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Chapter 41.3 : Water Edge Kingdom Visits

The smile at the corners of Yan Ning Luo's lips then deepened a little. "You remember that I told you before that there was a person I liked?"

Yu Xiao Ning blinked her eyes, struggling to recall. Digging down deep into her memories, she then finally found a faint impression.

"I seem to have come to like someone." Yan Ning Luo had only been seven or eight years old then, her young and puerile voice had said to the similarly young and tiny Yu Xiao Ning then that she had found someone she liked.

And that liking had blossomed, slowly growing deeper, to become love.

To think that such a small little girl had already known how to like a person, and that liking had gone on for eight whole years!

Yu Xiao Ning was a little startled. "Little Ning, you've got to be kidding. Tell me who is this person that you have come to like?"

Yan Ning Luo's gaze grew gentle. "He told me his name is Qing Ye Li. A long time ago, I only knew his name, but I was not aware that he is actually the Duke of Vast Seas."

The name of the Duke of Vast Seas was indeed Qing Ye Li, but no more than a handful of people dared to call him by his name, and as time passed, the people had almost forgotten what his name was, but only knew him to be the Duke of Vast Seas.

[That god of slaughter had even told her his name. Could he possibly be interested in Little Ning as well?]

Yu Xiao Ning was in shock as her thoughts raced. That man was just too terrifying! And Little Ning is actually in love with him?]

[Although he is very powerful indeed, and you wouldn't be able to find more than a few who would be able to stand up against him. But wouldn't Little Ning then have to suffer under that unpredictable temperament and the eccentric mood swings of that man?]

Just thinking about it and Yu Xiao Ning could not help but worry for her good friend. But the most crucial point was…..

"Little Ning, have you forgotten that you have a marriage engagement with the Crown Prince? By doing this, aren't you making him….." [A cuckold now?] But she did not dare speak those last few words aloud.

"He doesn't like me anyway, so does it even matter?" Yan Ning Luo smiled indifferently. "Wait till he has someone he likes, we will then go to His Majesty to annul the marriage engagement."

Yu Xiao Ning knitted up her brows. "His Majesty will definitely not agree to it. Little Ning, don't forget. The Duke of Vast Seas is an enemy of the Green Wave Kingdom."

"So what? At most, I will just give up being a princess and go to the Water Edge with him."

Yan NIng Luo had said those words very lightly, but it had clunked heavily in Yu Xiao Ning's heart. [It seems like she was really very much in love with that Duke of Vast Seas fella. But with just one look, it was clear that that man was not easy to get along with. Can't help but wonder what kind of bewitching brew that man had given Yan Ning Luo.]

No matter what she said at that moment, Yan Ning Luo would not listen. Yu Xiao Ning then just clamped her mouth shut.

Soon, the Water Edge Kingdom's delegation were assigned their lodgings. It was a unique structure, grand and magnificent, a non permanent palace situated on the west side of the Imperial Palace. It was said the place was constructed only one year ago, used specifically only to receive delegations from other kingdoms, and the Water Edge Kingdom's emissaries were the first people to stay in that annex.

As they had come a far and long distance and were all travel worn, the Green Wave Kingdom then allowed the delegation some time to rest and organize themselves, by setting the welcome banquet to start later after nightfall.

The Water Edge Kingdom had said that they were sending the Ninth Princess here for matchmaking, but it was in fact just provocation. It must be known that in the Green Wave Kingdom's Imperial Family, besides the Crown Prince Xuanyuan Che and the denounced Sixth Prince Xuanyuan Chi, they did not have any other princes they could bring out that was considered worthy of this Ninth Princess.

Unfortunately, among those two, one already had a Crown Prince Consort already decided upon, and they couldn't possibly ask a highborn princess of another kingdom to be a concubine could they! ?

As for the other Sixth Prince, although denounced, he was still a direct disciple in the inner circle of the Limitless Sect's Sect Leader, which was one of the Three Great Sects, and his maternal clan was the Constellation Lands' top Family Clan of medical cultivators, his identity rather extraordinary. But the most crucial point was that his relationship with the current reigning Emperor was on rather bad terms and it was impossible for them to reconcile.

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