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"Chirp chirp..."

Wang Bugui was woken up from his sweet dreams by the calls of a bird and opened his eyes to see a group of small spiritual beasts gazing at him, as if he was some rare species of animal. As he expected, the little animals had grown considerably closer to him, and it was the little red sparrow that woke him up. A qilin beast was in his arms, while a small jade rabbit lay on his head, constantly rubbing its forehead against him as a sign of friendship.

Wang Bugui could not help but smile serenely as he looked at the cute and exquisitely fragile small creatures. He patted them on their heads before turning his attention back to cultivation, and they did likewise. He entered a state of enlightenment again after six hours of meditation, but it was not as meaningful as that which he had experienced yesterday.

Even so, he managed to draw the auras of Heaven and Earth to wrap around his body, benefitting the small spiritual beasts as well. Wang Bugui would only take a break from cultivation when it was time to eat, and he could satiate his hunger by just consuming a few fruit from the Pure Land. After he was full, he would resume his training.

He repeated this routine everyday, and every little progress he achieved became his greatest consolation. He did not find it boring, as there were countless voices supporting him in his mind, and they were his source of faith in his training.

There were always five divine lights surrounding the Yuxu Palace, making it seem like a residence for immortals all the time. Wang Bugui had been training for a while now, and today, he was cultivating his Innate Prana Power as usual.

As he channeled his mystical power, a gold mist began to flow around his body. His blood vigour began to expand and churn, and his blood vigour was already beginning to give off a faint golden glow. It was not very obvious, however— his blood just seemed to be brighter than usual, as if it was constructed from molten gold.

He had been training to increase his maximal prana power for half a month now, and he managed to achieve such progress because of his complete immersion in his training. Other than eating and sleeping, he did not allow himself to rest, and there were times when he could go for days without rest or food. He could already envelop himself in prana power, and he was now practicing to infuse his blood with it, with a little progress.

"Master said before that I could become a Saint if my blood changed completely from red to gold. Even though I made progress in the blood from other parts of my body, I still can't do much about the blood in my vital parts," Wang Bugui lamented to no one in particular. He tried hard everyday to transform the blood in his vital parts to a gold color as well, but to no avail. Now, he understood why someone could be called a saint after completely transforming all of the blood in his body to gold.

The boy then clenched his fists tightly and stopped thinking about the matter. He had faith in the hard work he put in, and he was sure that someday he would achieve the breakthrough. He became one with the surrounding flora and fauna again, gaining a feeling for the laws of nature and Taoism, as well as that of pure divine power.

"It's really hard to train to meld one's prana power and blood together, no matter how many auras are in use. He can't really let them flow through his meridians properly, and they don't really meld together after returning back to his pool of qi. Looks like I'll have to use more wonder medicine to develop his meridians and pool of qi further." Thought Yun Jinghong as he observed the boy's training from afar, frowning. He had led Wang Bugui on a different and unknown training approach that no one else had tried before, and it was an arduous path with uncertain results.

He wanted the boy to meld his prana power and blood together instead of the usual method of concentrating Innate Prana Power in one's Pellet Base to replace one's inner qi and vitality force. It was something that no one had tried before, and if successful, the boy would be able to fill his pool of qi with his naturally huge blood vigour and Innate Prana Power, turning himself into a medium of Taoism itself as well as granting him a physique that was peerless.

This bold way of thinking was born of the painstaking effort from outstanding talents and masters of countless generations past, but it was really difficult to practice it in reality. Their forebears had drawn out the vague outline for this method of training, but many later generations of disciples were stuck at the 'Emperor' phase and suffered from their failure.

The only person who ever broke free of the shackles of the 'Emperor' phase met his end at the 'Immortal' phase of training, and turned into a dead star after somehow involving a planet during his cultivation. Yun Jinghong's master had also tried this pathway in the past, only to fail the instant he tried to breakthrough the 'Emperor' phase. The old Tao master himself had also tried to cultivate his skills in a similar fashion but nearly died from the ordeal.

Even Wang Xuanming himself treaded carefully when he was at the 'Emperor' phase. He had endured many ordeals and had real hope of being a real Emperor, but unfortunately he died halfway through his training for the sake of Human Race. Now it was Wang Bugui's turn, and no one knew if he could complete his journey through this path which claimed the lives of countless heroes in the past.

Yun Jinghong considered the matter for a while before he strode over. He felt that he could pass on the new Prana Power training instructions to Wang Bugui. "Now that you've basic mastery over the use of your Innate Prana Power, you can begin practicing the Prana Power Mantra of Eight Limits."

"This technique is known as the Endless Golden Body Manifestation. It'll target your Golden Light Divine Chant and strengthen it further, and is the final hurdle to master your maximum prana power. Of course, you're still unable to master it now, but the formula of the Unbeatable Golden Body Manifestation Chant can increase the speed at which you cultivate your prana power." "With your hard work and talent, I believe that you can figure it out when you reach the Prana Soul level." Yun Jinghong said. Wang Bugui immediately got up when he heard the old master's words.

"Is this the first esoteric skill I will be learning during my Tao training phase? Teach me quickly, Master. I'll be able to master it very quickly!" Wang Bugui sneered, his jet black pupils flashing with undisguised joy. Yun Jinghong smiled indifferently but did not delay teaching his pupil the Unbeatable Golden Body Manifestation Chant.

"Listen carefully to the chant! The Heavens grant you the gift of prana power. While you came from nothingness, your prana power will transform into golden light and meld into your body. There are six pathways for all living beings, and as long as the Tao and prana power flows within you, the latter will protect your body from most calamities. If you manage to control the flow of your prana power, evil and the desire to worship will cease to exist within you, while the golden and prana power will remain. Your light will illuminate 3,000 worlds, and you shall carry out the justice of the Heavens and rid the world of evil and demons. Save the world and bring fortune to the living. Prana power will then envelop your body— this is the Endless Golden Body Manifestation."

Yun Jinghong was emanating a golden glow from his body as he chanted the mantra, and he looked as majestic as an immortal who had descended from the Heaven. Wang Bugui committed every word to memory and began chanting as well. In an instant, the Innate Prana Power in his body surged and shot out, continually circling both of them as they chanted. Strange sights began to appear around them, and holographic images of ancient divine beasts, immortals and deities were formed.

Pangu splitting the Heavens out from primordial chaos, the mythical Zhu Dragon of Nine Yings creating the world, Nuwa creating humans and patching up the skies, the 33 buddhas paying homage to Gautama Buddha himself, the immortals gathering at the Jade Lake, the dragon's roar that shook the nine heavens, the immortal phoenix patrolling the six worlds, the Peng beast shattering the Heavens with a sweep of its giant wings...

These mythical sights accompanied the rumbling Tao and ancient divine and unholy chants, instantly bringing master and disciple back to the distant past and time immemorial, when primordial chaos reigned. This was when the practice of Tao was at its peak popularity, and many talents had emerged. Many practitioners were confirmed as immortals, and many immortals overcame ordeals to become deities, thereafter taking residence in the divine realm.

Wang Bugui looked at these strange sights of the past in amazement. He could not imagine how dangerous such a period was, what with so many powerful characters roaming the Earth. "What sort of golden age was that?" He thought. The projections did not remain for long, however. As the magic from the chant began to flow faster, they transformed into incredibly profound talismanic words that slowly circled in the air.

"Use your blood and prana power to absorb all of the talismanic words into your body!" Ordered Yun Jinghong.

Upon hearing his master's instructions, Wang Bugui immediately channeled his blood and prana power out of his body, and the incredibly bright looking blood from his vitals started to condense within his pool of qi, as all of his blood began to give off a faint golden glow. He formed seals with his hands while waving them, invoking the potent magic of the chant. The talismanic words seemed to sense his summons and gathered toward his pool of qi.

The chants of ancient deities and buddhas filled the air, as did the ear-splitting roars of various immortals and demons. All of the talismanic words were soon absorbed into Wang Bugui's blood prana power, and a holographic image was produced everytime a word melded into the pool. The boy only finished absorbing all of the words after two entire hours.

"These talismanic words are strong. I can feel the strength of my blood prana power increasing by a few times when I channel it!" Exclaimed Wang Bugui in surprise as he observed the shining talismanic words in his body.

"These are the immortal words passed on from our founding father— of course they have amazing properties. That said, you can't invoke all of their powers yet. You should cultivate your blood prana power first, so that when the time comes for you to invoke the power of these words, your Endless Golden Body Manifestation will be undefeatable." Explained Yun Jinghong sagely.


Wang Bugui exclaimed before resuming his training. He sat cross legged on the floor and began to cultivate his blood prana power again. Yun Jinghong shook his head and smiled in gratification as he noticed how much his disciple loved training. He then turned to leave so as not to disturb the boy.

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