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Published at 24th of November 2020 03:43:03 PM

Chapter 58

"There are too many people outside, I have been looking for water for a long time . . . " Song Wenxin deliberately shook the half bottle of mineral water in his hand, and said with a guilty conscience .


    Fortunately, she was smart . When she came back, she brought a bottle of mineral water as proof for herself to prove that she was really just looking for water to drink, and never took the opportunity to slip to watch the press conference!




    Sally was left by Jiang Beihan just like this, her face even more ugly .


    After looking at Song Wenxin, she didn't say anything, but gritted her teeth, and then fled .




    As soon as Sally left, Song Wenxin and Jiang Beihan were left in the room .


    Jiang Beihan's face has been calm, and it seems that he is not in a good mood .


    Song Wenxin glanced at him, then cautiously walked towards the sofa, ready to sit down .


    "Aren't you going to explain it to me?" Jiang Beihan's unhappy voice suddenly sounded .


    Song Wenxin froze as she was about to sit down,  Song Wenxin gave a dry laugh, and then said .


    Hasn't she explained it just now, doesn't he believe it?


    Jiang Beihan said with a cold face, glanced at her, and then asked "What did you mean?"


    "What?" Song Wenxin was taken aback, but she didn't realize what he was referring to .


    "Why did you want to go out just now?" Jiang Beihan asked patiently, with a little anger in his questioning tone!


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    When she heard this question, Song Wenxin suddenly understood what he was referring to .


    As soon as she came in, she saw him and Sally's posture so close . . . so she thought she was disturbing them and wanted to walk away .


    Song Wenxin gritted her teeth and said hesitantly . . .  "I . . . I thought you . . . " 


    When I saw that scene, people would think they were doing something .


    "What do you think of us?" Jiang Beihan asked with a frown .


    "It's nothing . . . I think too much . . . " Song Wenxin reached out and touched her nose, then said with a grin .


    He has such a good relationship with Shangguan, he will definitely not do things that are sorry for him .


    Besides, he doesn't like women .

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    Seeing her cute appearance with a silly smile, Jiang Beihan's anger couldn't help but fade away .


    "What should you do next time this happens?" He leaned back slightly, leaning on the sofa, and then suddenly asked her .


    And Song Wenxin stood beside him honestly, like a student who was being taught by the teacher .


    "Next time . . . " His question turned her down . . .


    What he meant was, what should she do next time she meets him and is intimate with other women?


    But she didn't think of this problem either . . .


    She looked at Jiang Beihan in embarrassment and carefully observed his expression .

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    "If there is another time, I . . . I will definitely not leave . " After a while, she replied with a smirk .


    He was unhappy just now because she turned to leave, leaving him and Sally in the same room . . .


    "That's it?" Jiang Beihan narrowed his black eyes and asked her, seemingly not satisfied with her answer just now .


    "Otherwise, what else?" Song Wenxin feel helpless .


    "Are you going to do something you should do as a wife?" Jiang Beihan raised his eyebrows and asked suddenly .


    For example, jealous!




    What should a wife do?

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