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Published at 17th of November 2020 07:25:21 AM

Chapter 56

Doesn't it all mean that the star is busy and has a bad memory? Why does this person remember her?


    And Song Wenxin obviously didn't want to be remembered by the other party .


    There are many media at the scene, and she doesn't want to make any trouble here . . . because she sneaked out from Jiang Beihan .


    "Are you a staff member here?" Qiao Zezhi couldn't help asking immediately after seeing her avoiding himself .


    She pretended not to know him because she was afraid that he would retaliate against her?




    Because of Qiao Zezhi's relationship, a small number of people on the scene had already noticed Song Wenxin's side, and cast a curious look at the two .


    Song Wenxin yelled secretly, and quickly reached out and pushed Qiao Zezhi away .


    "Um, I'm sorry, I'll leave ,I have something to do . " Song Wenxin covered her face in her jacket, and after speaking, she hurried away from Qiao Zezhi .




    When Qiao Zezhi reacted, Song Wenxin had disappeared .


    He stopped in place, glanced down at his clothes, frowned, a little unhappy .


    is he scary?




    Inside the lounge .


    Jiang Beihan leaned on the sofa, raised his hand, and glanced at the time on his watch .


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    Song Wenxin hasn't come back yet . It seems that the outside conference is very exciting?


    Or is this woman looking at a man idiotically at this time?


    Thinking of Song Wenxin's straight eyes staring at other men just now, his heart felt a little unhappy!


    She really has no vision!


    Just when Jiang Beihan put down the documents in his hand and was about to go out to have a look, the door in the room was suddenly pushed open .


    Jiang Beihan frowned and said in a low voice, "Do you know you are back?"


    But after a while, his face sank .


    Because the person here is not Song Wenxin .


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    He heard the sound of high heels .


    A mixed-race woman with long curly hair in a black dress, walked in .


    "President Jiang, I didn't expect that you really came here in person . " Seeing Jiang Beihan, she smiled gently .


    Before the press conference, she called Jiang Beihan's secretary office several times and wanted to invite him to attend today's press conference, but she never got a reply .


    Unexpectedly, he appeared on the scene today, which surprised her .


    "Who are you?" Jiang Bei glanced at him coldly, then frowned and asked .


    When Jiang Beihan's voice fell, the other party's face became pale . . .


    "Mr . Jiang, you are really joking . I'm Sally, the designer of DL . Last month, I saw you with Mr . Zhou . " Sally said with a strong smile .

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    She had imagined dozens of endings, but she didn't expect Jiang Beihan to not remember her at all .


    "You are very noisy . " Hearing this, Jiang Beihan didn't look at her either, but instead opened his mobile phone to read work emails .


    " . . . " Jiang Beihan was so indifferent that Sally was caught off guard, very embarrassed, and her face was very bad, and he didn't even know what to say next .


    Everyone says that Jiang Beihan treats others indifferently, especially to women .


    She didn't believe it, but today she has seen it . . .


    Could it be . . . he is really as rumored . . . not interested in women?


    Sally glanced at Jiang Beihan's handsome and handsome face, and gritted her teeth unwillingly .


    "Then I won't bother you . " She smiled, then stepped on high heels, turned around, and prepared to leave .

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