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Chapter 867

While the people from the new shop at the East Continent were battling the immortal families, the Half City Shop was also engaged in a fierce battle .

Red light rose between the Heaven and Earth!

These people were facing demonic gods who were far more powerful than them!

On the huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle, the light beams coming off the godly swords illuminated the Heaven and Earth!

"The source of murderous presence has been destroyed-!" On the vast ocean, the pure-white light shone from the Heavenly Mirror . Under its light, a sword energy beam shot into the weak point of the huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle .

"The demons who blocked us have been killed! Start targeting!" It was a desolate scene on the huge turtle . Led by Nalan Hongwu, the cultivators and warriors who were covered in blood panted heavily as they stood over the demons' corpses that were lying all over the ground!

Then, sword energies surged up and condensed into a huge Heavenly Sword in mid-air, striking toward the vital joints of the turtle .

"Fire!" In the roars of the ocean, circles of destructive lightning energy lit up in the huge cannons that were sitting on the bow of the Vital Magnetic Wind Thunder Battleship .

Looking down, people saw several bright blue light beams tearing through the gloomy ocean and attacking the turtle's joints with accuracy together with the cultivators on the back of the huge turtle .

Getting attacked from all sides, all four legs of the turtle were severely injured in the blink of an eye!

The true power doesn't lie in physical bodies . The inner determination and unyielding spirit that can withstand countless hardships are the source of true power .

On this battlefield, there weren't any great heroes or immortal gods as on the other battleground . Regardless of how bright their sword energies were, they were only little sparks in the Heaven and Earth .

However, they were trying to use these small sparks to illuminate the dark world .

One person might not be able to achieve it, but how about a group of them?!

After receiving severe injuries in its four legs, the huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle howled pathetically and sank to the bottom of the ocean like a collapsing mountain .

The huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle opened its giant mouth and revealed a vast space inside . It was the command space inside the huge turtle .

With sword in hand, these people followed the retreating demon soldiers and killed their way into the giant command space inside the huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle!

In the past, the weak humans who were stuck between the gods and demons regarded them as natural catastrophes .

Today, whoever dared to invade the mortal world would shed blood in the sky!

"Hay!" With sword energies emitting radiant light beams in the dark, Nalan Hongwu took the lead and ran into space, followed by people from different factions!

Heavenly Mirror, Wuchen Sword… with all kinds of godly artifacts and spiritual treasures and all kinds of superpowers, Nalan Hongwu and the others took advantage of the carelessness and overconfidence of the demon soldiers and killed their way into the space .

They seemed to come into another small world .

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In this space, there were many complex paths, making it seem like a dim underground cave .

Looking closer, the people saw squirming walls made of flesh . However, it didn't look like the interior of the huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle . There were no impurities being absorbed and excreted, much cleaner and neater than the huge Heaven-Devouring Turtle's stinky huge mouth when they first entered .

Sitting on the throne of bones among the troops, the demonic god had a mysterious glint in his eyes .

"My Lord…" A deputy commander looked chilly . "These humans are reckless . Give them an inch, and they take a mile . They even dared to kill their way in here…!"

The demonic god sitting high on the throne of bones said coldly, "My Nine-Fold Darkness Space is extremely complex . Even if they can come in, they can't get out without a map . Perhaps they will get lost in the space before we attack them!"

"Hehe…" another deputy commander said with a sneer, "After they killed countless demon soldiers, we must give the humans a taste of our great power!"

"After all…" another demon said, "Regardless if it is spiritual treasures, artifacts, or any other things, we're much more advanced than those humans!"

"Hehehehe… hahahaha! Instead of taking the broad way to the Heavens, they must break into our Nine-Fold Darkness that doesn't have a gate!"

In their long history, the demons had created countless advanced items that humans could never imagine!

With that said, an visual appeared before the demons . "Even if we monitor them all the time like this, they'll never notice it . "

Through the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection, they were watching Nalan Hongwu and others .

"Nalan! Brother Nalan!" At this moment, a streak of light from a mirror shone in the Nine-Fold Darkness Space .

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Nalan Hongwu turned his head and saw that it was Lan Mo who was holding the authentic Heavenly Mirror .

At this moment, except for Team One led by Nalan Hongwu, others were all lost in the space .

"There's something strange in this space!" Nalan Hongwu looked grim . "We might have entered a trap set by these demons!"

After they cut off the turtle legs and killed their way into this space, Nalan Hongwu, a veteran general, had sensed a weird presence .

"Cackle!" The demon generals in the command center snickered again as they saw that their enemies were indeed trapped .

"It doesn't matter . " At this moment, Lan Mo took out his communication jade and shook it . Soon, it showed a strange and crude map .

It looked like a map in the games . Of course, if Fang Qi was here, he would find it similar to the Google Maps in his previous life .

The map showed their current position and direction that they were facing . "This is… the map function that we, the Wuwei Daoist Alliance, newly developed . Under the guidance of the Heavenly Mirror, I drew a small part of the map . When we finish this part, we can use QQ Communication to share our location with other people and upload the map at the same time . It will soon show the locations of other people according to their signals . I believe that we'll find each other very soon . "

Seeing this, the demon general in the command center froze .

"QQ Communication…?! Location sharing?! What's that?!"

"Hurry!" The demon general's face turned livid . "Activate Spiritual Confusion Array to disturb the spiritual essence and interrupt their communication!"


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Soon, Lan Mo shook his communication jade . "Ugh…? Strange . There're no signal?!"

"What should we do then?" Zong Wu asked .

"It doesn't matter!" Lan Mo said, "This is the newest version of the military communication jade developed by the Wuwei Daoist Alliance, and it can process all kinds of signals at the same time . I'll change to electromagnetic signals…"

"Hurry! Activate Darkness Magnetic Aurora to interrupt their communication!" The demon general sneered, "Do you think that you can use it by changing signals?! A mere piece of human technology dares to compete with the technology of our clan . "

"Huh-?!" Lan Mo shook his communication jade in bafflement . "Even electromagnetic signals are blocked?"

"I'll try the light wave…"

"Issue the order to activate the Darkness-Connecting Array!"

"I'll try the radio waves…"

"Activate Black Thunder Ebony Water Array!"

"I'll change to infrasound wave…"


"I'll try ultrasonic wave this time…"

"These humans… where did they get so many communication methods!!??" Dumbfounded, those demon generals stared at the Spiritual Spell Visual Projection before them as the mortals tried different signals on the communication jade and finally got a good connection .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!

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