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London Bridge was an ancient bridge. It was different from the Tower Bridge which had two crown-liked main towers and was more majesty and gorgeous. One minute ago, there were still many people fighting with each other on this bridge which had collapsed many times and was riddled with scars. But when a golden light flashed, everyone disappeared.

"I never thought that there would be a Wisdom mage. This is really troublesome." The speaker was a beautiful woman with long, wine-colored hair. She wore a long red dress, a dark red beret, and a pair of long, black gloves that even covered her elbows. Her skin was as white and tender as ivory, her figure was tall and ample, and her pair of blood-red eyes and fiery red lips made her seem unfathomably beautiful.

There was another person beside her. It was a middle-aged man in a suit whose black hair was already half white. He looked rather old. His pale skin and bloody fangs made him terrifying. He maliciously said: "It is. Not to mention there are also three Magic Mentors. It seems that we won't be able to hold it off for too long." They were in a gloomy battlefield, facing a group of black-robed mages, led by four mages with the highest combat power. They were Wisdom Clara Franmer, the First Magic Mentor Herty, the Second Magic Mentor Stephanie Oliver, and Third Magic Mentor Camila Cook.

As the four of them walked together, they formed the most beautiful scene under the moonlight. Herty's fiery-red hair was naturally scattered down, her beautiful and dig-nified features were lovable, and her brows revealed a trace of strength. Stephanie looked like a woman in the neighborhood. Her golden hair was like waves, and when the wind blew past her soft hair, it moved slowly like the golden wheat in the autumn field being blown by the wind. Camila was a somewhat silent woman. She had short, water-blue hair, and her eyes were like sapphire and adorable. She was the youngest among the three Magic Mentors and was treated like a little sister by Herty and Stephanie.

On the other hand, Clara looked like a 14 year old little girl. Her long, white-gold hair was scattered down to her waist, her hair was tied up with a pink ribbon, and she was wearing a white Gothic Lolita styled short skirt. Her white over knee socks paired with a pair of exquisite leather boots. She had a pair of enchanting green eyes, and a cute face. No one could tell that she was the strongest Great Magic Mentor in the Black Tower. She calmly looked at the two vampires in front of her, then extended her finger towards them and said: "You two want to stop us with just a second Infante and a Thirteen Infante, are you dreaming? No matter what, you should at least send out your First Infante. "

"Haha, how arrogant. Although it is difficult to stop you, I can still hold off for a little time. Field doesn't have time to come over, for he still wants to kill the Blood Hunt-ers, so let me, Nattiavelle, play with you." The infante called Natiavir laughed. Her blazing red lips seemed to have a magical power that could cause others to fall into her trap no matter what she said. Her beauty was like a delicate masterpiece from heaven, and when it paired with her sexy figure, it filled her every move with entice-ment.

"Hmph, a mere ugly monster dares to block my way. No matter how much magic you use to maintain your beauty, I can still see your shriveled and ugly corpse liked ap-pearance. I really can't find someone more ugly than you." Clara had already seen through Nattiavelle's true appearance with her demonic eyes so she did not spare her with her words. She was famous for being unreasonable in the three powers.

"What did you say? Bastard! You're actually a few hundred years old grandma, and maybe you are not as beautiful as me. Also, your body is even smoother than the Tower Bridge. Hehe, I am definitely superior to you!" Nattiavelle was also not going to admit defeat. When there was a fight between women, apart from the appearance, it was also naturally related to their figures. Since Clara looked like a stunted child, she definitely could not let her go.


What responded to her was Clara's angry huge fireball which was smashing down. Nattiavelle's high heels stepping on the ground, instantly creating a dark red magic array to block it. No one had expected the leaders of the two sides to start a war just like that. The reason was simply because of their figures and appearances.

"Go! Tear them to shreds! "

"Destroy these ugly monsters with the magic bombardment!"

Both sides were stunned for a moment before reacting. Following the order, the Black Tower Mages and the vampires started to fight with each other fiercely.

Magical light of various colors danced on the battlefield. The mages split into several teams, bombarded the vampires with different magic, killing them one after another. At the same time, some of the higher ranked vampires charged into the mages' camp to slaughter them.

Three Magic Mentors fought with another infante, who was called Charlson and ranked the thirteenth. His strength had not been fully restored, so when facing the three great Magic Mentors at the same time, he found it quite tough and could only defend.

When Nattiavelle who was in the distance saw this, she summoned the Cerberus. When Herty saw the Cerberus was pouncing to them, she took the initiative to fight against it. With one of the strongest Magic Mentors absent, Charlson lost most of his pressure and roared as he counterattacked.

Stephanie's wand shone with a golden light, and shot out beams of golden light to-wards Charlson. Charlson condensed a blood shield to block, dodging the remaining light from time to time until he arrived in front of Stephanie. Charlson reached out a hand and grabbed towards her neck, but just at that moment, Camila summoned a few huge ice pillars and smashed them onto Charlson.

Charlson immediately used his Blood Wings to block, but he was still forced to re-treat. He adjusted his body within two seconds and stabilized himself. His hand con-tinuously gathered his own blood to condense a scarlet Blood Axe. Then, he used both hands to wield the axe and hacked down towards Stephanie and the others. Countless of vengeful spirits wailed in the Blood Axe, and its killing intent seemed to squirt into the air, causing people's souls to feel cold and bone-piercing. The axe's strike seemed to be aimed at splitting Camila and Camila to death.

Stephanie and Camila did not clash with the Blood Axe head on. They transformed into Light Wings and Ice Wings, then flew quickly into the distance. Just as Stephanie and Camila was flying away, the Blood Axe arrived there. The scarlet axe seemed to have brushed against their bodies.


The black and the red flames collided and produced a strong explosion. On the other side, Clara and Stephanie's battle was extremely intense. The two of them had ex-tremely high comprehension of magic, and the destructive power of their high-grade magic was extremely strong. No one dared to approach their battlefield unless they wanted to be bombarded.

Clara and Natiavir fought until they reached the sky. The two of them looked at each other coldly, and secretly prepared their next spells. Clara took the initiative to attack, raising her hand, and summoned a black lightning as thick as a bucket and struck for-ward. Natiavir used a streak of blood-red lightning, and the two streaks of lightning clashed against each other, creating a blinding light. However, the two of them still did not finish their magic bombardments. They constantly changed positions, dodging each other's attacks before summoning more lightning.

After the two of them clashed more than ten times with thunder magic, Clara used fire to blast towards her opponent. She summoned one spear after another condensed from fire and threw them forward, while Nattiavelle used her black flames to condense a spear to resist. The center of the magic clash became a forbidden zone for life. The Blood Slaves there were all blasted into ashes, and dazzling sparks continuously blossomed as groups of Blood Slaves turned into flying ashes.

Nattiavelle frowned slightly. Clara made her place to be the battlefield, and every time their magic collided, a whole bunch of Blood Slaves would die. Nattiavelle tried to keep away from Clara, but Clara cast an ice storm to trap her. The tornado of ice and snow, accompanied by endless lightning, swept across a radius of tens of metres.


Miserable screams continued to be heard as the ice tornado sucked in a number of Blood Slaves. All of them were torn apart by the countless ice blades or killed by the terrifying lightning. The interweaving of ice and lightning turned into a huge killing spree. The Blood Slaves' blood slowly dyed this tornado red. Even a few barons were shredded to pieces by the bloody tornado, because they were too slow.


Nattiavelle's willow-leaf shaped eyebrows rose as she bellowed, and her demonic red eyes released a red light. Following that, she activated her blood to explode, as to de-stroy the ice tornado. Along with the sudden disappearance of the storm zone, the rotated corpses in the sky fell down one by one, like dumplings were falling from the sky. Nattiavelle's beautiful eyes stared straight at Clara, and in the next moment, she rushed forward. Instead of attacking from a distance, she would use magic to hold her at close range.

The two of them released a terrifying aura as they used the powerful Black Magic to fight the other. Whether it was the surrounding mages or the Blood Slaves, all of the hair on their bodies stood on end as they desperately retreated. They were all afraid that they wouldn't be fast enough and didn't have a pair of wings. What happened just now had scared them out of their wits. Killing them in a battle of this level was as easy as cutting wheat with a sickle.

However, after leaving the dangerous zone, the two sides continued to fight each oth-er. Blood unceasingly spurted out as the sounds of their roars and chants rang out un-ceasingly. In this war, only one side would be able to leave the battlefield alive, and the losers would all die.

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