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In Yuxu Palace, dew drops in the morning glided through the jade-like spirit grass and dropped into the earth. As a golden light pierced the boundless sky in the Pure Land, several golden light tore through the stratosphere, announcing the arrival of another day.

On this day, when the sun just shone into the hall, Wang Bugui got up. He found Yun Jinghong early and asked for advice on how to bring prana power into the body. The two came to sit on the ground under the Purple Waterfall. This was the place where the aura of the whole piece of pure land was strongest and could make the heart calm down.

Yun Jinghong said earnestly to Wang Bugui, "The first thing to do is to practice your heart. The reason why you need to know what you are doing and what is the meaning of your existence is to set up your heart so that you can walk well on the way. You can be regarded as a monk only if you have an unchanging Taoist heart. Now that the Tao has begun to take shape, the foundation for 100 days has been completed and the next step of cultivation has begun."

Seeing that Wang Bugui nod, he added, "Now you must learn to sense the prana power. This is the basis for the monks to seek the Tao. It is different from your blood vigour. It is innate, but many people cannot sense it, and blood vigour depends on cultivation. Heaven and earth, Yin and Yang; the Xuan is the Tao and the Zong is the root of everything. Therefore, although the Xuan and Zong is vast, they are still born by heaven and earth. It is the reflection of Tao."

"Prana power, including all things, is the changes between heaven and earth. Don't mistake the root. It is said that the combination of Yin and Yang is the root of all the prana power in the world. What we need to practice is innate prana power, which comes from nothingness. If you want to sense it, you need to leave your body and mind empty."

"In short, it is meditation. Put down all your thoughts and mind, and you can feel it when your body and mind are completely quiet and practicing. If you can make your body, mind and mind extremely empty, then you can sense the existence of innate prana power. Congenital prana power is the foundation of our cultivation, as well as the foundation of other Taoist schools to cultivate Tao and form a pellet."

"Then how can I store the prana power and prevent it from returning to nothingness?" When Wang Bugui asked for advice, Yun Jinghong nodded and said, "The innate prana power exists with birth and is hidden in the viscera. After you sense it, you can store it in the body's secret passage."

"The so-called porch know-how can be any one of the three Pellet Bases of the human body, can be your Yintang point of up Pellet Base, or point shanzhong of middle Pellet Base. It can also be at the lower Pellet Base, one inch and three points below the umbilicus."

"That I will choose the lower Pellet Base. My blood vigour and western magic storage points are here. Since the East calls this ancestral aperture and the West calls it the storage point of all magic, it must be the most important of the three Pellet Bases." Wang Bugui considered seriously.

"Well, lower Pellet Base is also known as ancestral aperture, which is more important for monks and is a place for us to store our practice spirit. Choosing lower Pellet Base as the entrance can allow the innate prana power to be initiated along with your Tao and spirit. Now you enter the meditation state and try to make your body, mind and mind empty. I will help you develop your ancestral aperture." Yun Jinghong nodded

Hearing his words, Wang Bugui immediately began to meditate. Now he could soon enter a state of perception after building a foundation. Yun Jinghong kept opening up his whole body meridians and acupoints behind him.

Yun Jinghong's hands slow and powerful pointed the whole body's acupuncture points meridians of Wang Bugui and the speed was still gradually accelerating. Later it looked as he was very slow, in fact, the speed of the hands out of the finger had rapidly to the point of the ghosting. As the acupuncture points were continuously burst open and the meridians were opened one by one, Wang Bugui felt that there were infinite forces surging out of his body.

"Don't worry, I'll bring these forces together when I open the place where your lower Pellet Base Aura Sea is." Yun Jinghong seemed to feel a little way. Wang Bugui followed his words. He did not care about the endless power. He emptied himself and removed all distractions, quiet inside.

As Yun Jinghong's spell was gradually completed, Wang Bugui saw a small sea eye in his body. He found that the forces he felt before were converging there to become part of the sea. Wang Bugui had already guessed that this was the Aura Sea of ancestral aperture, where there was not only a convergence of internal forces, but also the absorption of the aura of heaven and earth from the outside world, and his own blood vigour was also inside.

"Your Aura Sea is too small, and the essence and blood vigour occupy the majority. It won't be long before it will be filled up, but the sea eye will not be filled up. You will use the suppression and retention of the sea eye to the congenital prana power." Yun Jinghong said.

Sure enough, in about an hour or so, Wang Bugui's Aura Sea was filled with nimbus flowing in. Most of them were occupied by bright red essence, the rest were a small part of the body source power and heaven and earth auras outside the body.

Then Yun Jinghong used meditation mantra to help him empty himself. The time for tea was short, and Wang Bugui's heart, body and mind were completely empty. It seemed that he was the only soul left between heaven and earth. He only felt as if he was sitting in an endless, cold and dead universe, finding his innate prana power in this endless void.

Yun Jinghong's final voice told him to use his whole heart to sense the existence of prana power. Wang Bugui followed the method he said and tried to find it. In this void, Wang Bugui was the only master, and the idea could be spread everywhere. However, he could not find the mysterious and ethereal innate prana power after searching for thousands of times. Later he changed the method, and used the method of gathering auras to absorb the innate prana power.

It finally worked this time. He vaguely felt a mysterious aura coming from nothingness, although there were only some spots smaller than dust, but they kept coming from all directions.

In the end, these almost imperceptible spots converged into a golden ball the size of a soybean. However, his innate prana power was very special. After being condensed, it was in violent turmoil and seemed to disperse at any time. Wang Bugui did not know how to keep it. He was so anxious that he almost broke away from this state and fell short.


At this time, he found that the pendant on him also came here with his soul. The small pendant gave a clear and crisp sound of god, and the whole body bloomed with eternal bright blue light like starlight, even illuminating this void. This mysterious blue light has stabilized the state of the innate prana power, and Wang Bugui was stunned to see that. He could not help asking himself how much the secret of this little pendant had.

Gradually, the golden ball of light condensed from the congenital prana power was no longer turbulent and would not disperse. Finally, it flew to the center of the small Aura Sea in Wang Bugui's body and float above the sea eyes.

"Oops! Why did I lose contact with him?"

In the outside world, Yun Jinghong seemed to be very anxious and had been jumping with anger. He just remembered that the more talented the person was, the more difficult it was to find the innate prana power, and it would be easy to disperse. If he did't succeed for the first time, the next retrieval would be as difficult as reaching heaven. Even if he could retrieve it, it would certainly be much less than the first retrieval. He was originally prepared to help Wang Bugui retrieve the innate prana power, but he did not expect that he broke off contact with Wang Bugui after Wang Bugui's soul entered the void only left one sentence.

"What's the matter, Master, is there anything important?" Wang Bugui escaped from the state of spiritual enlightenment. He opened his eyes and saw this scene, thinking that something great had happened.

"Of course there was an accident. It was my fault. You didn't find the innate prana power, did you?" Yun Jinghong almost cried.

"I have found it. If you don't believe me, look at my Aura Sea." Wang Bugui said with a puzzled face.

"What?! How can you hold the innate prana power by yourself?" Yun Jinghong was so shocked that his eyes almost flew out.

"It wasn't me, it was this little pendant that helped me stabilize the prana power." Wang Bugui said honestly.

"Hiss! It's really steady! This thing is really amazing. I'm relieved that it has such miraculous effect." Yun Jinghong took a breath after his spirit mind felt the weak innate prana power in Wang Bugui's body, touching his chest.

"Master, what's the origin of this pendant? How do I feel it seems omnipotent?" Wang Bugui touched the pendant and thought.

"This pendant was from an ancient cave in Jiuzhaigou's secret land when your father was traveling. From my point of view, this should be a treasure that was conceived during the great flood period, and the reason why it was shaped like a pendant should be refined by later generations. However, it is not known exactly what the crystal pendant is made of, but there must be some secrets of this treasure that have not yet been discovered."

"I only know that it can help monks warm up primordial spirit and unite the heaven and earth auras during the cultivation, and can make it easier to enter the mediation state." "Now I know that it can also direct the power of the origin of the universe, otherwise it can never settle the innate prana power." Yun Jinghong said such a few secrets.

"This little pendant is really a good treasure. It would be nice to know its origins. There are many secrets in this world." Wang Bugui was eager. He wanted to uncover all the secrets of the world and have a look at the true face of the earth.

"All right, boy, after you achieve the Big Achievement Realm of martial arts, have your chance to travel, then you will know how wonderful the world and even the whole universe is. Now that you have introduced prana power into the body, let you know the difference between the cultivation realm of the sect and other sects." Yun Jinghong smiled lightly, then asked Wang Bugui to sit down beside him and listen to him.

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