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Everyone could vaguely see a man walking over from the distance. The bloody light in the sky became brighter with every step he took.


The man in the distance slowly walked over. Every single Blood Clan on the road he stepped on would kneel down to submit. His steps were very slow, but every step seemed to step on everyone's heart, making them kneel down involuntarily. However, humans didn't want to kneel down, so they could only force themselves not to yield. As a result, they were forced to spit out large mouthfuls of blood.

All of the vampires knelt down on one knee to welcome his arrival. All of the Infantes also placed their right hands on their chests with their heads lowered, waiting for his arrival, except Field, who did not seem to even respect that person, as he only watched him walk over expressionlessly.

"Field, you are still the same." Dracula said slowly. He was a strong middle-aged man, extremely handsome, but with a little vicissitudes, his dark eyes seemed to care nothing.

"Whether I change or not has nothing to do with you." Field coldly replied. He was not fond of Dracula much.

"Hehe, I haven't seen this dark and gloomy world for a long time. Ever since the last time I fought with Van Helsing, it's still the same as before. What's the outside world like now is unknown. I really look forward to seeing the outside world being dyed scarlet." Dracula said with a smile, as these words made all the humans feel a burst of killing intent.

Everyone saw countless corpses appearing behind Dracula - a scene of one million corpses lying at the feet of a devil and the entire world being dyed scarlet.


Suddenly, Wang Xuanming's shout scattered all the illusions and woke everyone up. Everyone started to sweat profusely. Just now an illusion had almost caused them to fall. If Dracula really wanted to make his move, was there any hope for humans?

"Oh? An Oriental practitioner. It is unexpected that there would still be practitioners left in this world. The Oriental Continent was mysterious indeed. However, do you really think that the remaining practitioners can stop me?" Dracula asked Wang Xuanming.

"Over five thousand years of Chinese inheritance, the things left behind for our Yanhuang descendants are not things you can imagine! There is always a higher mountain, the Yanhuang blood has never been weaker than any force. Even if you have the power of a True Immortal, someone in China will definitely be able to kill you. Because a mortal Chinese can also become a True Immortal. "

Maybe no one could understand Wang Xuanming's words, but he was using a sound transmission now. That kind of mysterious sound echoed in everyone's heart, although they didn't understand the words, they did get the implications.


These words immediately boiled the battlefield with excitement. It turned out that such a powerful force existed in this world, but it had always been very low-key. Not even the three great powers of the West had never heard of its existence. If so, then perhaps the power of practitioners was the most powerful force in the world. They had never disappeared in 5000 years, and they could even become an immortal that surpassed the human race!

Kelson and Clara also became a little fearful when they looked at Wang Xuanming. He said so confidently, could it be that there really were some unknown secrets in the Chinese continent?

Kelson thought about the legends of the Sanctuary that there were gods and devils in the East, and every single one of them was existence that could bring doomsday to the world. Clara thought of the words of the previous generations of Wisdoms that the immortals on the East were even stronger than the various elemental lords that they had signed contracts with. With a hand raising, billions of lives are exterminated. A single word or a single deed is a law. A single hair falling would be able to cut down mountains and rivers.

"Hahaha. Immortals? The current world is what you call an era of dying magic. Will there still be immortals left in this world? Even if there are immortals, I am not afraid, because it is difficult for immortals to return to this world after flying up, and only immortals of about the same level as me can return. This world will be buried with my own hands, and everything will be destroyed, just to avenge that damned God. "

Wang Xuanming didn't expect that Dracula could utter such words. He frown tightly. It was true that it was impossible for the immortals to exist in the era of dying magic, and Dracula's words didn't seem to be pretended. Did he really take that step and leap into the level of Heavenly Demon?

When the other humans heard that, they were terrified. Did Dracula mean that he had the power equivalent to an immortal? If that was the case, then what hope did humans have?

"This is doomsday judgement. Everything is about to be destroyed…"

Some of the Paladins were shaken as they thought that the Doomsday Judgement would come, as mentioned in the Bible.

"Is the world going to be destroyed?"

Some of the mages dropped their wands and spellbooks, kneeling on the ground and trembling. In a flash, the fighting spirit of the human forces plummeted. With such a devil here, the outcome of the battle would be decided.

"If our first Patriarch could seal you, so can we!" Only the Blood Hunters had not given up yet. They firmly believed that the reason why the Blood Hunter Clan existed was to defeat the vampires, and no vampire could not be killed. Furthermore, the First Van Helsing also said before he died, that only the strongest human being in the world could kill vampires in the end.

But now, the cries of the Blood Hunters were useless. Everyone was sunk into depression, and the fighting spirit of humans completely dissipated.

"What are you doing? As the God's people, do you want to surrender to the devil?"

"We are the descendants of the Gods. Our purpose of mastering magic is to get rid of anyone who goes against our Gods."

"There's no destiny for human beings!"

Three slightly immature voices appeared on the battlefield, breaking the depressing atmosphere. Everyone looked towards the source of the voices, which came from the three people: Druid, Merutia and Wang Bu Gui. Normally, this kind of child's words would be regarded as jokes, even if they were geniuses. However, at this moment, everyone heard it in mind.

They were puzzled, ashamed, and regretful. The words of the three children seemed that they were filled with wisdom. Only then did they recall the reason why they came to this battlefield. Wasn't it just to give everyone a future? But what were they doing just then? Weren't all of them determined to die? Why were they afraid of death?

"Right, we are fighting for the future of our descendants!"

"For faith!"

"For the Black Tower!"

"As Paladins, we cannot insult this title!"

In a moment, all sorts of voices rang out endlessly on the battlefield. Everyone became confident once again. They knew that they were confused by Dracula's words just now, but now that they had awakened, they all glared at Dracula. Even if he forced them to kneel down, he could not stop the angry eyes from staring.

"Ignorant human beings do not deserve to live. I will guide you to the other side of life. All of you, become ghosts in the river of blood. Heaven is just a lie from false Gods, and the Nine Hells are your true destination." Dracula's cold voice came through, at the same time, an even more terrifying blood light exploded around his body, causing those who could not endure it to directly kneel down.

"Humph! A mere devil! In the eyes of our God, you are not even his opponent. I will judge you on behalf of Michael, the Son of Light!" Kelson was the first one to stand up confronting Dracula. Behind him, the shadow of Michael appeared, surrounded by the pure white energy of faith, as though a real Seraph descending into this world to save it.

"I admit that you devils are different from those who do not have minds. You have a good grasp of the humans' desires, but to me it is useless. On behalf of the Elemental God and the Red Dragon Monarch, I declare war on you!" Clara spread out her Red Dragon Wings and flew up into the sky and look down on Dracula. Around her were all kinds of elemental lights, as if she was really a descendant of a God.

"Evil cannot surpass righteous. Uprightness lasts forever! If demons and monsters in the world run rampant, our Chinese practitioners will definitely go out to defeat them!" Wang Xuanming's body was covered with the black and white aura, the golden light rushed out to dissipate everyone's pressure. At the same time, he took a step forward. His battle aura gushed out like a raging sea, giving people the illusion that he was a true immortal descending to the mortal world.

At the same time, Alice also walked to Wang Xuanming's side and confronted Dracula with him together. The silver bow in her hands released brilliant lights. She was ready to shoot silver arrows anytime. All of the strongest human warriers stood forward and prepared to fight to the death with Dracula, their strongest opponent. The people from both sides raised their weapons and prepared to fight as well, including all the Infantes.

"You just watch from the side. I myself can cope this well. I have to let them know how small they are." Dracula waved to all the Infantes and Vampires and indicated them not to move. He then slowly walked forward to challenge all the humans by himself.

"For the sake of my lord, I will fight with you. Ready to go to hell to repent!"

Kelson made a firm oath, and then took the lead to rush up and fight with Dracula.

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