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Chapter 37

Originally, Murong Yunshu wanted to leave Shaping Town overnight, but after thinking about it, it felt suspiciously like she was running away without saying goodbye. Why should she run away because of his selfishness when she was actually a good person? He could have been nice to her for no reason, and she could have accepted it with peace of mind, purely taking what she wanted, without regard to the wind or the moon¹romantic affair. So she should stay and attend the Martial Arts Assembly with him as if nothing had happened, watch him talk and laugh while waiting for him to make a splash.

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There were many participants in the Martial Arts Assembly, not only those who held the position of the head of each sect who participated, but also their disciples, each with such a big strong line-up. However, they were not more than Mojiao Sect big lineups.


Murong Yunshu already knew that Chu Changge would not go into danger alone, but she did not expect that he would bring three rudders and dozens of people that could fill the hall, just like a parade.


"Madam is a little distracted," Chu Changge said with a leisure smile.


"Is there anything worth concentrating on?" Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically with an expressionless face.


Chu Changge looked at the meeting place that had turned silent since he stepped into the Shaolin Temple and said with a raised eyebrow, "Not yet."


Murong Yunshu twitched her eyelids and stopped talking.  In fact, after last night's 'deep talk', she really didn't want to talk to him. She couldn't say why. In a brief, when she saw him, she would be in a bad mood.


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As Murong Yunshu raised her eyes up, she neglected the four empty seats on the arena, and she shook her head lightly. These decent people of martial arts, on one hand, hated Chu Changge to the bone²Chinese idiom : bitterly hate, and on the other hand, still respected him like an esteemed guest, really like pike and shield³contradiction.


Just as she was thinking about it, there was a small buzz around her——


"Look, that's Murong Yunshu. She has much more class than that of Lin Shui'er. Fang Hongfei is really blind. Rather than being with the daughter of a noble family with a golden hill, he chose a pretty girl from a humble family that walks in the jianghu."


"You must have not known. When Fang Hongfei withdrew from his marriage at that time, the Murong family had come down to this world⁴Chinese idiom : suffer a reversal of fortune. He was called the one who sees the wind and sets the helm⁵Chinese idiom : see the wind and set the helm, for being like a grass atop a wall swaying in the wind⁶Chinese well-known phrases : a person who follows the crowd."


"I really didn't expect that the Young Master of the Mingjian Mountain Villa was of such character."


Lu'er was overjoyed when she heard the talk around and she happily smiled, "Miss, did you hear that? Everyone says you're much better than Lin Shui'er!"


"Everyone also put Chu Changge on an equal footing with the Shaolin Abbot, Wudang Leader and Shenji Old Man,"  Murong Yunshu said without any expression.

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Lu'er's mouth went flat as she said, "Guye⁷term of address for a man used by members of his wife's family is so awesome. It's a grievance to be said as an equal footing with a few bad old men."


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement. Martial arts leaders were described by Lu'er  as bad old men. If these words were heard by the young monks and Taoist priests, she wondered how would they react.


On the way to the bottom of the stage, Murong Yunshu was about to turn around and take a seat in the empty seat next to her when she was pulled by Chu Changge who was walking in front of her. "Where is Madam going?"


Murong Yunshu lightly said, "There are only four positions on the stage."  The implication was 'it is good for you to go to the stage by yourself'.


"I'll have someone add a chair next to me."


"The position beside you is too dangerous."


"The most dangerous place is the safest place."


Murong Yunshu lightly sighed as she helplessly said, "The Martial Arts Assembly is your stage. What's the point of dragging me up there?"


"Have you ever heard, when the husband sings, the wife will follow suit⁸Chinese idiom : Marital harmony?"


"You mean like villains collude together⁹Chinese idiom : work hand in glove with sb (to nefarious ends)?"


"Madam is very perceptive."


Murong Yunshu secretly gave him a scornful glance. Like a duck being driven onto a perch¹⁰Chinese idiom : to push sb to do sth way beyond their ability, she followed him to the arena.  As she got closer to the stage, she saw the person with divine poise and sagelike features beside the Shaolin abbot, Great Master Xuankong looked like…..a Buddhist monk?


After she had fixed her eyes and taken a look again, Murong Yunshu suddenly remembered that the person in front of her was clearly——Old Mo, the Wudang leader who had his head been shaved.  "When did Leader Mo abandon Wudang and join Shaolin?" she smilingly asked.


Leader Mo stroked his beard gently and said, "Miss Murong is very funny.  This poor Taoist accidentally shaved his white hair, not shaving it to become a monk."


Don't worry Leader Mo, you're not the only one who was bald. Even your Immortal, Zhao Guolao was bold. 
Image Credit Zhang Lu (1464–1538) via Wiki



When it comes to 'shaving someone's hair', Murong Yunshu looked sideways at a certain person beside her who had a face showed 'none of his business'. It was not hard to think of a person who could do this kind of wicked thing. However, this Wudang leader really deserved to be called a master of Taoist. Even when his hair had been shaved, he could still sit beside Shaolin abbot in such a light manner. By contrast, Fang Hongfei who looked like he wore a wig and with his face full of resentment was looking much worse.


"Miss Murong."  Leader Mo opened his mouth to say meaningful and heartfelt words¹¹Chinese idiom : sincere words and earnest wishes, "Even if these beards of this poor Taoist are cut off, this poor Taoist will continue to advise you. Good and evil cannot coexist. You must think twice before you act."


Murong Yunshu suddenly remembered that Leader Mo had once advised her to seriously consider her marriage with Chu Changge. As it turned out...oh boy...this person, Chu Changge, would really lose all his reason when protecting her.

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