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The sun rose, and the golden lights fell. Peace and bliss filled up the whole Yuxu Secret Area. The dew of the green wood fell on the jasper-like branches and leaves, and the two suspended mountains, surrounded by clouds and fogs, were more sacred under the sunshine. On the jade bench outside the Yuxu Palace, Wang Bugui woke up, and slowly opened his eyes.

"Oh!" The sun shone at his eyes, and he raised his hand to block it. At this moment, he found that he was soaking in a big tub. He stood up and stretched his body. All his bones creaked. He felt that his body was much stronger than ever.

"Wake up? Put on your clothes and come with me. It's time to teach you how to practice the Eight Limits." Yun Jinghong looked at Wang Bugui calmly in the distance. The latter quickly got dressed and followed Yun Jinghong.

Yun Jinghong took Wang Bugui to the Cultivation Field behind the Yuxu Palace and began to teach the latter the Eight Limits. Yun Jinghong found two futons for himself and Wang Bugui to sit on, then he said, "Now let me explain to you what the eight limits exactly are. The first one is prana power; the second is force; then speed, acuity, explosion, feeling, body, and the last one is spirit."

"The next one is always harder than the last one. There's no need to say more about the prana power. You have already introduced the prana power into your body and reached the Basing State. When you are in the Prana Body State, it's good enough for you to make your blood all over your body golden more with the growth of the prana power. As for the second one force, we need to cultivate our strength to the limit of the human. In the early stage of the Prana Body State, one punch is 1,500 kilograms heavy, in the medium stage, 3,000 kilograms, in the late stage, 4,500 kilograms, and in the Perfect Realm, 5,000 kilograms.

"When you come to the Prana Soul State, you are a little bit achieved, and as for how many kilograms your punch is, it depends on your own fate. But I hope, at that time, your punch can weight 50,000 kilograms so that when you are in the Saints State, your punch will be more powerful. When your father was in the Prana Soul State, his punch was only 45,000 kilograms heavy. You are more talented than him, so the 50,000 kilograms should not be a problem."

"50,000 kilograms? A punch of 50 tons? That can pull up Big Ben as a stick! Is it still human strength?" Wang Bugui surprised.

"Don't look down human beings. The cultivators believe a human body is a universe itself. How important can 50 tons be for the universe? The ancient cultivators had records that in the State of returning to the void, one is capable to move mountains and seas. How heavy is a mountain? As for the true immortals, they can crush a planet with a fist. Compared with that, the 50 tons is nothing."

"Kid, you see the so-called strongest human beings abroad. Although they own power comparable to the Saints, they have not developed much human potential. You Blood Hunter and Seraph Knight are only developed to about 30%." Yun Jinghong was clam, but Wang Bugui was shocked beside him.

Neglecting Wang Bugui's shock, Yun Jinghong continued, "The third limit speed requires you to increase your speed of all aspects. The speed of movement, the speed of the move must be too fast to be invisible. It's good enough that you can be 3 times faster than you do now when you are in the early stage of the Prana Body State, then in the medium stage 5 times faster, in the late stage 7 times, and in the Perfect Realm nine times."

"When you are in the State of God of War, you're supposed to move at a speed that can reach the speed of sound, and it's best to be supersonic. When in the Saints State, you're supposed to be close to 3 times faster than the speed of sound."

Wang Bugui got a blank face. Supersonic? In other words, he must have the same speed as a normal pistol bullet, whenever he was punching or kicking. No wonder his father's punch was so destructive.

"Supersonic speed is not enough?! 3 times?" "Are you saying that the speed of my shot is faster than the speed of a sniper rifle?" Wang Bugui's face was full of doubts. Yun Jinghong faintly glanced at him, and said, "I only require speed, and did not ask for strength before the fifth limit explosion. You can't kill your powerful demon enemies with only fast speed. Without your strength, your blows are not as fast as their recovery."

Wang Bugui agreed to those words. After all, only Wang Xuanming could have a tie with the Infantes. Even his father had to spend a long time killing an Infante considering his punch force and speed.

"The fourth limit is to train your agility. You can start cultivation this limit after you cultivate your speed to the Small Achievement Realm. At that time, you are supposed to move as soft and light as a ghost, besides to maintain the speed as well. That is mainly for your actions. It can help kill the sounds when you reach your own limit speed, and when you reach the Big Achievement Realm, you can go wherever you want in the world." Yun Jinghong said heroically.

Wang Bugui recalled his father's ghostly footwork. After he displayed all his strength, he and Dracula had a tie with each other, even if there was a gap between mortals and immortals.

Then Yun Jinghong continued, "The fifth limit is the explosive power among the human body treasures. After your speed and force have been cultivated to the Small Achievement Realm, you can begin it. Before using the moves of the Explosion Limit, you should first spread the prana power all around your body to break the congenital limits of your body, which is what the modern people call Body Defense Mechanism."

"This will ensure that your every move is a combination of speed and strength, but the price is that you will be injured as well. It is similar to the Universal Order, but the side effects are not so big. It only damages your body, not the prana blood."

"It is called Extreme Heaven Explosion, right? I saw my father using it once." Wang Bugui excited.

"Yes, the Kick of the Universe is also one." Yun Jinghong nodded. Wang Bugui clenched his fists tightly with excitement. He remembered that his father used the Extreme Heaven Explosion to heavily hurt two Infantes, and then resorted to the Kick of the Universe in the battle with Dracula to kill millions of the undead army.

Yun Jinghong looked at him with a smile, saying: "The next is the sixth limit, feeling. As the name suggests, it cultivates the six senses of cultivators. After cultivating it to the Big Achievement Realm, in addition to the cooperation with the primordial spirit, your thoughts can cover a country, and you can predict dangers in a battle. The emperor's thoughts can even cover a planet. He can predict all the actions of his opponent through the sixth sense, and even predict a corner of future."

Wang Bugui remembered the last obsession of his parents in the small pendant. Presumably, his father had already predicted the future. Otherwise, how can he plan so early? Relying on their strength, even Dracula couldn't stop them if they wanted to escape.

Yun Jinghong continued, "The seventh, the limit of one's body. The so-called body cultivation is to cultivate a supreme treasure body. We must constantly use various methods to temper our bodies, and baptize them to evolve into a higher-level treasure body. The current highest achievement of our sect is the founder's Primitive God of War Body. Unfortunately, no one can reach that after him, and later it retired into the Undefeatable Body of the World."

"Once you own the Undefeatable Body of the World, even if you are not under its protection of any martial art, it is still difficult to injure your body with spiritual weapons or forbidden weapons. If you resort to it, you will be undefeated, and nothing can hurt you anymore. Your body is like an immortal weapon at that time."

Wang Bugui touched his chin and nodded, recalling his father's Undefeatable Body of the World. Even the full-strength Dracula couldn't kill him, at most seriously injure him. The failure lied in the double forbidden arts.

"And the last limit, spirit, is to cultivate the power of primordial spirit. The cultivation system in the world is different, but all are similar. If you want to live forever, you must strengthen your power of the primordial spirit, because a dead man can be reborn through his alive primordial spirit. To kill a person, the best way is to destroy its primordial spirit."

"The founder of our sect has painstakingly studied the mysteries of primordial spirit. After knowing its importance, he emphasized it as the most important part of the Eight Limits." "The Method to Cultivate Primordial Spirit is one of the most advanced martial arts in the world. After you reached the Big Achievement Realm, you will gain the Soul of War Immortal of the founder, so that you can separate your primordial spirit from yourself to let it kill the enemy together with you."

"When can I practice the final limit?" Wang Bugui's eyes were full of urgency. He needed this martial art most because by achieving it, he could recover Hanae Chiou as the growth of the strength of his soul.

"After you reach the Prana Soul State. You look so anxious, so let's start cultivating now! Come with me!" Yun Jinghong shook his head smilingly.

"Okay! I must step into the second state as soon as possible!" Wang Bugui jumped three meters high with a cry. Yun Jinghong looked at him and laughed out. Then they two left the Cultivation Field and began the first cultivation lesson of Wang Bugui.

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