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Yun Jinghong took Wang Bugui back to the jade bench. They two sat cross-legged. "Listen, I'm now going to teach you a pithy formula named Golden Magical Curses of the Taoism. Cultivate the prana power with it." Yun Jinghong said. Wang Bugui was surprised, "We don't have our own pithy formula, do we?"

"Yes, we have, but it is based on that pithy formula. Besides, different sects related to Taoism have the same origin. All are aimed at pursuing to be immortal. What's the difference?" Yun Jinghong explained. Wang Bugui suddenly realized, then nodded to sign he was ready to start.

"Between the heavens and the earth, the prana power is the root of everything; After suffering countless disasters, my strength is proved; Inside and outside the three realms, Taoism is overweening; There is a golden light inside me, covering my body; You can't see it, nor hear it; It contains the whole world, and is the source of myriad things; if you extol it for thousands of times, you will be the supreme; The guardians of the three realms as well as the five emperors will welcome you; The gods will show their respect, and the thunders will serve you; The ghosts and evils will be fear of you, and the demons will die in front of you; You are superior to the Thor; You are wisdom with the prana power; Come on, the golden light, come to cover my body."

Yun Jinghong recited the pithy formula solemnly. Wang Bugui remembered it in his heart, then repeated it to activate the prana power in his blood.

With the pithy formula and the operation of the prana power, a faint golden light began to appear around Wang Bugui, making him look abnormal, like a child of God. The blood vigour around him began to boil as well and was absorbed into his body along with the cultivation of the prana power. He felt that it was difficult to maintain the operation of the prana power. Once it was done, there would be signs of dissipating.

"Stick to your heart! Cultivation is not a simple matter. You must let the prana power cover your whole body today. Don't just rely on the pity formula. After all, your prana power has been blended with the blood, so that they will be cultivated altogether. The normal cultivation method should not be effective for you. Try to integrate with the surrounding world."

Yun Jinghong reminded him. Wang Bugui began to try to communicate with the world. He no longer forced to run the prana power but maintained a balance to protect his upper body.

His own soul was slowly feeling the world. He had a special sense when he just got there. He seemed to be a breeze, swimming above the pure land of the Yuxu Palace. Sometimes he turned into an animal, walking in the woods, or be a spiritual grass, rooting in the mountains to feel the surroundings quietly.

Unconsciously, his prana power began to flow slowly throughout his body. Though the speed could be ignored, it was a rare progress. "He is truly amazingly talented. With the help of the pendant, he entered the vacant mediation so fast." Yun Jinghong whispered to himself. He turned around and walked to the distance, quietly watching Wang Bugui.

As the Wang Bugui gradually fell into the mediation, the pendant around his neck radiated a faint blue light, spreading outwards, attracting the surrounding natural auras. The innate prana power and blood separated from each other and began to absorb the aura respectively, then spun to mix together. In this way, they continued to blend and separate, and the prana blood was growing little by little.

Wang Bugui was concentrated on this wonderful cultivation, and he had a new understanding of the Taoism. Why could he integrate into the universe? That was because everything in the world had its own life. As the old saying goes, to see a world in a grain of sand. No matter the green mountains and waters, or the dust and flowers, they could all compose a world by themselves. The human body was a self-contained universe. Therefore, the cultivators could absorb the natural auras to strengthen their own universe. In this process, their cultivation base increased as well.

The sun above the pure land slowly descended, and a huge moon was in the air. The Yuxu Palace was so close to the sky that the white jade plate seemed to be at your fingertips. Wang Bugui sat on the jade bench, and the little pendant was absorbing the power of the moon in the sky.

The beams of silver lights were swallowed by the pendant like a bottomless cave. Even so, it still seemed to be unsatisfied. It emitted a stronger divine blue glow to attract the power of the stars in the night sky. This vision even startled Yun Jinghong in the main hall. Such beautiful scenery! The lights of the stars and the moon constantly fell down, shielding where Wang Bugui was meditating.

The massive starlight and moonlights were led by the blue glow of the pendant into Wang Bugui's body, and at the same time, the sun's power absorbed during the day was incorporated into it. This was a vast baptism. The essence of the sun and moon and the starlight were surrounding Wang Bugui. He sat in the center, like the king of gods worshipped by all other gods, slowly blending these surrender auras around him into the blood of his body. But even so great spiritual power was not very significant for him.

"This pendant has such a magical effect! Why haven't I seen Xuanming using it before? Could it be that Bugui found its function only when Xuanming had left? No! If so, he shouldn't wait till now, but use it when the prana power was mixed into his body. Did Bugui's mediation activate it?" Yun Jinghong whispered to himself. He, in the main hall, released his spirit mind to watch everything in the Yuxu Mountain. The strength of this little pendant was incredible.

This night, the dream scene on the Yuxu Palace attracted all the spirit beasts to the pure land, such as the birds with the blood of the Suzaku, the deer of the five-color deer blood, the foxes with nine tails, the little white tigers, and rabbits with the blood of the jade rabbits...

They all rushed there with their water eyes widely opened. Those little guys were able to enter and leave the Yuxu Palace at will. They lined up in a row, sitting or lying, all looking at that place of endless godly radiance curiously.

Later, those little guys ran to the side of Wang Bugui and looked at him. This kind of starlight brought benefits to them as well. Some of the lights poured into them. They remembered how to cultivate in their natural blood, so they noticed the godly lights could help them easily. Then they all closed their eyes and began to practice together with Wang Bugui.


Wang Bugui did not stop cultivating until the late night. When the endless sunlight and moonlights around him was fully absorbed, he slowly opened his eyes. It could be seen that there were sun, moon and countless stars in his eye, but it only lasted for a moment. His clear jade eyes had suddenly found a lot of little spiritual beasts around him falling asleep.

"What, what happened..." Wang Bugui's brows knitted. He did not understand why his sleeping place had become the nest of those little guys after he returned back from mediation.

"Haha, you have attracted the power of the sun, the moon and the stars here while mediating. These little spirits were also attracted to come here to practice around you. Since they didn't sink into meditation, they fell asleep as the night got deeper. Tonight you can sleep with them, and maybe they will be closer to you in the future." Yun Jinghong stood in the distance and smiled.

"That's it. I entered mediation again, and the time is really a flick!" Wang Bugui sighed, touching his chin.

"It's good for you to be indulged in mediation, which is not easy for ordinary people. They even wish their mediation can last for hundreds of years. You are so lucky. You own a good talent and with the help of the pendant, it doesn't take long for you to enter mediation after you begin cultivating. Only you can squander the time of mediation. Remember to meditate longer the next time. It's more accessible to the Taoism."

Yun Jinghong shook his head and sighed. He felt that this apprentice of his was really enchanting. He recalled his first mediation. He was too excited and almost rolled on the ground. But Wang Bugui could not only enter mediation repeatedly but also dare to squander it in the era of the late arts.

But carefully thinking about it, he didn't worry about Wang Bugui. With the incredible talents, the help of the ancient godly treasure, as well as the last pure land for cultivators, even if he was in the end era of the world, it was not difficult for him to enter mediation.

"Alright, go to sleep early. You should practice the prana power limit every day, and I hope that you can fully mix your prana power with your blood soon." Yun Jinghong smiled with a sweep of his hand, then turned away.

"I will not let you down, Master!" Wang Bugui screamed to show his determination. Then he saw the little spiritual beasts on his body and revealed a bitter smile. He placed some on the jade bench and fell asleep with some in his breast.

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