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"Boom! Boom!"

What was supposed to be a quiet and peaceful night was disrupted by the endless crashes and rumbling coming from the left flank of the Immortal Hill, and they spread throughout the entire Yuxu Pure Land. Every time this happened, the little spiritual beasts would run over to the hill to enjoy the 'trampoline'. The commotion was caused by Wang Bugui cultivating his explosiveness.

They had grew very fond of Wang Bugui. They could watch him fight the purple balls of water and lie on top of him while he sprinted around the Pure Land. Also, he would give them a share of the herbs and berries he found, and they could enjoy the 'trampoline' experience everyday. It could be said that the little creatures were in paradise.

The power and speed that Wang Bugui could display now had grown considerably since he just arrived, and each blow he made was faster than what the human eye could capture, and yet as powerful as each concentrated strike. His limbs had become much tougher as well, and he rarely broke them anymore.


Wang Bugui let out a loud shout and unleashed all of his abilities. The golden glow around his body grew brighter, and his blood vigor expanded. There was a visible layer of gold prana membrane over his body, and his blood vigor was running rampant. He swung his fists at the two meteorites that were flying toward him, stopping them directly in their tracks. The sound as the crashed to the ground was deafening, but Wang Bugui had no time to care about that. He quickly followed up with three kicks, sending another three meteorites hurtling backward.

Wang Bugui charged around in the formation and sent the meteorites scattering into the air. The talismanic words of the seal glowed in many different colors, drawing upon the power of the stars. A visible beam of silver light shot down from the heavens into the formation, causing the rocks to glow brightly and the force of their attacks to increase considerably.

Wang Bugui charged forward fearlessly, as if all of the stars were going to fall from the sky. He dodged all of the attacks with incredible speed, his battle intent raging and gold prana power growing increasingly strong.

As time went on, Wang Bugui found himself getting more accustomed to the battle. In an instant, he could feel himself filled with an incredible amount of power, something he had never experienced before. He was obviously in a state of meditation now, and the intense battle had led the empty portion of his soul to the fringes of Tao.


At last, he discovered an ultimate boxing technique when his mind was still in that strange state. He punched, and there was an explosion of golden light as the surrounding meteors were knocked backward. At this point, his battle intent was so high that we was ready to take on the Heavens if need be.

The overwhelming aura accompanying his fists of gold power struck one of the meteors in front of him, and a terrifying force was unleashed. It caused many cracks to appear in the rock, but it still remained intact. Wang Bugui hurriedly exited the formation to reflect on how he managed to produce such a powerful punch. This was the path he forged and his way of Tao.

Even though it had not taken shape, he now had a direction to work toward to. The spiritual consciousness of Yun Jinghong managed to capture the scene, and the old master looked pleasantly surprised. he had not expected for Wang Bugui to be able to discover his own path so quickly, and he walked over quickly. Even though he was not sprinting, his footwork was so unique that he arrived beside the boy in about five steps.

Yun Jinghong could feel his emotions stir as he watched Wang Bugui from afar. "He's so talented. Could it be that someone from our sect is finally able to breakthrough the curse of the era of late arts and step on the path of an Emperor, or even an Immortal? This has not happened for millennia," he muttered to himself. Wang Bugui woke up shortly, and he wanted to speak upon seeing his master, but Yun Jinghong was still faster. "How about that? Did you have a moment of enlightenment?"

"Not too much. I only gained a vague sense of direction," said Wang Bugui as he shook his head. Yun Jinghong walked over and patted him on the shoulder, saying, "It's already remarkable for you to begin to have a sense of direction of your own path. You're now qualified to begin cultivating your thought - the sixth level of training," he said before he left Immortal Hill along with the boy.

Master and disciple came to the training ground to the left of the Purple Waterfall, and there was a round black piece of jade amongst the layer of white jade covering the ground. They sat cross legged, facing each other, and a white glow surrounded them. It was a serene sight to behold.

Yun Jinghong was calm and relaxed as he said, "Sixth level, sense of thought." "As the name implies, your prana power will be transformed into a training ground for your thoughts. The area covered by them is your domain. You'll be able to sense even the slightest movement around you, and those who are strong willed can cast their thoughts across entire nations. An Emperor can do the same across an entire planet."

"This will be followed by the six senses - sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch and sixth sense. No one can function without them, and someone with exceptional levels of sense can discover things that ordinary people can't. This will also aid your training and thought as well."

"I can understand how to transform prana power into thoughts, but how can I train my six senses?" asked Wang Bugui, feeling perplexed.

Yun Jinghong's lip curled slightly as he replied, "Haha, this is a hidden treasure of the human body. Once you've cultivated your six senses to the Big Achievement Realm level, you can see for hundreds of kilomteres, hear any sound that comes from the vast wilderness, smell dozens of kilometers away from the source, differentiate the tastes of hundreds of poisons and can meld into vassals. Eventualy, you'll be able to predict your opponent's next move and even see a little of your future!"

"This is awesome!' Wang Bugui said. His mouth was now in an 'O' shape, and he could feel his heart beating violently.

Yun Jinghong smiled casually after seeing how emotional his student had become. "Think about it. If you manage to cultivate your senses to such a level and use them along with your power of thought, what would the results be? Once you become Emperor, your thoughts will envelop an entire planet, and there isn't anything that you can't sense. This is the power of an Emperor, and no one will be able to resist it."


Wang Bugui took in a deep breath of cold air and felt the hairs on his skin stand. He shook his head subconsciously- just the thought alone of facing such an opponent was terrible enough. He had learned to leave traces of his prana power behind, and it was extremely hard to erase unless someone much more powerful did it. If an oppponent of Emperor level wanted to track someone down, there was nothing much his target could do except wait for death.

"Now, do you understand the importance of training your thought?" asked Yun Jinghong with a laugh.

"I do. Everyone of the Eight Limits are hard to cultivate, and each of them are equally important. Someone who doesn't cultivate them will not understand how precious the human body is," Wang Bugui could not help but observe in awe. He felt that the path of cultivation was truly amazing.

"Since you've understood, I'll teach you the methods of training first. Cultivating your thought first will aid in your quest to seek your own path in Tao, as well as that punch you made just now," said Yun Jinghong as he laughed again.

Wang Bugui nodded and began meditating. Yun Jinghong traced a few signs in the air, creating a talisman of golden light. He then pointed it at the boy, allowing him to absorb the talisman into his mind. At the same time, a set of mystical technique appeared in Wang Bugui's mind. He already possessed six sets of mystical skills, and they gradually sank into his consciousness. There were also many pictorial guides of different techniques and skills that appeared in the void around him.

He chanted the techniques and emptied his mind, focusing on cultivating his will. The talismanic words transformed into flowing light and surged in and out of his consciousness. Ancient, sage-like chants began to ring out, and he could hear the buddhas chanting on Mount Sumere and the pleasant voices of the immortals from the Jade Lake, as well as the roars of various mythical beasts and immortals.

The sounds died down moments later, leaving behind the profound talismanic words in the void. They transformed into bolts of pure energy that congregated within his consciousness. Wang Bugui read through the manual with alarming speed. He could not read the words, but as a practitioner, he could understand what they meant. He then tried to absorb them into his mind.

Although his brain was operating at superhuman speed, he could not comprehend all of them in one go. Beads of sweat began rolling down from Wang Bugui's forehead past his cheeks before falling onto his shirt. It took a long while for any practitioner to remember a set of technique for the first time, and there was very little actual comprehension involved.

This time was no exception. With the help of the pendant, he managed to memorize the entire manual before sunset.

"Whew! Indeed, it gets harder the more I progress. The ending of the manual is really complicated." Wang Bugui exhaled as he collapsed onto the ground. He could feel that his entire body was sticky with sweat. He had been too obsessed with trying to understand the technique, and any slight mishap would lead him onto the wrong path. As he had remained in a tense state, his shirt was already sweat soaked.

"The technique will get increasingly hard to learn. However, you'll get a little help after you've cultivated your thought. Don't you worry, go take a herbal bath first and rest earlier. Schedule your own training tomorrow," Yun Jinghong told him before leaving.

"Alright!" Wang Bugui said before hurrying off to rest. Yun Jinghong had already prepared his herbal bath by the time he arrived, and he stripped off his clothes and leaped in, an expression of extreme satisfaction written all over his face. He returned back to the black jade bench and cultivated his blood prana power for another two hours before retiring for the night.

At this moment, within the Purple Waterfall, Zi Yuxiao was staring listlessly at a multi-colored object in her hand.

"Could the object left behind by that person have something to do with the prophecy? I hope it'll always stay with me."

Her melodic voice reverberated throughout the Palace of Purple Clouds. It was pleasant, but there was also a hint of worry in it, and nobody knew why.

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