanie! — — The Starlight Judgment Sword!"

Later, countless stars appeared in the sky as the boundless radiance converged into a gigantic light sword and struck towards Charlson, when Charlson had just broken out of the Ice Prison.


He roared as he transformed into a gigantic bloody beast that was tens of meters tall, and raised his hands to stop the light sword.

At this time, Camila was also chanting the spell in the distance, "The Ice and Snow God controlling the endless ice abyss in the coldest place, grant me your power. Freezing all dark ice! Turn into a spear and remove all the demons in the world! I am your loyal guardian, Camila——The Ice Prison Demon Annihilation Spear! "

After she finished it, a violent ice storm appeared between heaven and earth. Countless ice crystals were assembled into a 20 meters long ice spear and rushed towards Charlson.

The chilled iced air froze everything when it passed through. The ice spear mercilessly tore apart the huge beast's body and pierced through it. Due to the severe injury, the beast's hand was unable to grab the sword. With a "chi" sound, the light sword was stabbed into the beast's body.


The collision caused by light sword and ice spear burst into endless air streams, sweeping all over the battlefield. The center of the explosion was filled with endless dust and nothing else could be seen. After a while, the dust dispersed, revealing a huge hole with a diameter of 30 meters. A broken body was lying inside.

"Is he dead? This is the strongest magic I can use." Stephanie's face was pale. Camila walked over to confirm. She saw that the body was broken with half of its head missing. Its upper part had been torn apart and its lower part was missing.

"Seems yes. Since we have used the most strongest magic, we don't have much magic left. If he didn't die, we'll really be in danger." Camila turned to her, then she helped Camila up.

"Well, that's good. Get yourselves together and we'll go to help Herty." Stephanie took a long breath and finally relieved. Then, they supported each other to the direction of Hetty's battle.

But at this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared behind them, with its craw swiping at the two of them. They move immediately as the hairs on their bodies were standing up!

But it was too late anyway. There was a terrifying wound on Camila's body which was from her chest to her lower abdomen. Her internal organs were all broken.

"Camila! !!How could it be?"

Stephanie roared in pain. Charlson dragged his broken body to appear, and laughed ruthlessly, "Haha, you actually put me in such a sorry state. Thanks to Nattiavelle who helped me get out of this earlier. You two are great to hurt me badly."

At this time, a woman who looked the same as Nattiavelle appeared behind him. This was the Black Magic avatar that she had summoned.

"Hmph, even two Magic Mentors almost killed you. If I haven't followed you from the beginning of the battle and used the Black Magic Puppet to take the last blow for you, you would have been ashes." Nattiavelle's avatar was disgusted, and its tone and expression was exactly as same as hers.

Stephanie couldn't believe that they had only killed a puppet. She helplessly looked at Camila, who was the youngest of the three sisters. However, she was unable to protect her.

She could not stop crying, and held Camila tightly in her arms. She trembled as she looked at the lifeless corpse with bloodshot eyes. Camila's temperature gradually decreased as she was bleeding nonstop. Stephanie hugged her more tightly, trying to keep her temperature from escaping.

Clara who was fighting with Nattiavelle tens of thousands of meters away suddenly found that a blue hexagon diamond on her bracelet faded.

"How could that be? Camila, Camila! Ahhh!"

Her aura suddenly changed, and it was so powerful that forced Nattiavelle to retreat. It could be seen that her body was covered with a dark red glow, making her look like the reincarnated Demon God.

"What a terrifying pressure! Is this the true power of the Wisdom? Seems like my avatar has helped him kill a mage. I don't know if I can still withstand her? I consumed too much magic."

She retreated to the distance and observed the situation. She activated all of her magic to prepare for fighting against the furious Clara.

Clara, who was on the other side, stared angrily into the distance, and her hair was flying around, There was a terrifying space crack appearing in the sky above her. The Blood Slaves on the ground along with the ground were all crushed into pieces, and even the mages were forced to fall on their knees and were unable to move.

A dark red tattoo appeared on her hand and slowly climbed up on her arm. A dark red flame appeared on her forehead and her clothes turned into red. Her back was exposed, and there was a terrible dragon tattooed on her white and bright back, which was bathing in the fire.

"Red Dragon?! She actually signed the contract with the Red Dragon. Damn it! "

Nattiavelle couldn't believe that there was actually someone in this world who could sign a contract with the Red Dragon. This was the first time she felt that the opponent in front of her was so terrifying. She believed that she would definitely not be able to defeat her if she didn't recover thoroughly.

Clara no longer looked at her. She quickly flew to Stephanie with a pair of fire wings on her back.

"Oh no, she is too fast." Nattiavelle chased with all her strength, but she found that she was unable to keep up with her. Every time Clara flapped her fire wings, she would make a large gap between them.

Charlson licked his lips as he looked at Stephanie. He laughed: "Don't be so sad, I'll send you to meet her right now. Magic Mentor's blood should be very delicious, hahaha. " He reached out his hands to grab her.

However, just as his hands were about to reach her, they were stopped by a child with a finger. The child had a pair of fire wings.

"What?" Charlson was very surprised that the child actually only used a finger to stop him. Even if he was seriously hurt, this shouldn't be possible to happen. When the child's fire wings were folded, he felt a surge of fear.

"Cla, Clara..." He ran away without looking back. He even used half of his blood to run away.

However, Clara conjured a huge fire fist to instantly chase up to him. This fist was so fast that Charlson was simply unable to dodge it.


The huge fire fist bombarded out a big pit on the ground, where Charlson lay in the center, and his body was even more broken than before. Clara looked at the helpless Stephanie and the broken Camila. Camila lay quietly in Stephanie's arms, and her eyes did not have any vigor and were filled with puzzlement.

"My good disciple, you've done well. Don't worry, I'll revenge for you." Clara trembled as she sorrowfully said to Camila. She squatted down and slowly covered Camila's eyes.

"Instructor, I'm sorry. It's, it's all my fault!" Stephanie sobbed as she apologized to Clara. Clara smiled and caressed her head before angrily turning around and walking to Charlson.

She took one step with a spell, as she rapidly chanted, "I summon my Guardian God in the name of the Contractor -- Flame Monarch, the Red Dragon King! Great Monarch, give me the power to destroy everything, purify all the flames of evil, show your dignity, and borrow your destructive power to destroy my deadly enemy! "

"At this moment, combine your body into mine and let the furious flames burn everything. I am your loyal disciple, Clara Franmer! --Grip of the Red Dragon!"

As soon as her chant stopped, a huge red magic array appeared in the sky, and the fierce wind was raging around it. A faint sound of a dragon's crying could be heard.

Suddenly, a giant red claw tore apart the magic array and a space crack of dozens meters long appeared. Then the red claw completely extended out of the array.

Clara lowered her hand and then the giant claw which was dozens meters long furiously slapped down, smashing all Charlson's defenses. After that, Clara slowly clenched her fist with an expressionless face, so did the huge claw.

In the claw, there was a broken body, which was Charlson who was still struggling on his last breath. He no longer looked like an infante, but just screamed in fear, "Don't! Don't kill me! Stop it!"

However, the giant claw did not stop. After slowly closing up, endless amount of flames exploded back and forth about twenty times before Clara finally opened her fist. The magic array also disappeared between the heaven and the earth, and the giant claw returned to the crack. Dark gray ashes floated down from the sky.

Then, Clara turned around to look at Nattiavelle, who had just arrived from the distance. Her cold eyes were emitting a killing intent, which shocked Nattiavelle.

At this moment, she chose to escape without hesitation as Clara chased closely behind her. The two of them had fought with magic more than a hundred times in the chase, but Nattiavelle could not defeat her at all.

She simply summoned Cerberus back and let it cover her to escape. She could not continue fighting now. She knew that even if she were at full strength, she still wouldn't be able to defeat her.

Originally, her magic was not at the same level as hers. Now that she knew that she was the Red Dragon's contractor, and had two Magic Mentors to help, so she had no chance to win.

"I couldn't do it anymore. I can only drag it out for so long. Is this damned woman desperate? I'm not strong enough, and my magic is almost used up. In this situation, it should only be the King who can fight against her, and even Field couldn't do it. "

She complained as she ran, and kept on summoning her Blood Slaves to stop her. However, they could only came to ten meters from Clara before they were turned into ashes.

"Instructor, let me help you." Herty also rushed over. Seeing that the Cerberus was fighting against Clara, she wanted to help her.

"Leave me alone! Go to protect Stephanie! Camila is dead. She doesn't have the power to fight right now!" Clara replied without looking back, and continued to fight against Cerberus.

"What? Not, not possible!" After Herty heard this, she immediately rushed over to Stephanie's side.

Clara finally defeated Cerberus, who returned into its master's body with the contract. Meanwhile, Nattiavelle already tore apart the barrier and ran far away.

She rushed out of the barrier, activated the Domain Sense, and discovered that Nattiavelle had already run to the boundary of her Domain, almost reaching the main battlefield. She no longer chased and returned to the barrier to kill all the vampires and Blood Slaves. Finally she found Herty and the others.

"It's all my fault, all my fault …" Stephanie was still blaming herself. Seeing her in such pain, Clara's eyes were full of lament.

However, she still walked over to collect Camila's corpse and said: "Let's go. We need to revenge for Camila. There are still many people waiting for us to save them. If you believe you made mistakes, you should kill more vampires to make up for them. And everything will be settled in the main battlefield!"

"Yes, it must be settled!" The two of them wiped their tears as they resolutely replied. Clara nodded.

She was the leader of the mages, and she should not shake the morale. After that, the three of them led the remaining mages out of the barrier, and under this kind of situation, they could only turn their anger into motivation. Then, Clara tore up the space and led the remaining mages to the main battlefield.

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