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"No, no! Kelson! Argh!"

Druid cried as he kneeled on the ground—the person whom he most respected had been killed in battle. Wang Bugui and Merutia went up to calm him down, but even they could not believe that Kelson would be killed in this manner. Wang Bugui still remembered what the Paladin said, and he understood now that Kelson must have entered the fray with the determination to die.

Kelson's final oath had a huge impact on everyone, and their respect for him grew. Even the vampires could not help but feel likewise, and all of the Infantes, Dracula included, felt that he was a worthy opponent.

"Faith? I too, perished for my faith once, but what did I get in return? Only my king's betrayal, that's what. I'll still wage war against this unjust God!" Dracula said as he witnessed Kelson turn into ashes; the Paladin's oath had only served to intensify his hate toward God.

"I don't care if you declare war with God, but I won't let you put this world in danger!" Clara shouted as she charged to engage Dracula in battle.

"Bugui, you guys don't get too near," instructed Wang Xuanming before turning toward Clara. "I'll help you!" he said.

"I believe in you, father!" said Wang Bugui as he saw his father leave resolutely. Wang Xuanming's body, which was bathed in gold light, gave others a sense that he was reliable.

With a wave, Clara summoned a huge red lotus which began flying forward, emitting explosions along the way. Dracula, however, created a bloody gate which swallowed the lotus whole before flinging his blood crystal spear at his opponent. A shield was formed from the light emitting between Clara's fingers, blocking her opponent's attack. A magic circle then appeared behind her, and the breath of a red dragon shot out of it like a shooting star.

Dracula summoned a magic circle on his glove as well, and he used the Blood Prison-Wailing skill again. Tens of thousands of blood swords blocked the terrible blanket of flames, and he spread his bloody wings, shooting up into the sky. He then created a sword of blood in his hand and stabbed at Clara with it.

Just at this moment, Wang Xuanming's fist came crashing down on the vampire, his Break Heaven Fist smashing hard into Dracula's sword. Terrible turbulence of gold and red energies was created in the air by exchange, and Wang Xuanming managed to punch the blood sword into bits. Instantly, he followed up with a swift Meteorite Kick and Dracula matched it with a kick of his own as well. In an instant, they had already exchanged hundred of blows.

Even though Wang Xuanming's body was much tougher, Dracula possessed a nearly immortal body and was not afraid to meet him head-on. Every time they clashed, the entire world, which had turned scarlet, shook, as if the powerful aura of both combatants threatened to tear it into two. Clara, who was behind them, took the opportunity to strike with a few magic chants, and rays of gold light rained down with the force of a waterfall. Upon seeing that, Wang Xuanming knocked his opponent back with a punch and retreated far away.


Unexpectedly, Dracula blocked the attack of the golden waterfall with only one hand. Numerous magic circles began appearing around him, and a different ray shot out of each, flying toward him. Dracula released blood from his body to block them before shooting up into the skies, but a huge gold lance about 50 meters long ran through him just as he ascended. With a shout, the vampire summoned a demonic palm from the blood prison, hitting the spear with it. The spear was instantly smashed into bits.

Scraps of gold were soon flying in the air, and before they had settled, a huge flaming sword was slashing at Dracula. With a powerful swing of his bloody wings, the skies were split apart and the sword turned into a ball of brilliant flames. Just as it exploded, however, an icy lance and a giant black hammer came flying toward him. As the lance flew across, the air it passed through froze, and the hammer carried with it the destructive power of the abyss.

Dracula flung a lance made of fresh blood at the icy spear, smashing it into smithereens. He then blocked the giant hammer with a shield of blood and brilliantly directed the momentum of the blow back toward Clara. While he was doing that, however, another Meteorite Kick from Wang Xuanming came flying toward him from above.


Dracula blocked the kick with an arm, while he grabbed at his opponent with the other. Upon seeing this, Wang Xuanming ceased attacking and dodged before giving the vampire a few heavy kicks. In the short span of three seconds, he had already made a few hundred of them, prompting Dracula to stop his advance forcibly. Wang Xuanming then leaped before him and unleashed his Extreme Heaven Explosion technique. Both of his gold fists crashed violently into his opponent with the force of a meteorite.

A huge sound, like that of a meteorite crashing to Earth, accompanied each punch, and it shook everyone present. It made them reach toward their hearts, as if the force of the punch had reached them, even at such a great distance.

Still, Dracula did not take any defensive measures—he had died hundreds of times after being hit with the Extreme Heaven Explosion, but each time, his body, which had been beaten into pulp, was resurrected with a single drop of blood. He wanted to charge forward and crush Wang Xuanming, but a giant silver arrow appeared before him, as if it had teleported through space, just as he reached his opponent.


Clara had taken the opportunity to strike her opponent with a lethal arrow, and the vampire's body burst open. This time, Dracula took his time to resurrect himself, and his gore and flesh formed pools of blood that rose up into the skies. They combined into huge balls of blood which then erupted violently.

Clara summoned a red dragon shield to block the attack, while two beams of divine light, one black and the other white, shot out from Wang Xuanming's body and clashed head-on with the balls of blood raining down on him, stopping their momentum. Everyone then saw a blood moon rise, and Dracula stood in the middle of it, directing an infinitely huge sea of blood upon them. Countless vengeful spirits were trapped in the sea of blood, and the combined might was as powerful as that of an apocalyptic tsunami. Before it had even hit the land, the pressure had already caused the ground to sink by about one meter.

Wang Xuanming extended his golden glow to shield the humans, while Clara tried to hold the sea of blood back with her Magic Circle of Four Elements. The force of the torrent of blood, however, was far too powerful and pressed onto the magic circle until it nearly broke. Eventually, the force of Dracula's attack broke through all of his opponents' defenses, and the humans felt the torrent of blood rain down upon them with an overpowering intent to kill. Wounds began to appear on a large number of them even as they were protected by the barrier of golden light.

"Roar! Heavenly Battling Force, release 100 per cent of the Body Defense Mechanism! Kick of the Universe!"

Just as the torrent of blood was about to engulf everyone, the humans heard a huge roar. Wang Xuanming used his Universal Buddha Imaging skill to transform into a golden giant a few hundred meters tall. Golden light burst forth from his body as he leaped into the air with tremendous power and kicked at his opponent.

Everyone watched as immense power flowed around the gold avatar as he leaped up and kicked, tearing the space which he had passed through apart. The virtual copies of various deities and demons behind him also charged along.


What was surprising was that Wang Xuanming could shatter the torrent of blood with just one kick alone. The potent power of the attack destroyed everything in its path, scattering anything that blocked its advance like leaves in an autumn wind—his Kick of the Universe could really destroy the entire universe!

Everyone was encouraged by his overwhelming power, and they started chanting 'Divine God of War, Wang Xuanming' after hearing his son calling him as such. This moment would forever be in the memories of everyone who had fought that day—they were never going to forget that time when a man from the East, who was as powerful as a true God of War, rescued them.

"Seeker of Truth from the East, hahaha, you didn't disappoint me. I don't know how long more you can hold on, but I've just been using half of my strength only. Now, I'm going to use 70 per cent of my power to fight with you two," said Dracula with a cold laugh, as he stood in the blood moon.

His words made everyone feel alarmed. "It turned out that the destructive power he displayed just now was only half of his strength. How powerful is this demon truly?" they thought.

"Help me delay him, I can't maintain the form of a Red Dragon Disciple any longer. I'm going to prepare a powerful forbidden art for my next attack!" Clara told Wang Xuanming via the psychic transmission.

"Come fight me!" shouted Wang Mingxuan after he received the message, charging forward while brandishing his fists. The blood moon was soon shattered from the struggle between him and Dracula, and the vampire's strength, even at only 70 per cent of its maximum, was so devastating that even Wang Xuanming's body, tough as it was, was soon covered with a few wounds after they exchanged hundreds of blows.

By this time, Clara, who was far away from the titanic clash, had already gathered an immense amount of magical power. Wave after wave of red energy appeared from the heavens and surged toward her body, and all of the magical red dragon tattoos on her body began to emit a red glow. The violent surge of power gradually formed into a storm with Clara as the focal point, and she stood in the center of it.

Suddenly, the storm stopped and Clara advanced toward Dracula, bathed in flames. She chanted with every step she took, and each step caused the earth to sink and crumble.

"In the name of a contracted disciple, I summon my lord and god. I beg thee to descend upon this earth and show us your incomparable prestige. Use your ultimate destructive power to make your enemies bow down before you, and use your devastating flames to crush all who dare disobey you."

"The flames of death will burn everything in this world to ashes.

"The indestructible red lotus will burn through time and space.

"Red Dragon King, the master of flames who has been in slumber in a galaxy far away.

"Fulfil the contractual agreement of souls we've made and descend upon this earth.

"Create the dusk of the apocalypse on my behalf.

"And make everything return back to nothingness.

"Burn down all your enemies and go forth to the primal chaos to put an end to this.

"Come! Red Dragon King!"

As Clara concluded her chanting, a huge magic circle thousands of meters high appeared in the skies and the red glow flashing in the circle was stronger even than the bloody sea of red painted by Dracula over the entire world.


The claw of a red dragon appeared from the huge magic circle and smashed the surrounding skies into pieces. Soon, another dragon's claw burst forth from space, and everyone could see the terrible figure of a dragon in the hole created in that pocket of space. The demonic dragon broke free from all space restrictions with its wings and slowly descended upon this world.


The dragon's roar spread throughout the surrounding area and shook everyone so much that they began to feel nauseated. Some of them who were more susceptible to the noise even kneeled uncontrollably onto the ground—they could not resist bowing before the immense majestic presence of the dragon.

"Contractual messenger, what do wish my double to accomplish by coming to this world?" it asked. No one other than Clara had expected that it could actually speak.

"Can you slay that demon?" Clara asked it.

"I can't kill him outright. After all, I'm just a manifest, and he's already connected with those seven fellows from Hell. However, I can still get rid of those millions of lives he has," said the Red Dragon King calmly, as if killing Dracula millions of times over was an extremely normal task to do.

"Then go forth and show us your majestic power!" ordered Clara with a stern expression on her face.

The Red Dragon King moved and the power of one swing from its wings killed thousands of Blood Slaves. It charged toward Dracula, blazing flames spewing out from its mouth. No one could see what happened next.

The intense heat made everyone feel as if they were within a volcano, and this was with Wang Xuanming's barrier of golden light protecting all of them. Furthermore, they were far away from the scene of battle. A huge number of Viscounts and Barons that were standing at the fringes of the battleground were killed, and not even the ashes of the Blood Slaves remained behind.

Many Counts had also perished, and even the Infantes had to retreat far away. One could imagine the extent of the fire Dracula was facing at the epicenter of the battleground; the awe-inspiring power of the dragon had been completely unleashed!

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