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Chen Xiang had changed his appearance very easily, so he looked like a young man in his twenties. The guards could tell from the roars he had released just now that he was not weak, so they did not attack.

Chen Xiang said: "You are the shopkeeper here?"

When these words were spoken, the guards all burst into laughter, and those watching from the outside also began to laugh.

"You don't even know the manager here, and you're still making trouble here?" A guard laughed loudly.

"Haven't you heard about the matter of Manager Hua? You should have heard of the City Lord's Third Young Master! Our Manager Hua is the third son of City Lord Hua, you coming to provoke him is equivalent to courting death! " Another guard mocked.

When the well-dressed man heard someone mention his name, he couldn't help but reveal a trace of pride on his face. He nodded and said, "I'm the shopkeeper here, Hua Xin. What can I do for you?"

Chen Xiang made a "pei" sound and laughed: "What do I think it is! If you really have the skills, you wouldn't have been sent here by your father, City Lord, to be the owner. Being the owner here means that you don't have any chance in your father's eyes! "

These words shocked everyone, they never thought that Chen Xiang would actually dare to say these words in front of everyone! Hua Xin's expression was also extremely unsightly. What Chen Xiang said was true, as the son of an influential figure, there was no hope for him to manage business in this kind of place.

"Let me ask you, were you the one who brought people to destroy that shop?" Chen Xiang's face suddenly became extremely cold.

"So what if I am!" A guard angrily said, "It was Manager Hua who took us there!"

Hua Xin's facial muscles twitched, "So, it's revenge!" I did bring someone to that shop. "

The group of guards behind Hua Xin immediately started to shout out their instructions.

Chen Xiang said in a cold voice, "You are just a bunch of dogs, if you really need it, your master would not hesitate to sell such servants to you. I am glad that I found a good master! "

"Doggy, you're courting death!" One of the guards cursed out in anger and rushed forward, only to see Chen Xiang's hand suddenly covered in a burst of hot air.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard, followed by a painful scream.

Chen Xiang used the Innate Qi to condense a whip and struck the guard's face, sending him flying! A burnt black scar was left on the guard's face.

When the group of guards saw this, although they were shocked, they still rushed forward. After all, they had more people, and the other party was only one person.

Chen Xiang said with a cold face: "Since you all have admitted it, then I will not forgive you all!"

All of a sudden, Chen Xiang's body released a burst of scorching hot air, he suddenly waved the fire whip in his hand, and continued to swing continuously, his speed was so fast that people's eyes could not catch it, it created countless of shadow, and they all saw Chen Xiang as though there were many hands holding onto the fire whip and whipping out.

The fire whips that filled the air were like countless fire serpents that blotted out the sky as they lashed out towards the group of guards that was charging towards them! Hua Xin and his group of guards couldn't dodge at all. In just a split-second, they were surrounded by countless flaming whips! The fire whips whipped their bodies crazily. Each lash left a burn mark on their bodies. The burning pain penetrated deep into their bones, causing them to cry out in pain.

In just a few moments, there were at least three lashes on their bodies.

Innate Qi came out of his body, condensing to form!

One look was all it took to tell that it was Sixth place of mortal kungfu realm! Furthermore, Chen Xiang's Innate Qi was terrifyingly thick, it even carried an invisible pressure within the scorching atmosphere. One must know that Chen Xiang's flames were condensed from the Vermillion Bird Divine Arts, and the Vermillion Bird was a Beastmaster.

Hua Xin knew that he had kicked a metal board, and actually provoked such a powerful Sixth place of mortal kungfu realm warrior. However, he remembered that the owner of that shop was only a bad old man with an unknown origin.

"Dan Fragrance Medicine Villa will not let you off! Our Lord Manor is very powerful. " Hua Xin gritted his teeth and said. He had just finished speaking when the fire whip viciously lashed out, striking his mouth.

At this moment, Hua Xin had no choice but to admit that the person in front of them was extremely powerful. In just a few moments of effort, they had been beaten to the point where they had no way to fight back.

"Tell your manor lord, if he wants to take revenge for you, come find me at that shop. I'll wait for him there."

Chen Xiang left after saying that, although there were still guards outside, they did not dare to stop them.

After seeing Chen Xiang leave, the spectators were slightly agitated as they spread what they had just seen.

In the backyard of that shop, Shen Luzong laughed loudly. "Brat, not only did you offend the Dan Fragrance Medicine Villa, you also offended the City Lord of the Imperial City. If I were you, I would have escaped long ago."

Chen Xiang looked at him with disdain: "Uncle, did you already know that the shopkeeper was the son of the Royal City's City Lord? You were quite fast just now. "

Shen Luzong laughed: "This pile of old bones is not like you youngsters, I can't take the pain anymore, so take care of the rest yourself! I'm just in charge of some random stuff. "

Chen Xiang had been on the road for a few days, and he was extremely tired at the moment. He had to rest well, because he would have to face the Villa Master of the Dan Fragrance Medicine Villa and the City Lord of the Royal City in the future.

Chen Xiang had already come up with a plan in his mind, so he dared to attack City Lord's son. After all, in this world, money was a powerful force, and of course, one would have to be stronger.

"Chen Xiang, that Dan Fragrance Medicine Villa could very well be a branch power organization stationed here by a big sect!" Su Meiyao said as he came out from the storage ring.

Chen Xiang was still soaking in a large wooden barrel at this moment, he said in shock: "sister Meiyao, why didn't you say so earlier?"

Su Meiyao smiled flirtatiously as he looked at the robust muscles that Chen Xiang had exposed. "Relax, Dan Fragrance Pure Land is a very friendly sect, able to differentiate between right and wrong, I believe that the Villa Master will not cause trouble for you."

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and laughed: "sister Meiyao, the water is still warm, come and soak in it with me!"

"I'll let Senior Sister accompany you!" She's cold, but she likes to take a hot bath. " Su Meiyao chuckled.

Chen Xiang coughed dryly and asked: "Dan Fragrance Pure Land is the name of a sect?"

With regards to those big sects, Chen Xiang yearned to see them.

Su Meiyao came to the side of the large bathtub and said: "Among the eight great sects, the Dan Fragrance Pure Land s have caused the other sects to become jealous regarding medicinal pellets."

Chen Xiang said: "Then wouldn't it be great if I entered the Dan Fragrance Pure Land in the future? After all, this is a sect that refines pills! "

Su Meiyao shook his head: "Not good, in terms of pill refining, I will teach you! If you want to enter the Super Martial School, that would be the sect with the strongest power out of the eight great sects. It was born during the Primordial Era and the first time you entered the was even more of a legend. "

In order to enter those martial sects sooner or later, Chen Xiang trained even more diligently, because he needed to at least have the strength of the nineth place of mortal kungfu realm.

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