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Outside the Yuxu Palace was the spot closest to the cloud of stars in the galaxy, and Wang Bugui felt as though he could grab them if he reached out. They were walking toward the two watchtowers and finally stopped before them.

"Now you understand the motive behind learning the ways of Tao?" Yun Jinghong turned around to ask the boy after glancing at the starry sky.

Wang Bugui lifted his head and replied resolutely, "To achieve what everyone expects of me, to bear the responsibility of my clan, to attain the hopes of my parents and to save Sister Chiou so that she can come back to the world of the living!"

Yun Jinghong smiled as he heard the boy. "Very good. I haven't misjudged you nor disappointed those that died for you. Learning the ways of Tao means to cultivate a heart that can protect the tenets of Taosim and seeks enlightenment, not one that is directed by hatred or desire. Casting your hatred aside doesn't mean that you can't avenge the death of your loved one, but having a clear focus in seeking the truth of Tao. When you've achieved something in Tao, what's the purpose of seeking revenge?"

He walked below the bright moon and continued speaking to Wang Bugui with his back turned. "Learning the ways of Tao is to become stronger and capable enough of protecting yourself and those that you value, not obsessed with killing. You should only act in self-defense, and only after your assailant keeps coming after you! The world of Tao is similar to that of mortals. Everything is ranked by strength, and how can you protect the things around you if you're weak? If you want to become strong, never cease seeking to achieve more in Taoism, but if you want to achieve that, you have to possess a heart that is focused on learning the ways of Tao."

"Those that use Tao to do evil will never achieve true understanding of it, and even if he or she manages to do so, one day Heaven will destroy him or her. Only one that uses it to do good can truly attain enlightenment in Tao, and such a person will need to possess a heart filled with love. Only love can lead to the true path of Taoism."

Yun Jinghong turned to face Wang Bugui as he continued. "You shouldn't let down the people that have passed, and you should protect those that are still alive with everything you have. Save those that still can be saved, and if you're strong enough, no calamity will be able to obstruct you. Those that are strong in Tao can rule over many worlds, control Taoism itself and go against the will of the Heavens!"

"If you want to achieve all this, you have to maintain a pure heart. I'll help you step on the right path. Your father was my regret, and now I'm placing all my hope on you. I've seen your talent and tenacity first hand, and I'll throw in all of my knowledge to help you achieve immortality!"

Yun Jinghong's grandiloquence stirred up a thousand waves in the king's heart. It is no wonder that his father taught him from an early age the idea of training people to conquer nature. Now that he thought about it, in fact, Wang Xuanming has already pinned his hope on himself. What kind of determination and courage does this require?

"I will definitely not disappoint Master Yun!" Wang Bugui did not return and resolutely showed his determination.

"Well, it's getting late. I've arranged a sleeping place for you. Let's call it a day and let you know about spiritual practice tomorrow." Yun Jinghong nodded and took the king to sleep in the palace on the right.

That night, Wang Bugui fell asleep within a minute of lying down. Originally he was supposed to be very excited and difficult to sleep, but today he was tested by three hours of coercion and could only compete with the flesh and blood vigour. He was really exhausted.

Yun Jinghong saw everything in the main hall and could not help but smile calmly. It was really surprising that this young man could persist for six hours.

It was known that this kind of fairy seedling could only be seen in ancient times, and now he can even meet it in this era of the late arts. This great fortune is not only heaven's luck, it is simply a direct hit. At the same time, he also came up with a prediction handed down from the mouth of the Qin Dynasty's Big Capables that the planet would be transformed in 2,000 years.

Perhaps there would be an immortal road that will open in that lifetime, but this immortal road must also be paved with blood and bones. Because of the great changes in heaven and earth, there would also be an unprecedented murder and robbery. Only an invincible and powerful person on this plane could save it. Was it this life?

"If it is really this life, presumably those old guys are also preparing for immortal road." "The biggest prosperous time since the era of the late arts is the opening of the biggest crisis, who is going to turn into the devil to destroy the world, and who is going to save the whole world with his own efforts against the crisis to destroy the world?"

Yun Jinghong looked at the stars with a sigh of emotion, whether this prosperous time is a blessing or a curse is unknown. Only by focusing on the present is the most important thing, after all, regardless of whether the world is big or not, the monk's world takes strength as its honor. He just wanted to do everything he could to teach Wang Bugui not to return to this promising young man. The future world could only count on him.

"I will gamble with this day and pour all the resources left here on him. Success is proof, failure is death!" Yun Jinghong clenched his fists and secretly made up his mind to bet on this life even if he was sorry for all the ancestors.

The next day, Yuxu Palace.

"Bad boy, get up!" An abuse came to wake the sleeping Wang Bugui. He quickly got up from his quilt.

"Ouch! How can it be so heavy!" Wang Bugui cried out. He just stood up and found that the gravity here had increased a lot and pressed him directly onto the bed again. He then got up after adapting to the change of gravity.

When he walked out, he saw a smiling face and immediately guessed that this unreliable Master had made it.

"How? How does it feel the suppression of the Taoism? I can't help it. As long as it is in this sect, people will be suppressed, as well as me." Yun Jinghong said with a smile, without any feeling like a teacher, but like a deceiving obscene trickster.

"You didn't remind me earlier!" Wang Bugui said angrily.

"That is so boring if I reminded you. This is a surprise. You can walk normally even if the ban is fully implemented, you are indeed the person who can hold on for six hours under the suppression of the Tao in main hall." Yun Jinghong smiled.

Yun Jinghong's words made Wang Bugui speechless. It seemed that this Master never thought of treating him like a normal person.

"All right, all right, this will teach you to slowly get to know the real world. Follow me." Yun Jinghong gave up his way and took Wang Bugui back to the main hall. The two walked all the way through the main hall to the back of Yuxu Palace. The space behind the palace was more generous than that of the palace. Right in front of them was a land full of auras. Different precious grass grew everywhere, and a purple waterfall hung like a Milky Way in the middle of it fell down.

On the right is a black martial arts arena, and the left is a white martial arts arena. If take a look from a high altitude, a huge Tai Chi diagram will be formed. The place where Purple Waterfall water flows is a curve. Yun Jinghong led Wang Bugui to sit on the ground without returning to the Purple Waterfall. The crystal-clear purple water around him fell from the sky and stirred up purple water vapor, like a dream.

"Bugui, you listen up, the so-called cultivate Tao is to lead the congenital prana power turn into our bodies. Before this, you have to get into Basing State for 100 days. Only after Basing State can you activate the prana power into your body. And I will teach you how to find this prana power from nothingness, and when we have the congenital prana power, we can officially start cultivation."

"The first step in the world is to get the Basing State in 100 days, because this is the foundation for the way you will build in the future. Having a solid foundation is very important to the monks. I think your physical body is tough. Your father must have trained you strictly since childhood. Maybe he has baptized your body. Otherwise, how can a monk who is not at Basing State be able to use his physical body to contend with the entry-level coercion for six hours?" Yun Jinghong said detailly.

"Well, since I was a child, I used to soak in different colors of potions every once in a while. Once there seemed to be Black Dragon Blood." Wang Bugui nodded.

"Your father was so well-meaning! He pinned all his hopes on you and spent countless efforts to temper your physique. In addition, he also knew the training methods of tempering your physique. Only by complementing each other can you achieve today's results. Then I can't live up to his expectations, and now I'll help you build the foundation for 100 days!" Yun Jinghong sighed, and then began to explain how to build the foundation for Wang Bugui.

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