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BBW – Chapter Five and Chapter Six

BBW – Chapter Five

‘It’ll still be selling them one by one,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Xiao mei, let them sell themselves,’ Hua Liang Tian said.

Hua Liang Tian followed Murong Yun Su’s lead to give the men a small scare.

‘Then they should go sell themselves and get their masters to send the money here,’ Murong Yun Su said.

The men couldn’t be angry at their Madam Chu, they were ordered to treat their leader’s betrothed like their mothers. They’ve killed many people, but never their own mothers. But nothing stopped them from killing Hua Liang Tian.

Hua Liang Tian had his own guards to protect him. The sounds of swords drawn out from scabbards didn’t scare him.

The four direction men looked at the fearless Hua Liang Tian, and they knew he wasn’t a small fly.

Lu Ji tugged Murong Yun Su’s dress sleeve. ‘Mistress, think of something to stop them from fighting each other.’

‘A good place to fight to the death is on a graveyard mountain,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Lu Ji held her chest. On one side was Murong Yun Su’s future in-laws, and on the other side was Murong Yun Su’s gege. How could Murong Yun Su act like them killing each other was like a breeze passing through a valley? Murong Yun Su gave off an aura like a woman who gave rice to the poor a few times a year, and called themselves a compassionate nun.

Hua Liang Tian was disappointed his bond with Murong Yun Su wasn’t strong enough to affect her calmness during a life threatening situation.

The men felt it would be a pity if their ruthless Madam Chu didn’t marry their leader.

‘Gentleman Hua, our Madam Chu has a strange temperament,’ East Mo said. ‘Please don’t think poorly of Madam Chu.’

Hua Liang Tian held onto his sword, and refrained himself from attacking. ‘Yun Su and I are close childhood friends. I know her temperament better than outsiders.’

The men knew Hua Liang Tian was baiting them, and made them itch to fight until his clothes were shredded and bloodied.

Murong Yun Su yawned, and she was about to head to her bedchamber when a deep voice was heard from outside the door.

‘Gentleman Hua, are you sure you’re the closest person to Madam Chu?’ Chu Zhang Ca asked.

Murong Yun Su looked at the owner of the voice, a man wearing a snow white robe who appeared like an immortal descending to earth. His long hair wasn’t tied like other gentlemen, and it flowed with the wind. His arrogance matched his beautiful face.

‘Greetings Leader Chu,’ the men said and knelt.

The men were happy their strong mountain appeared to deal with Hua Liang Tian who offended them.

The men calling Chu Zhang Ca their leader confirmed Murong Yun Su’s deduction. But her eyes focused on Chu Zhang Ca out of her control. This tempting poison apple was her future husband, but she didn’t fear him. But seeing him in the flesh also confirmed her intuition that she had met him somewhere in the past.

Chu Zhang Ca raised his hand like an emperor, and his men stood up. Then he walked up to Murong Yun Su, and spoke endearingly to her. ‘Wife, I’m sorry I came late, and made you scared.’

Murong Yun Su took a step away from Chu Zhang Ca. It was his presence that gave her a scare. But he took a step closer to her, and she got an urge to run.

‘We’re not married,’ Murong Yun Su said, taking a step back. ‘We should keep a respectable distance.’

‘Wife, are you scared of me?’ Chu Zhang Ca asked, smiled devilishly, and took a step forward.

‘Ordinary people are scared hearing the sound of Mo Jiao Cult,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Of course an ordinary person like me would be scared in the presence of Mo Jiao Cult’s leader.’

Lu Ji nodded her head. Her future master looked like a beautiful immortal, but he had an intimidating presence.

‘Ordinary person?’ Chu Zhang Ca asked, and frowned. ‘Wife, you’re also part of Mo Jiao Cult.’

‘I’m not,’ Murong Yun Su said, and looked up at Chu Zhang Ca because he had a height advantage. ‘After we’re married, you’ll belong to Murong Sect, not me belonging to Mo Jiao Cult.’

End of Chapter Five

BBW – Chapter Six

Chu Zhang Ca looked down at his wife, and smiled. ‘Wife, if you’re this stubborn, I’ll agree with your reasoning.’

Murong Yun Su was frustrated at Chu Zhang Ca placating her. ‘If you don’t want to agree, break off our betrothal.’

‘I didn’t say I disagree with my wife,’ Chu Zhang Ca said sweetly.

‘Don’t force yourself,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Then take it as I’m forced to agree with my wife,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

‘You don’t understand the meaning of reasoning,’ Murong Yun Su said, and regretted losing her temper. ‘Take them home with you.’

‘They’re my betrothal gifts to my wife,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

‘I said I can’t marry until another three years,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Betrothal gifts can be given as a marriage token before the wedding ceremony,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

‘This is going against tradition,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘I know,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

‘Then do something about it,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘I have an reputation for going against tradition,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

Murong Yun Su looked up at the ceiling, and blushed from frustration. How could Chu Zhang Ca tease her in front of everyone? Suddenly his lips kissed her lips.

‘What are you doing?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Going against tradition,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

‘You…’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Wife, in the future you’ll get used to it,’ Chu Zhang Ca said while looking at Hua Liang Tian, and issuing a silent warning to stay away from his wife.

‘Yun Su, I’m returning to the palace,’ Hua Liang Tian said while returning Chu Zhang Ca’s look of contempt. ‘If anything happens, send me a letter.’

Murong Yun Su nodded her head at Hua Liang Tian, and she was confused why he was in a rush to return to the palace.

‘Wife, I’m leaving,’ Chu Zhang Ca said. ‘Remember to miss your husband.’

Murong Yun Su didn’t have time to react before Chu Zhang Ca disappeared into thin air. It was like a dragon head detaching itself from its tail, and leaving. She didn’t know why she was disappointed he left too soon.

‘Madam Chu, what do we do about them?’ East Mo asked.

‘Let them go back to wherever they came from,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Murong Yun Su had no intention of accepting her unusual betrothal gifts.

‘But our leader said this time we can’t take back Madam Chu’s betrothal gifts,’ East MO said.

‘North-west of Jin Liang Province market,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘there’s a place that can help them become eunuchs for free.’

Murong Yun Su left the speechless men, and she returned to her bedchamber.

‘I’m sorry,’ the groundskeeper said. ‘Murong Sect can’t support them here. Listen to mistress, let them go back to where they came from.’

‘Big brother East Mo, we have a problem,’ North Mo said.

East Mo nodded his head. ‘I didn’t expect our leader would come here today.’

‘Didn’t he want to attend the martial arts world tournament at Shaolin Temple on the fifteenth of August?’ North Mo asked. ‘Why did he take such a long detour to come to Jin Liang Province?’

‘How can a tournament be more important than his wife?’ West Mo asked.

‘Um, if he didn’t come here today,’ South Mo said, ‘who knows what trouble his wife’s childhood friend would cause?’

‘Sooner or later we’ll turn that man into a eunuch for having feelings toward his wife,’ East Mo said.

‘Yes, turn that man into a eunuch,’ the men agreed.

Chu Zhang Ca rubbed his lips, and remembered the sensation of kissing his wife. He hadn’t intended to appear in front of his wife until their wedding ceremony. But hearing Hua Liang Tian calling his wife a close childhood friend made him jealous, and kiss his wife in front of everyone.

‘Knock, knock.’

‘Come in,’ Chu Zhang Ca said, and stopped smiling.

‘Leader Chu,’ the four direction men greeted.

‘What?’ Chu Zhang Ca asked.

‘Hua Liang Tian is your wife’s older cousin,’ East Mo reported. ‘He’s also the emperor’s illegitimate son. Four years ago, he was taken to the palace, and the emperor acknowledged him as his son. He grew up at Murong Sect with your wife, and they have a close bond. After your father-in-law’s passing, he’s your wife’s only confidant.’

‘Did he take anything from Jin Liang with him?’ Chu Zhang Ca asked.

‘No,’ East Mo said.

‘Good,’ Chu Zhang Ca said, and smiled devilishly. ‘Send him gifts from Hao Feng Courtyard, and tell him it’s a token from his xiao mei’s husband.’

The four direction men understood what gifts to send to Hua Liang Tian.

Murong Yun Su locked herself in her bedchamber, and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She could still feel the heat from Chu Zhang Ca’s lips. Why did he kiss her? Was it to prove that he did everything against tradition? Or was it to trigger her memory of their first meeting in the past? Where did they meet? She closed her eyes, and searched her memory of him.

Three years ago, in a remote bamboo forest, a man drenched in blood entered her bamboo house.

‘If you want to die,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘die outside. Don’t make a mess in my house.’

Chu Zhang Ca didn’t say anything.

‘Forget it,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘I’m giving this bamboo house to you. If you survive, go into the kitchen, and eat whatever is there.’

Chu Zhang Ca stayed silent.

‘In the bedchamber,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘under the bed, there’s a small medicine chest. Lu Ji stored many herbs in there. Take a look, and feel free to take what you want. It’s all yours.’

Murong Yun Su ended up getting the medicine chest for Chu Zhang Ca. ‘It’s all here. Take a look.’

Three years later, Murong Yun Su didn’t expect Chu Zhang Ca was the same man who was badly injured to the brink of death, and entered her bamboo house three years ago. But the blood didn’t conceal his beautiful face.

Murong Yun Su stood, and went to find the groundskeeper.

‘Did everyone from Mo Jian Cult leave?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Yes mistress,’ the groundskeeper said.

Murong Yun Su was disappointed. ‘How far is Hao Feng Courtyard from here?’

‘Mistress, do you want to see master?’ the groundskeeper asked.

‘Um,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Mistress, I heard master is on his way to Shaolin Temple to attend the martial arts world tournament on the fifteenth of August.’

End of Chapter Six

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