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No matter which battlefield they were on, they saw a gigantic white lightball explode. The explosion illuminated the entire gloomy world. All the fights stopped for a moment, and both the humans and the vampires stared at there until the explosion died down. This scene was like a grand firework that withered and fell after an extremely gorgeous sublimation.

"Bruno, it seems that you're no longer confused about why you're fighting. You can leave in peace." Only Kelson immediately knew that it was the last glorious end of Bruno's life. Thus, the leader of the Dragon Slaughter Knights, Bruno, died in battle. Kelson looked with respect in the direction of the falling firework, and after a long sigh, he turned around and once again entered the battlefield.

Due to Bruno's death, the battle stopped for a short while before it started again. All of the members of the Dragon Slaughter Knights were extremely furious that they all fought with bloodshot eyes. The leader's death ignited everyone's fighting spirit, and the battle became even more intense.

And in the center of the explosion, Mungo and Wyat were standing there. Bruno did not kill them in the end, just hurt them so badly that they were unable to continue fighting. Both of their bodies were badly broken as they stared at the broken sword and armor on the ground.

The surrounding members of Dragon Slaughter Knights rushed over and wanted to to kill them, but the army of vampires blocked them. However, all of this did not seem to have anything to do with Mungo and Wyat. The two of them just stood there in a daze.

"What, what am I living for now?"

"Does my life really go without colors and stories?"

"All the people I cared about are dead, but I'm still alive. Why?"

"Is it worth losing everything to obtain power?"

A string of questions appeared in Mungo and Wyat's minds. They looked at each other but only saw the same confusion in each other's eyes. They stood quietly and thought deeply.

The battle reached its climax, where Clara suppressed Field and prepared to kill him. Wang Xuanming also suppressed the two Infantes with all strength. Finally, Michael killed the blood colored beast, and the battle between Kelson and Nattiavelle was about to be decided

"Red Dragon's Fire!"

Hundreds of magic circles appeared behind Clara, from which huge flames were constantly spewing out and bombarding forward. Field drew out his own blood and formed tens of thousands of spears to meet the flames. No one could suppress the other from the collision between the blood spears and flames. Then Clara released several red dragon spells.

Whether it was a blossoming red lotus, or several tens of flame pillars soaring into the sky, or a roaring fire dragon, Field blocked them one by one with his Rose Blood Sword and tens of thousands of blood spears, but he was not strong enough and suffered a lot.

"Master of the Arctic Ice Abyss, Purgatory Flame Giant, Goddess of Divine Light, Lord of the Darkness, manifest your strength in this world! Rescue those who are unlucky from their nightmares, and let those who are ignorant disappear forever. Open the forbidden gate. Cleanse the filth of the world. I am the Elemental Conductor Clara Franmer. Forbidden Art - Elemental Judgement!

A magic cane appeared in front of Clara, she started to chant a forbidden incantation. With every step she walked there was a magic circle. A total of four giant magic circles appeared, which began to emit dazzling four-color lights as the incantations were chanted. When the incantations were finished, these lights rushed into the sky and tore open the dark sky.

A gigantic magic circle appeared in the sky, from which a four-color light of 50 meters width rushed down to Field. He gathered thousands of blood spears into a huge blood spear and threw upward, but the gigantic blood spear could not hold on for more than 3 seconds before being shattered into pieces. The divine light directly hit Field's body.

In the end, all of the magic circles disappeared, and the divine light also dissipated from the world, leaving behind a huge hole on the ground that was hundreds of meters deep. Clara stared at Field who was inside the hole with her intelligent eyes. In the end, Field condensed a blood armor to block the attack, and the divine light only destroyed the armor and seriously hurt him.

On the other side, Kelson already defeated Nattiavella and was currently fighting with the other two Infantes who rushed over to help. The pressure on the human side dropped sharply and they began to attack spectacularly. Alice's arrows finally injured Nicolas badly, causing him to retreat to the side to recuperate. Once again, she got into the battlefield to support human forces.

Wang Xuanming's body was covered with the black and white aura and golden light, displaying his supreme fighting strength. His physical body was countless times tougher than Augustus' Blood Spear, causing the Blood Spear to let out a series of whining sounds. At this moment, he was no longer defending or dodging; he would be able to withstand any attack. Lambert and Augustus had to attack him at least a hundred times before they would be able to hurt him once.

They were originally not fully recovered, and their opponent unleashed countless profound arts, caused the two of them to feel aggrieved. Once again, Wang Xuanming reduced 50% of his Body Defense Mechanism. After exchanging hundreds of blows with them in extreme speed, he found a flaw, and directly used his Break Heaven Fist and Meteorite Kick, forcing them to continuously retreat.

"Heavenly Battling Force, activate! Extreme Heaven Explosion! "

Before they could stabilize themselves, Wang Xuanming shouted out once again and followed. The golden light around his body had been ignited into pure flames that gathered on his fists and clashed over a hundred times. Every strike was so fast that even the air itself produced sonic booms, and every punch was simultaneously filled with power, directly attacked Mungo and Lambert flying a few hundred meters away.

Immediately, Wang Xuanming came over before they could even land on the ground and gave them the last powerful kick of the Extreme Heaven Explosion. This kick shattered Augustus' arm along with his blood spear, and caused Lambert's hands to explode.

Augustus and Lambert were in the distance healing their injuries as they looked at the man who was like Ares in front of them with disbelief. Wang Xuanming had heavily hurt the third and the fourth Infante, arousing everyone present to cheer.

Wang Bu Gui was much more excited in heart. . His dark jade-like eyes reflected the magnificent man, as he swore to himself in the heart that he would one day reach such height. Druid and Merutia also saw that scene, they also felt that the Oriental man was truly awesome. Even if the two Infantes didn't have their full strength recovered, they were still Infantes in the top six.

But not all battlefields went so smoothly. Herty and Stephanie were defeated by Annie and Barnard. Those two Infantes were also in the top six, so even if they fought with injuries, , they would still not be able to win. Herty and Stephanie were unable to fight back now.

But Annie and Barnard did not chase after them to end their lives, because Wang Xuanming looked towards them, and his golden eyes released dense killing aura, making them not dare to move rashly. Then Wang Xuanming walked over. Barnard sweated a lot as though he was facing a great enemy. However, he still chose to stand in front of Annie, preparing to be the first one to receive the attack.

But just then Wang Xuanming stopped, he seemed to sense something and turned to look into the distance. At the same time, Clara and Kelson stopped their battles and looked into the distance. At that moment, all the Infantes stopped their fighting. The other humans and vampires felt strange and followed their gaze to look in the distance.

In the distance the dark world was dyed scarlet. A wave of terrifying aura instantly assaulted them, causing everyone to feel their hairs stand on end, as if they suddenly fell into an abyss of ice. Meanwhile, the Blood Slaves had long since kneeled on the ground and were trembling uncontrollably.

It was as if doomsday was coming. The crowds felt fear spreading from the depths of their souls. They did not know what had happened. Could it be that the gates to hell was opened? This was a question in everyone's heart, but they were unable to voice it out because the pressure was so heavy that all they could do was to endure it and not kneel down.

"Has it finally come? What a strong force it is…" Clara muttered to herself as frowning tightly.

"It is finally coming still. I never thought that he would really break the seal." Kelson said with an extremely serious expression.

"This kind of power... Has he really taken that step? Could it be that there really is an Immortal Path in this world?" Wang Xuanming said to himself in his native language, and he couldn't help thinking of an ancient prophecy. Only Wang Bu Gui understood what he said. Wang Xuanming had mentioned to him about immortals before. Oriental practitioners could cultivate from mortals to true Immortals, transcending the human body and obtaining power that did not belong to this world.

He did not understand why his father would bring up the topic of immortals at this time. However, this was no longer important. After hearing the words of the three strongest warriers, everyone understood it. Who else can attract their attention and make countless blood slaves and vampires tremble and kneel in awe?

There was only one answer, and that was their King - Dracula!

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