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It was already ten years since she lost her memory for no reason. She said that she didn’t care if it was fake. Wei Yang wanted to know what happened, but Wei Lan's defense was really good. It’s hard for her to get the exact information inside the Wei family, not to mention that in the past ten years, she rarely saw her face. She never saw her own photos in even a newspaper or magazine!

Mostly, every afternoon, she would watch a video taken by TV stations about the death of Princess Wei in a fire, which shocked the whole of Europe in the early spring. Every time she read it, she covered her chest and endured the intense pain of tearing her heart until she was sweating already, but she still can’t grasp the flying fragments in her brain. When she completely returned to her senses, she immediately forgot any picture that flew through her mind and could not remember it.

That kind of heartache, such a feeling of suffocation, she can write down deeply.

Not knowing how long it took, she took a deep breath and finally decided to take one step at a time, in accordance with the old Chinese saying, “A ship goes straight at the end of a bridge.” Anyway, at least she was still alive. Even if there was news about Aunt Yue Er and no news was good news, wasn’t it?

“The plane is about to arrive at Honolulu International Airport, landing status, please check the seat belt, after that please do not use the toilet.” The airliner’s broadcasts began to disseminate soft and pleasant sounds, prompting passengers to arrive in the beautiful Hawaii.

Wei Yang was going to reach Edward Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean through the tanker near Hawaii.

Suddenly, the plane shook slightly and the orange juice that the stewardess took away spilled on Wei Yang’s black sweatpants.

Wei Yang’s face sank, then quickly and gracefully took out her handkerchief. She wiped the orange juice off her trousers and looked up slightly in the dark, at the two hijackers in front of her.

One of the red-haired Caucasian hijackers stood in the hatch staring at the crowd, while the other was a yellow-haired man with a brown curly hair and several holes in his ears. When he came out of the cockpit with a pistol, he collapsed a male passenger who was trying to stop him and the whole cabin was in complete riot. The screams of women and the sound of a man’s abuse were mixed up.

“Shut up! Shut up if you don’t want to die!” The brown man roared and the voice in the cabin suddenly became smaller.

“Passengers, for some special reasons, we must go to the beautiful Amazon forest.” The red-haired man looked like a gentle hijacker, using slightly French-accented English. He added, “Don’t be upset or I can’t guarantee that my bad-tempered fellow will fire a few more shots. And yes, of course, no one should try to contact their families and relatives in the outside world! Don't worry, when the air tanker is already here, we'll fly away. Hahaha…” In the end, he laughed nervously and provoked a vague contempt on Wei Yang’s eyes.

“Fuck!” Sitting beside Wei Yang, separated from the seat of the corridor, there was a delicate young boy wearing a dark black shirt saying a dirty word so gently and gracefully that he had a white swan crystal brooch on his chest, a bright pale blond hair carefully combed behind his head, and a fair forefinger crossed his knees. His back was very straight and with a very noble Look, like a medieval little gentleman, lovely.

Wei Yang turned to look at him, not because of his swearing, but the tone of the swearing words. It sounded a little bit annoyed with ease, as if this hijacking was just an accident that was wasting his time. He was not afraid at all, even if he was only a 12-year-old child!

Earlier, Luo Weiqi noticed Wei Yang across the corridor from the time he got in the plane. The clean chin under the cap was very beautiful. Then, when the woman turned to look at him, he could see it clearly. "She is beautiful, indeed."

He calmed himself down a little, then licked his dry lips very poorly, cheered himself up, and said in English, “Hello, my name is Luo Weiqi.” That was the first time he introduced himself. Even in school, he never introduced himself. He thought that the woman should give honor!

“My name is Xiahou Wei Yang. I am very glad to meet you.” Wei Yang looked at the little boy in front of her and lifted her chin slightly, showing a proud look, and with that red sharp ears, she cannot help but raise eyebrows and smile. The color of her sea blue eyes brought a burst of temptation to the little boy.

Luo Weiqi watched her laurel blossom as beautiful and charming smile, cannot help but take a breath. He dared to bet that he never saw a woman more beautiful than her even a little bit! Even his mother!

Wei Yang looked at Luo Weiqi while he was looking at her, too, and couldn’t help but give him a smile. While seeing Luo Weiqi's cheeks, she bowed her head and changed her voice into a sweet and shy attitude, and then she thought, "This boy is so fun! Luo Weiqi? I never heard about him, but looking at his clothes, he is not an ordinary person. But how is he in the economy class too if he is a high-class person? Is he like me who has also left home?"

Wei Yang lowered her head, let Luo Weiqi feel some regret, but also restored his reason. He remembered what he just did and immediately ruefully patted his red cheek.

"Wait! Ah! I remembered what the woman just said! Her name… Xiahou Wei Yang! Xiahou would not be the Xiahou family, but he did not hear his father said that the Xiahou family had such a beautiful woman ah…" He thought.

The young man suddenly looked up and asked, but he was rudely stopped and said, "You said that you are Xiahou Wei Yang? It is the Xiahou–”

“Hey! You! Shut up!” The red-haired hijacker came over and took the handle of the rifle and poked the arm that was not wrapped in a silk shirt.

Luo Weiqi suddenly frowned and looked at the red-haired man who handled a rifle gun with disgust and thought it stained his noble arm and bemoaned that it could not be worn any more.

Wei Yang sat aside and looked at the pockets of the red-haired hijacker which revealed something similar to a mobile phone. Because the old blue flip-over “mobile phone” style was too old, it was very convenient to hold something.

“Why are you looking at me like you are gonna eat me, kid?” The red-haired hijacker apparently did not like the glance of Luo Wei Qi at him, as if he was a mouse crawling out of the stinking ditch! He believed that in such case, the little boy should cry like the other passengers or shout for their mothers instead of showing such an unpleasant look!

“Hey, be careful what you say!” Luo Weiqi showed an even more disgusting look at the red-haired hijacker as it approached the handle of the gun again. When he looked up at the red-haired man, his eyes still smelled of a shake.

It’s impossible for him to get to the Amazon Forest. It’s a good idea to leave the body.

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