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"What we learn in the sect is called the Eight Limits Heavenly Kung Fu. Do you know what it is?" Yun Jinghong asked Wang Bugui. The latter thought for a second, and answered, "Nope. But I seem to have heard that there was a martial art in Japan named the Eight Inner Gates. Is there any connection between them?"

"Yes, there is. Actually, the Eight Inner Gates was passed to Japan from China, as well as the Gestures. I will explain it briefly. The Gestures originated in the early stage of the Xia Dynasty of China and was later introduced to Nepal, India, and finally Japan."

"However, the Gestures are usually used as a kind of assistance by those who don't own enough power to resort to the martial arts, while those real kung fu masters, such as the true immortals, can do so at their own will. They resort to martial arts as they mentioned them, and rarely have to gesture."

"The Eight Inner Gates was born in the Yellow Emperor period, also known as the Magical Inner Gates. It was created by the Heavenly Girl, the strongest goddess of war of our Chinese descendant. The Taoist priests also respectfully regard her as the Mother Emperor of Heaven." Yun Jinghong carefully answered, which made Wang Bugui so excited.

Yun Jinghong continued, "Based on the Prana Power Kung Fu in the Taoism, the Eight Limits was created by our ancestors according to the study of the eight gates of the Magical Inner Gates. The Eight Limits is a kind of powerful martial art which requests cultivators to cultivate both their primordial spirit and physiques. It focuses on the development of human potential, and can help cultivators reach the eight human body limits through cultivation."

"What introduced into the normal society is just a set of boxing kung fu suitable for people without the talent of cultivation. The Eight Inner Gates that was introduced into the ninjas does exist, but it is imperfect, but just a forbidden art of the Eight Limits series."

"Because without the combination of the primordial spirit and the prana power, just cultivating the physique alone is not enough to reach the highest level of the Eight Limits. The ninjas can only temporarily improve their combat power through the help of the eight inner gates, but can't use the imperfect Eight Inner Gates to truly strengthen their body and reach the immortal state. What's more, they will possibly win when they open all their eight inner gates to insistently fight against some stronger one, but the price is that they will also die after they kill the enemy."

Wang Bugui fell into a deep sense of shock. He never expected the martial art his father learned was so overbearing, no wonder in the very end his father could rely on his own strength to entangle with Dracula for saving time to seal him.

"Then, if someone has cultivated the perfect Eight Limits and reached its highest level, will he still pay the death price for resorting to the Eight Inner Gates?" Wang Bugui asked out of curiosity. If people would not die, then the Eight Limits was really incomparably terrible.

"The negative effects can be minimized. But the danger still exists after the safe time." Yun Jinghong replied.

"How long is it?"

"Depending on your cultivation and bearing capacity. You own a good body. You might have been baptized by some kind of precious blood. But your physique is still too weak. If you resort to the forbidden art, you will die of broken muscles, veins, and bones after one minute at most."

"So short?!" Wang Bugui was surprised. When he was young, his family bought the Black Dragon Blood for him at the auction house of the Treasure Hunter to improve his physique. Reasonably, his body was strong enough in the West.

There were only a few ones comparable with him among the Sanctuary knights. Even so, resorting to the forbidden art, he could only last for one minute before death, which could tell how terrible it was, and how difficult to reach its physical requirements!

Wang Bugui was curious about how strong his master was. "How long can you use it, Master?" Thinking for a while, Yun Jinghong answered, "About an hour. We call the forbidden art as the Eight Limits Universal Order, so there is a proverb spread in the ordinary society. It goes as 'The Tai Chi to govern the world, the Eight Limits to order the universe.'"

Wang Bugui felt that the power of the person in front of him was unimaginable. Was him the one who juggled Wang Bugui's watch away? Wang Bugui continued to ask, "You said that the Eight Limits Universal Order is just one of the forbidden arts. Are there any other?"

Suddenly, Yun Jinghong became serious. After a moment of silence, he said solemnly, "There is another one. But, listen carefully, these two kinds of forbidden arts can never be used together, otherwise, as long as you haven't become immortal, no matter how high-cultivated you are, you will absolutely die! According to legends, even the true immortals will die if they resort to these two kinds of forbidden arts together, and their primordial spirit will be seriously injured. It will take them nearly a thousand years to become a casual immortal."

"The other forbidden art is called the Destruction of the Mountains and Rivers of 10,000 Realms. As the name shows, it can destroy all the mountains and rivers around the whole world. The Eight Limits Universal Order will only remove the protection mechanism of your body to different degrees, so that all aspects of your physical strength and the attack power of the forbidden art will be increased by dozens of times, that is to say, your body is still protected by the primordial spirit and the prana power."

"However, the Destruction of the Mountains and Rivers of 10,000 Realms will burn your primordial spirit and the prana power, so that your primordial spirit and prana power can reach the level compared with the true immortals, but the price is the damage of your primordial spirit and the loss of your prana power. So, if you use these two kinds of forbidden arts at the same time, your primordial spirit will be damaged, your prana power will be lost, your body will be ruined, and you will definitely die! So remember, unless there is no other way, and you are forced to die with the enemy, don't use these two forbidden arts I teach you together!"

"The Destruction of the Mountains and Rivers of 10,000 Realms is more overbearing than the Eight Limits Universal Order, because when you resort to it, your prana power will be unbeatable, and no one can hurt you with its bodyguards. Even if you are seriously injured, you can recover instantly. Besides, your primordial spirit can also turn into an entity to attack alone, but the damage to itself is very serious, almost at the cost of life. Cultivators can use the Destruction of the Mountains and Rivers of 10,000 Realms two times at most in their lives. After that, their primordial spirit will die, so will their prana power. So, remember, never use it casually!"

Wang Bugui understood the heavy tone of his Master, and solemnly replied, "I know Master; I will remember your bullshit."

"Brat! That is instruction! What bullshit?! Do you think what I said is all bullshit?" Yun Jinghong shouted in anger.

Wang Bugui giggled, "Master, you misunderstood me! I just come to China, and my father has not taught me too much Chinese. Chinese culture is profound and full of history. I don't think your words are bullshit at all."

He laughed like an innocent neighboring boy that would do no harms to others, but what waited for him was Yun Jinghong sending him to the top of the Immortal Hill next to the Yuxu Palace with a kick. Wang Bugui lied here, enjoying the view leisurely. He could not help but think that if there really were immortals in this world?

If there was, why didn't they come to the earth to guide people to the cultivation road? If no, could mortals create such another space? And in this space, there were so many auras, even some animals and plants that he had not heard from others.

Such as birds with beautiful red feathers that could start a fire, deer with five colors, foxes with nine tails, and plants seemed to be carved out of jade. These creatures made him dazzled.

Sending here by a kick, he was brought back by Yun Jinghong until the late night. Yun Jinghong kicked Wang Bugui, because the former wanted to dredge the latter's channels and acupoints near his Aura Sea, and then took him to the Purple Waterfall to have a medical bath.

Yun Jinghong added a lot of magical herbs in the purple water, which made Wang Bugui feel that a certain airflow was baptizing his body, causing some rumbles from his Aura Sea.

"Relax, and I will help you to consolidate your Aura Sea." Yun Jinghong uttered solemnly. Wang Bugui began to relax himself to cooperate with Yun Jinghong.

An hour later, after he came out, his body was crystal-clear like a jade, emitting faint lights. His temperament became vacant like an immortal. But when he showed his prana blood, the power of the faint golden red blood vigor made him look like a God of War.

Yun Jinghong told him to take a rest directly tonight. Now his sleeping place was arranged on a jade bench outside the Yuxu Palace. Wang Bugui sat on it and closes his eyes. He gradually fell asleep in the mediation. Yun Jinghong was watching Wang Bugui in the Yuxu Palace. He wanted to let Wang Bugui absorb the natural auras while sleeping, and feel the magic of this world.

He also perceived Wang Bugui's high talents. So, he wanted to use this method to let him feel the power of the natural Taoism. Wang Bugui had realized something. He just introduced the prana power into his body, but he could enter the mediation once again. The natural auras were slowly remitting to him.

This was such a fresh experience for Wang Bugui. He dreamed that his soul was blending in nature. It stood on the pure land of the Yuxu Palace, and he could quietly feel everything in this fairyland.

The moonlight flowed into his body, and there was a magical force swarming to him. He could feel that this kind of power remained in his body. He fell asleep while feeling the world, having no idea that these auras were gradually changing his body.

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