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Wang Jinshi had worked hard for more than ten days, but now she could finally relax. Originally, she thought that it would be good if she could obtain one pearl, but now, it seemed that obtaining all five pearls wouldn't be a difficult task. This was because Chen Xiang had made a new breakthrough in the use of the power of the spatial laws.

Other than that, they might even be able to get some Divine Deity to sell.

"The bead is placed in a cave in that mountain. This mountain is a great formation. This formation has been gathering a large amount of divine energy all year round, so there will be many villains gathered in the vicinity. It will not be easy to enter that cave." Wang Jinshi smiled sweetly, "If it was before, I would definitely suffer a lot. But now, I should be able to take it away easily."

"Senior sister, how many villains have you killed before?" Chen Xiang only knew that Wang Jinshi had killed a man-eating villain.

"It's not easy to kill them. I only chased them away and brought you with me to escape." Wang Jinshi looked at the mountain in front of him, pointed to the side of the mountain and said: "There's a cave there, do you see it or not, I don't know if there are villains inside, if there are, I will go and pester them, you go and retrieve the bead."

After resting for four hours, Wang Jinshi had fully recovered and was able to cope with the upcoming great battle.

"Youngest junior brother, can we directly go over now? There are definitely many villains hidden in this forest, and this place is a precious cultivation ground for them." Wang Jinshi pulled Chen Xiang's arm.

Chen Xiang looked at the mountain cave, estimated the distance, then nodded: "It should be possible."

Wang Jinshi anxiously hugged his waist, and laughed: "Then let's hurry."

Chen Xiang used the power of the spatial laws and instantly teleported. In the blink of an eye, he appeared at the mouth of the cave.

If Wang Jinshi had flown over by himself, he would have been able to move so quickly. However, he would have alarmed the villains around the mountain range and he would have even been stopped by a few array formations.

"Is there anything else in there?" Wang Jinshi whispered to Chen Xiang.

"Not yet." Chen Xiang still released the Space Domain, slowed his footsteps, and walked forward.

The spiritual energy in the cave was very dense, but there was a formation blocking the entrance. Without some ability, it was very difficult to enter.

Not long after, Chen Xiang and Wang Jinshi arrived at the end of the cave. On the ground, there was a round bead that was emitting a white light, and although the inside of the bead was red, the outside was emitting a white light, which was very strange.

"This is it." Wang Jinshi picked up the bead and sighed a breath of relief: "I finally got one."

"There's movement."

The spatial perception domain that Chen Xiang had released covered the cave passage. At this moment, he could clearly sense that two tall men had entered the cave.

"This should be the place where the spirit pearls are stored in the Devil-killing Divine Palace, they probably haven't come yet. We'll take away the spirit pearls here, and as long as they can't find it, they won't get any points."

"Senior Brother, will the Penalty Heavenly God watch? Is this a violation of the rules?"

"Penalty Heavenly God is only trying to scare us. If he was watching us get rid of the other two disciples from the divine hall, he would have already made his move."

Chen Xiang and Wang Jinshi could clearly hear their conversation.

"It's the Fire Divine Palace's War God, he's very strong." Wang Jinshi transmitted to Chen Xiang: "Try your best to avoid them. If they only have one, I might be able to handle it."

The War God of Fire Divine Palace actually knew where to store these beads. Didn't they say that only the Penalty Heavenly God knew where to store these beads?

"I really want to kill these two." Wang Jinshi clenched her teeth, she was furious in her heart. If Penalty Heavenly God did not pay attention to this place, she would have started a massacre as well, but she wanted to focus on the big picture right now. Furthermore, she could only deal with one person.

"Who's inside?" This voice belonged to the senior brother. It was rather rough, and its tone was extremely cold.

"Quick, dodge."

Wang Jinshi anxiously leaned on the wall and pulled Chen Xiang over, only to see two balls of fire shooting over, striking on the stone wall at the end, directly piercing through, who knows how deep it went through.

Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. He had just released a Space Domain, he thought that the two flames would not penetrate his Space Domain, but how could he have known that his Space Domain would be instantly destroyed?

"Haha, it's the little girl from Devil-killing Divine Palace, and also that Chen Xiang." The voice laughed out loud. Chen Xiang and Wang Jinshi had already seen them and came over in a moment.

Wang Jinshi dragged Chen Xiang as he dodged left and right, barely dodging, and at the same time, shouted angrily: "You guys want to kill us?"

"Of course." Once he said that, a terrifying flame Qi surged forward, Chen Xiang anxiously teleported and brought Wang Jinshi out of the cave.

Just as they left the cave, terrifying red flames shot out from the mouth of the cave and a large amount of boiling lava gushed out from the top of the mountain.

"Let's go, they've already caught up." Wang Jinshi anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang also felt the approaching danger and immediately used his spatial energy to teleport.

"Don't stop, they're chasing us too closely." Wang Jinshi also didn't know how these two Fire Divine Palace s knew the exact direction they were heading, but they had actually chased after them.

Now that Chen Xiang had experienced the strength of these two profound God s, he understood why Wang Jinshi said that she couldn't handle two of them. She was really strong, and he had almost killed them just now.

"These two bastards, how dare they use such vicious methods?!" Wang Jinshi was furious. If she did not have enough people on her side, she would have retaliated and killed the two profound God s.

Chen Xiang had teleported with Wang Jinshi tens of times consecutively, and they were already far from the cave from before. Now, they did not even know where they were.

"It's safe now. It seems like we have to find the remaining beads quickly. If we are found by those two guys, then our score will be greatly reduced."

When Wang Jinshi saw that Chen Xiang was extremely tired, he took out a pill and fed it to him. "You rest first, they shouldn't be chasing you anymore.

"Why do they know where our bead is hidden? Could someone have purposely told them where our bead is hidden?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this.

"It should be, that fellow is most likely the hall master of the all divine palaces. Besides this bastard, who else would the Penalty Heavenly God do such a thing to reduce their price?" Wang Jinshi's face was full of anger: "You saw it too, those two fellows earlier actually wanted to kill us, hmph, since it's like this, don't blame me for being ruthless."

If they hadn't run fast, Wang Jinshi and Chen Xiang would very likely have been killed by the two Fire Divine Palace s just now.

"These two guys are really strong, why didn't I see them appear in the competition?" At that time, Chen Xiang had also observed them very carefully, especially towards the Fire Divine Palace s, Hell Divine Palace s, and the s of the divine halls.

Hence, his impression of these two profound God s was very deep.

"It seems that our Devil-killing Divine Palace has been scammed by those shrines. We have to be extra careful." Wang Jinshi frowned: "We better hurry and retrieve the bead in front of those two fellows. They should have passed the Level 5 War God's assessment, their strength is much stronger than me, and when the two of them teamed up to deal with me, I'm not their match at all."

Chen Xiang recovered very quickly. In just an hour, he had already recovered to his peak condition.

"I have confirmed your position. I will now guide you to the next location." When Chen Xiang recovered from his rest, he walked around and determined their location.

Chen Xiang used teleportation techniques and continuously teleported. Right now, he was not being hunted down, so his teleportation was not so continuous, there would be a pause in between, and in his mouth there was even a pill.

It had only been three days, but they had already found the fourth bead. The entire journey was extremely easy because Chen Xiang had the spatial strength, so they did not meet any villains blocking their way. Even if they met him, Chen Xiang could easily avoid them.

"The last one. Take the last one and we'll go back and tell Master about this as soon as possible." Wang Jinshi held back his anger and had no place to vent it. He could only go out and tell Devil-killing Heavenly God to help her vent it out.

The fifth bead was placed on a small mountain, on top of it was a platform, it was constructed by humans. When Chen Xiang and Wang Jinshi arrived, they did not see anyone, but just as they were about to go to the Origin beads, three black figures suddenly jumped out.

"Leave it to me." Looking at these three auras, Wang Jinshi felt that they were not very strong and that he could handle them.

Previously, Chen Xiang said that he wanted to kill a few villains and get a few Divine Deity s. However, because of the sudden appearance of the Fire Divine Palace's powerful profound God, they had no choice but to change their plans and return early. They were facing the greatest danger here, and it was not these powerful villains, but the Fire Divine Palace s.

Now, Wang Jinshi also wanted to get rid of these three villains and take out their Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang received the bead, but Wang Jinshi and the three villains were already battling in the distance.

Because of the two profound God s, Wang Jinshi had been holding back her anger for the past few days. Now that she had coincidentally met three villains, she completely vented her anger on them.

Chen Xiang immediately rushed over, as he was trying to retrieve his Divine Deity.

Taking out the Divine Deity also required some means, otherwise, if one were to accidentally destroy the Divine Sense Sea, the Divine Deity would also dissipate.

Wang Jinshi carefully took out the three Divine Deity s. Just as she and Chen Xiang were brimming with joy, the two familiar scorching auras suddenly appeared.

Fire Divine Palace of the Fire Divine Palace had come.

They were also at this place, and Wang Jinshi felt that it was not a coincidence.

"You actually killed them. Do you know that they are profound God s of our Fire Divine Palace?" That relatively tall middle-aged man said coldly: "You killed the profound God of my Fire Divine Palace, pay with your life."

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