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BBW – Chapters Nineteen to Twenty-Two

BBW – Chapter Nineteen

Murong Yun Su stretched, and yawned. The past few days of travelling and negotiating had depleted her energy. One nap wasn’t enough to rejuvenate her.

Wei Cheng had wasted most of the day waiting for Murong Yun Su to wake up.

Feng Ling was impressed Murong Yun Su pulled off looking like a lady even when yawning.

Murong Yun Su walked past Wei Cheng and Feng Ling waiting outside her bedchamber to find something to eat.

‘Sister Murong, where are you going?’ Feng Ling asked. ‘Wei Cheng waited a long time for you.’

Feng Ling caught up with Wei Cheng who chased after Murong Yun Su, and she gave him a glare.

Murong Yun Su heard footsteps behind her. She was impressed how no matter Wei Cheng rejected Feng Ling, Feng Ling didn’t give up.

Murong Yun Su carried a bowl of food into the garden, and she sat down.

‘Minister Wei, you can start your reasoning,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Jiang Yang is a remote mountain province far from the capital,’ Wei Cheng began.

Wei Cheng continued his list of reasons against Murong Yun Su’s plans, which included Jiang Yang’s bad Feng Shui.

‘Minister Wei, when did you get promoted to be a Feng Shui advisor?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

Wei Cheng laughed coldly. ‘Do you think a first ranked scholar’s duty is to be a Feng Shui advisor?’

‘Then why did you list Feng Shui as part of your reasoning?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

Wei Cheng couldn’t refute Murong Yun Su’s logic. ‘We’re discussing where to keep treasury money.’

‘Where do you think the location should be?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘The emperor wants the treasury money to be kept at Huang Lang,’ Wei Cheng said.

‘Minister Wei, Huang Lang is a mountain province north of the palace,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Sure, it’s close to the place. But I’m worried as soon as the treasury money is transferred to Huang Lang, it’ll be immediately sent back to the palace.’

Wei Cheng only smiled to acknowledge Murong Yun Su’s logic was true.

‘Jiang Yang is the most suitable location,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Either I’m in charge or nothing gets done.’

‘Indeed you’re a shrewd business person,’ Wei Cheng said exasperatedly.

Murong Yun Su wanted to say of course she’s a business person, and not a court person.

Murong Yun Su didn’t know how Wei Cheng convinced the emperor to let her build a vault in Jiang Yang.

Wei Cheng and Feng Ling helped Murong Yun Su pack to head back to Jin Liang while Fa Qi Zhengyi went to Shaolin Temple to give Murong Yun’s ‘heartfelt letter’ to Chu Zhang Ca.

Murong Yun Su stared at the hairpin she bought for Chu Zhang Ca for a long time then she tossed it out of the carriage window. Since she found out Chu Zhang Ca was angry to death because of another woman, she realized their fate had ended. Luckily they were merely acquaintances, and she could survive without him.

Murong Yun Su closed her eyes, and she wanted to sleep all the way back to Jin Liang.

Unfortunately, life never went smoothly according to plans.

The carriage halted midway, and Murong Yun Su almost fell on the carriage floor. She drew the curtain, and saw bandits dressed in blue clothes on horseback.

‘What’s wrong?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘I built this path,’ the bandit leader said. ‘If you want to pass, you must pay a toll.’

‘I didn’t bring money with me today,’ Murong Yun Su said calmly. ‘Let me pass today, and I’ll pay the toll next time.’

Wei Cheng scoffed. ‘How dare you rob in broad daylight?’

Murong Yun Su laughed at the foolish first ranked scholar. Bandits wouldn’t be bandits if they didn’t rob people.

End of Chapter Nineteen

BBW – Chapter Twenty

The bandit leader spat at Wei Cheng’s face.

‘Seeing the rags on you is pitiful,’ the bandit leader said. ‘Hurry up and leave. No one wants to rob you.’

Wei Cheng glared at Murong Yun Su.

Murong Yun Su didn’t know why Wei Cheng was angry since he was poor.

The bandits still refused to let the carriage pass, and Wei Cheng was still miffed about being insulted by bandits.

Since Murong Yun Su’s experience with fake bandits at Hua Da Courtyard, she travelled in rags to avoid attention from real bandits.

‘What’s your price?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

The bandits discussed the toll price for a while.

‘Five thousand silver coins,’ the bandit leader said.

‘Five thousand?’ Feng Ling asked. ‘Are you a bandit?’

‘Sister Feng, they are bandits,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Feng Ling bit her tongue, and she let Murong Yun Su negotiate.

‘Five thousand silver coins is too much,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Looking at the path you built, it’d have cost only one hundred silver coins.’

The bandits couldn’t believe their victim was negotiating with them.

‘One hundred silver coins,’ Feng Ling said. ‘That’s our final offer.’

‘Do you want to fight us to your death?’ the bandit leader asked.

Feng Ling hid behind Murong Yun Su. ‘Sister Murong, just give them five thousand silver coins. Your family owns Hai Feng Qian.’

‘Why are you hiding?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘Don’t you know kungfu?’

Feng Ling blushed. ‘Big brother taught me to avoid trouble. He said my kungfu can only win against someone like Wei Cheng.’

Wei Cheng was going to help Feng Ling, but he was offended by her underestimating his strength so he stayed out of her business.

Murong Yun Su massaged her temples. She couldn’t rely on Feng Ling’s weak kungfu. She regretted overestimating Feng Ling’s strength. It appeared someone had to die to end this toll problem. She sighed, and closed her eyes.

‘Mistress,’ Lu Ji called to prompt Murong Yun Su to save them.

The bandits’ guards were up. They were scared Murong Yun Su had a plan to defeat them by her calmness.

Wei Cheng and Feng Ling looked at Lu Ji like she was a fool to think Murong Yun Su had a plan to save them.

‘Snake!’ Feng Ling shrieked.

‘What snake…’ Wei Cheng asked, and vomited outside the carriage at the sight of a bed of snakes.

‘Wei Cheng,’ Feng Ling called, and rubbed Wei Cheng’s back.

The bandits were about to laugh at Wei Cheng for being scared of one snake until they saw the bed of snakes crawling on the grass, and they almost peed in their pants.

‘Snakes!’ the bandits cried out, and they ran away.

Murong Yun Su opened her eyes, and the bed of snakes returned to their den.

‘Let’s set off,’ Murong Yun Su said calmly.

Everyone else who were scared out of their wits wanted an explanation.

The carriage stopped in front of an inn.

‘Are you eating or staying overnight?’ the innkeeper asked.

‘Staying,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Two rooms.’

‘Four rooms,’ Wei Cheng said weakly, still traumatized from the snake incident.

Wei Cheng waited for Murong Yun Su to enter the inn. ‘Aren’t you registering your name?’

‘Why would one person want to stay in four rooms?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

Wei Cheng counted four people including himself.

‘Shouldn’t you register since you booked four rooms?’ Murong Yun Su asked, and walked upstairs.

‘Minister Wei, my mistress meant you should pay for the four rooms you booked,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Why should I?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘No one forced you to book four rooms,’ Lu Ji said.

‘She wanted two rooms,’ Wei Cheng said.

‘Mistress was going to book two rooms for her and me,’ Lu Ji said. ‘But you and Lady Feng aren’t related to mistress.’

‘Is this necessary?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘Of course,’ Lu Ji said. ‘Do you want a bad rumor to start?’

‘I’m not crazy,’ Wei Cheng said.

Lu Ji nodded her head. ‘You better not be crazy. Master Chu is Mo Jiao Cult’s leader. Don’t dare look at my mistress like you’re crazy.’

Wei Cheng felt like lately he’d been surrounded by the strangest people.

In a corner of the inn, a guest gripped their weapon.

Lu Ji must have been imaging things, she thought she saw someone familiar in the inn. She shook her head, and walked upstairs.

The rooms were ordinary. One bed, one table, one tea pot, and one chair.

If it weren’t for the bandits, Murong Yun Su wouldn’t need to stay overnight at this inn. She opened the window, and looked at the mountain view.

Wei Cheng and Lu Ji barged into Murong Yun Su’s room.

‘Feng Ling’s missing,’ Wei Cheng said.

‘Mistress, when I went downstairs to order food,’ Lu Ji said, ‘our bags disappeared.’

‘In the past when I saw one snake,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘I passed out for three days. How can you stomach food?’

‘Mistress… our bags,’ Lu Ji repeated.

‘There’s nothing valuable in our bags,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘We’ll send money later to pay the innkeeper.’

Lu Ji didn’t bother to say there were money inside their bags to last the rest of their journey.

‘Feng Ling’s missing,’ Wei Cheng emphasized.

‘So?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘We should look for her,’ Wei Cheng said.

‘You want us to look for her?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘What do you mean?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘If you want my help,’ Murong Yun Su said like a compassionate Buddha. ‘You have to listen to everything I say.’

Wei Cheng realized Murong Yun Su was a control freak like Feng Ling. He was a prideful man. Although Murong Yun Su had a higher status, this was about a person’s life not court matters.

Lu Ji stepped on Wei Cheng’s boot, and she whispered, ‘Minister Wei, my mistress believes there should only be one leader to run a good business. She’s even bossier than her father. From my experience, if everyone listens to mistress, everything turns out smoother.’

Wei Cheng realized if he didn’t cooperate with Murong Yun Su, they wouldn’t complete their mission.

‘What’s your plan?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘Wait and see,’ Murong Yun Su said, and calmly closed the window.

Wei Cheng scoffed. He wanted to ask if Murong Yun Su always acted calm because she was a wind deity, which was why things flowed smoothly for her.

End of Chapter Twenty

BBW – Chapter Twenty-One

The night wind howled like it wanted to break the windows.

Murong Yun Su opened the window to let the cold May mountain wind in the room, and she looked at the moon.

Murong Yun Su wondered if she jumped down from that height if it’d be fun. Suddenly the scent of incense puffed into the room, and the door flung open.

Murong Yun Su turned around, and she faced the intruder. ‘Haven’t you heard it’s polite to knock before entering a person’s room?’

The intruder was surprised the incense didn’t affect Murong Yun Su. ‘Looks like you have a healthy body.’

‘Um, I have a healthy body,’ Murong Yun Su said, and secretly used her left hand to softly open the window again for fresh air to clear her foggy head.

Even under the moonlight and through a hazy vision, Murong Yun Su could still see the intruder looked like a masked woman in her forties.

‘What brings you here at this late hour?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Of course to kill you,’ the masked woman said.

‘Then you should attack,’ Murong Yun Su said.

The masked woman laughed. ‘Aren’t you going to ask why I want to kill you?’

‘If I ask, will you let me live?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘No,’ the masked woman said.

‘Then I don’t need to ask why,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Aren’t you scared of dying?’ the masked woman asked.

The masked woman maintained Murong Yun Su’s gaze. She took five steps, triggered a trap, a chair hit her head, and fell down on the floor.

‘You…’ the masked woman said, and fell into oblivion.

‘Mistress, did I do a good job?’ Lu Ji asked, and detached the chair from the rope.

‘Why was it you?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Minister Wei said he doesn’t hit women,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Good habit,’ Murong Yun Su said to Wei Cheng.

Wei Cheng scoffed.

‘Mistress, what’s flowing down from the ceiling?’ Lu Ji asked.

‘Incense,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Wei Cheng finally understood why Murong Yun Su asked him to attach a chair to the ceiling so they wouldn’t need to fight to win.

‘Was there incense in your rooms?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘No,’ Lu Ji said.

‘Use the rope to tie her up,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘And take her to the magistrate.’

Wei Cheng tied up the masked woman then another three assassins entered the room.

‘Are you here to kill me too?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Why are you still alive… xiao mei!’ the hunchback man said.

‘Minister Wei, I was worried you didn’t kill women,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Wei Cheng silently fumed.

‘If you let my xiao mei go,’ the hunchback man said, ‘I’ll let you live.’

Lu Ji noticed Murong Yun Su looked dizzy. ‘Mistress, sit down.’

Murong Yun Su sat down. ‘What did I do to make you want to kill me in the middle of the night?’

‘It’s your fault for being Chu Zhang Ca’s betrothed,’ the hunchback man said.

‘I see,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Who did he offend?’

‘Jiang Zhou,’ the hunchback man said.

‘Who?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘Lady Murong isn’t part of the martial arts world,’ the skull man said. ‘It’s normal she doesn’t know who Jiang Zhou is.’

‘It appears we’re not mortal enemies,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘But your betrothed is our mortal enemy,’ the skull man said. ‘He dented my skull. Look at the protruding skull bone protruding out my head.’

‘Do you resent him because he only dented one side of your skull?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘Having a protruding skull bone has its own beauty.’

The assassins were worried they mistook a vicious woman for the gentle Murong Yun Su they heard of.

‘But you should go dent Chu Zhang Ca’s skull,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘If you dent my skull, you’ll only suffer longer. Go find him at the foot of Shaolin Temple on the fifteenth of August. Before you leave, release Sister Feng.’

‘Who?’ the skull man asked.

‘The young woman next door that you kidnapped,’ Wei Cheng said.

‘Lady Murong is the only person that we want,’ the skull man said.

‘Minister Wei, release their xiao mei,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘What about Feng Ling?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘They didn’t kidnap her,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Wei Cheng didn’t argue, and he reluctantly released the masked woman.

‘Lady Murong, you’re a brave woman,’ the skull man praised.

‘Have a successful journey,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Lady Murong, aren’t you worried about being a widow?’ the skull man asked.

‘Didn’t you say he’s my betrothed?’ Murong Yun Su asked. ‘If he dies, I’ll marry someone else. Why would I be a widow?’

‘It’s karma that his own betrothed doesn’t support him,’ the skull man said.

‘When you see him,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘pass on my message to him.’

‘Anything,’ the skull man said.

‘Tell him to use deadly force,’ Murong Yun Su said.

The assassins suspected their hearing deteriorated. Why did Murong Yun Su’s vicious encouragement sound like a wife asking her husband to come home soon from work?

‘Brother, why didn’t we take Murong Yun Su hostage to threaten Chu Zhang Ca?’ the hunchback man asked.

‘Didn’t you see what happened to xiao mei?’ the skull man asked. ‘We were late a minute to the inn, and Murong Yun Su defeated Xiao Mei. She fearlessly returned xiao mei to us too. Besides, she did us a favor, and told us where to find him.’

‘Brother, you’re right,’ the hunchback man said.

Murong Yun Su wanted to sleep in Lu Ji’s room to clear her foggy head.

‘What about Feng Ling?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘Go look for her,’ Murong Yun Su said, and slept on Lu Ji’s bed.

‘Mistress, if you sleep here, where will I sleep?’ Lu Ji asked.

There was only Feng Ling or Wei Cheng’s rooms available. Wei Cheng would rather die than sleep on the floor.

End of Chapter Twenty-One

BBW – Chapter Twenty-Two

The next day, Murong Yun Su woke up on Lu Ji’s bed.

‘Mistress, you’re awake,’ Lu Ji said in a grumpy tone after sleeping on the floor last night.

Murong Yun Su glanced at Wei Cheng sitting resentfully at the table. ‘Um. Minister Wei, are you hungry or had a bad sleep?’

‘What do we do about Feng Ling?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘You didn’t go look for her?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

Murong Yun Su pitied Chu Zhang Ca’s sworn brother’s little sister.

‘Didn’t you say I should listen to you?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘Oh,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘She’s inside a room.’

‘Which room?’ Wei Cheng asked.

Murong Yun Su rolled her eyes. ‘Lu Ji, bring a basin of water here. I want to wash up, and change clothes.’

Wei Cheng blushed, stood, and left the unorthodox woman’s room.

Murong Yun Su acted like she didn’t see or hear Wei Cheng. She washed her face, brushed her hair, and styled her hair up like a married woman.

Lu Ji looked at Murong Yun Su’s hairstyle, and she was convinced Murong Yun Su wanted to marry Chu Zhang Ca.

‘Mistress, our bags are missing,’ Lu Ji said. ‘Where are we going to find clothes to change into?’

‘Look under the bed,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Lu Ji looked under the bed. ‘Mistress, our bags are under the bed.’

‘Good,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘Go get a hot teapot from downstairs.’

Lu Ji picked up their bags, and suspected Murong Yun Su must have known who hid their bags under the bed.

An hour later, Murong Yun Su wore a white dress with a married hairstyle, and she walked downstairs like a descending immortal.

In the inn, everyone’s eyes were drawn to Murong Yun Su.

‘Sister Murong, you look beautiful today,’ Feng Ling praised.

Lu Ji nodded her head. She knew Murong Yun Su looked the most beautiful in a white dress.

Wei Cheng focused on drinking tea.

‘We should leave,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Mistress, aren’t you going to eat?’ Lu Ji asked.

‘Can you eat?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

Lu Ji looked at the buns on the table, and she remembered the bed of snakes from yesterday… they were snake buns.

‘I’m not eating,’ Lu Ji said.

Wei Cheng stood abruptly like a full person.

Feng Ling had slept in her bed until the morning, and she was hungry. ‘Sister Murong, shouldn’t we eat before sitting in the carriage?’

‘I’ll wait outside,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Lu Ji stayed behind, and obliviously ate the buns.

Later in the carriage, Lu Ji asked her burning question from yesterday.

‘Mistress, did you summon the snakes yesterday?’ Lu Ji asked.

‘Yes,’ Murong Yun Su said.

‘Mistress, how did you summon them?’ Lu Ji asked.

‘That year I passed out and starved for three days after seeing a snake,’ Murong Yun Su said, ‘I vowed to find a way to control snakes.’

Lu Ji remembered after Murong Yun Su turned ten years old, Murong Yun Su gathered strange items and climbed mountains. Then Murong Yun Su challenged Murong Cheng to make an instrument that didn’t make human sounds. Murong Cheng almost fired everyone at Murong Sect, because no one could help him with Murong Yun Su’s challenge. Lucky, Murong Cheng asked Murong Cheng to let them stay and work… she finally understood what Murong Yun Su meant by an instrument that didn’t make human sounds, it made sounds only snakes could hear. She looked at Murong Yun Su’s bracelet… how could Murong Yun Su turn a scary instrument into a bracelet, and wear it calmly?

‘Your brain is improving,’ Murong Yun Su praised.

Murong Yun Su was grateful that snake had scared her, and motivated her to make this bracelet that made sounds to charm snakes. The bracelet saved her life yesterday. She hadn’t wanted to resort to using the bracelet, because even with her eyes closed, the sounds of snakes hissing made her nauseous.

‘How did you know Feng Ling was in her room?’ Wei Cheng asked.

Wei Cheng had followed Lu Ji’s gaze to Murong Yun Su’s bracelet, and he understood how Murong Yun Su summoned the snakes. He shivered, and vowed to never cross the strange Murong Yun Su.

‘Minister Wei, are you cold?’ Murong Yun Su asked.

‘A bit,’ Wei Cheng said.

‘The Jiang Yang’s disciples’ target was me,’ Murong Yun Su said. ‘They wouldn’t waste their time to kidnap Feng Ling. Besides, they wouldn’t benefit anything by climbing a mountain to enter Feng Ling’s room. Also, Feng Ling and our bags were missing after the bandits had ran away. Feng Ling must have hid our bags under Lu Ji’s bed for safekeeping when you looked for Feng Ling in her room, and thought she was kidnapped. As for the bandits, they know Jianshao Di, how can they be scared of snakes?’

Wei Cheng shivered again.

‘Do you think they’re your allies and not your enemies?’ Wei Cheng asked.

‘I don’t know,’ Murong Yun Su said.

Feng Ling jumped into the carriage on a full stomach. ‘We can leave.’

The carriage passed Kang Yuan inn.

Inside Kang Yuan inn, three men sat at a table. One of the men was wearing yellow clothes had a scar on his left face, he was Prince Xiao Liang, Hua Da Li.

‘Master, you chose an intelligent and brave woman,’ a guard said. ‘She can help master achieve your goal.’

‘Even if she’s by my side,’ Hua Da Li said, looking at the passing carriage, ‘she won’t obey me.’

‘Master, what do you want to do next?’ the guard asked. ‘If master makes her your consort, of course she’ll help you.’

‘She doesn’t even want to be the crown princess,’ Hua Da Li said. ‘Why would she want to be my consort? Didn’t you see what happened to the crown prince for wanting to steal Chu Zhang Ca’s woman? The crown prince is poisoned, and he has Mo Jiao Cult’s disciples spy on his every move. It’s easier to climb the sky than make Murong Yun Su my consort.’

‘But Chu Zhang Ca had helped master,’ the guard said. ‘There’s a rumor that the court ministers advised the emperor to dispose the crown prince.’

‘Hua Liang Tian is the emperor’s only son,’ Hua Da Li said. ‘The emperor won’t dispose Hua Liang Tian. We should head back.’

‘Master, don’t you want to follow Murong Yun Su?’ the guard asked.

‘Mo Jiao Cult’s disciples are secretly guarding her,’ Hua Da Li said. ‘Prince Liang’s men can’t hurt her. Besides, I wanted to see if she knows how to protect herself. I’m satisfied that she’d shown she’s worthy to be by my side.’

At a mountain in the west, Chu Zhang Ca drank tea, and listened to the four direction men report news to him.

‘Jiang Yang’s disciples spread news about Leader Chu’s plans to be at Shaolin Temple on the fifteenth of August,’ East Mo said.

‘So what?’ Chu Zhang Ca asked.

‘Leader Chu, you have many enemies,’ East Mo said.

‘They won’t dare to attack me there,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

‘Leader Chu, they can ambush you before you get there,’ East Mo said.

‘That’s good news,’ Chu Zhang Ca said. ‘Saves me money to buy their coffins. I can throw their bodies down the mountain.’

‘Leader Chu, don’t you want to know who told Jiang Yang’s disciples the news about you?’ East Mo asked.

Chu Zhang Ca sipped tea, and he smiled. ‘Who else but my wife?’

‘Leader Chu, you’re a wise leader,’ East Mo said, and felt disappointed he couldn’t be the first to report the news to Chu Zhang Ca.

‘I heard Madam Chu wished Jiang Yang’s disciples a successful journey,’ South Mo said.

Chu Zhang Ca frowned briefly. ‘My wife wished Jiang Yang’s disciples a successful journey to hell.’

‘Leader Chu, you’re so wise,’ North Mo flattered. ‘Madam Chu asked them to tell Leader Chu to use deadly force.’

North Mo spoke up to save his own life before West Mo could speak. But his sworn brothers gave him daggers. He had forgotten their pact to report only bad news to Chu Zhang Ca.

Chu Zhang Ca smiled brightly. ‘They have the guts to say that to me?’

‘I heard bystanders overheard them,’ North Mo said.

North Mo bowed his head, he accidently confirmed good news to Chu Zhang Ca.

Chu Zhang Ca laughed, looked at the mountain view, and happily drank tea.

‘Why is Leader Chu laughing?’ North Mo softly asked West Mo.

‘How would I know?’ West Mo asked while still mad at North Mo.

‘Leader Chu, I received a homing pigeon from Fa Qi Zhengyi,’ East Mo said. ‘He said he’s on his way here to deliver Madam Chu’s letter to you. Should we stay here longer, and wait for him?’

‘We’ll wait for Cook Fa,’ Chu Zhang Ca said.

Chu Zhang Ca was excited to read the letter to see what Murong Yun Su wrote to amuse him.

End of Chapter Twenty-Two

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