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Chapter 55.2 : All Demon Feast

"Huh? What are you screaming about? Didn't you want to take over my body? Come then!" Qing Yu's face was smiling harmlessly, her hand even helpfully bringing the puppet closer to her body, which just caused the blaze to burn more merrily, the flames surging inside the male puppet's body.

"Arrgghh….. I can't take it…… Kill me! Just kill me! !"

That heart rending pain that quaked him right into his bones caused the male puppet to cry out so pitifully it was unbearable to see. Till the end, it was burned slowly bit by bit by the golden red fire till it turned into nothing but ash.

Yin Chi's face that had already turned white as a sheet then completely froze up.

She had reared that puppet for many years and it was only after expending every effort she could give that she had come to possess such a strong power, that had accompanied her for the past hundred years.

But now, by coming with her here to seek revenge, it had been burned alive and reduced into a pile of ash.

Maybe no one knew what that male puppet really meant to her.

That man had once been her lover.

In order to have him resurrected, Yin Chi who was then a young lady at her budding prime had then been turned into her present wrinkled filled and hideously ugly looking self.

So, even if the entire world was to abandon her, he would never do that.

He had loved her, and likewise for her. Even if he had become merely a walking dead, who was incapable of feelings and only knew to take orders from her.

But now, even he was gone.

The woman had had her eyes gouged out, and in those dark and vacant holes where her eyes had been, tears of blood actually fell, and her blood red lips then curled up into a strange and bewildering arc.

Within a hundred miles around the Barricaded Spirit Tower, a bone chilling crying wail rang out right at that moment. The countless silver spirit binding chains at the top of the tower that barricaded countless spirit souls clinked and rattled loudly, moving under a sinister wind. The full moon that was the colour of blood was then covered completely by a black mist, as an innumerable number of jet black ghostly figures leapt fleetingly through the air under the cover of the darkness of night, all of them seemingly heading towards a particular direction.

"Demon Feast." Baili Ji Ran spotted the black figures under the strange darkness of that night, and his eyes narrowed.

[In that direction….. Wasn't that where the Barricaded Spirit Tower was?]

[Looks like it wasn't just a case as simple as a mere intruder tonight. To be able to summon a Demon Feast, that was a feat only a high leveled Priestess in necromancy would be capable of.]

"What is a Demon Feast?" Mu Qian Shang was just beside him, and he had naturally heard him suddenly utter those two words.

Although Baili Ji Ran had indeed once been the Carefree Valley's Young Lord, but his real identity was being the heir to one of the Four Great Family Clans of the White Fen Lands. Hence, he was naturally widely travelled and highly knowledgeable. Although it was not known why he had come to appear here, Mu Qian Shang had not wanted to poke his nose into the matter and had not exposed him.

"Demons appear by the thousands, and where they tread, nothing shall live, all shall be devoured and swallowed." Baili Ji Ran then paused a moment. "The powers of the Demon King….. Will be as strong as ten of you and me put together."

Mu Qian Shang was a prodigy who wielded both darkness and light, and he possessed an overwhelming advantage against all other elements. Although Baili Ji Ran did not have such enviable gifts like him, but he was still once the Carefree Valley's top expert, where not even the Lord of the valley had been his match. No one knew how strong he really was, but since he was from the middle level realm, his powers were naturally not weak.

But now, the Demon King he had described.

Was indeed rather terrifying.

So, just how big was this incident that was happening here tonight?

The Barricaded Spirit Tower's array had long been broken into and demonic shadows numbering many thousands had overtaken the area a hundred miles around it. The thick stench of blood wafted in from the forest and as far as the eye could see, the ground was littered with the broken limbs and mutilated corpses of wild animals whose blood had been sucked dry, a grisly and bloody sight.

"My Lord! What is happening? How did this happen! ?" Ah Jin stared, his eyes wide with shock, unable to imagine that he would come to see such a brutal and tragic sight, and his attractive looking face turned rather pale for the first time.

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