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Chapter 305.2: 305.2
Chapter 305 . 2: Lian Shi’s Origins (3)

Time trickled by bit by bit, and it was not known how long a period passed before the woman’s soft voice that sounded like it carried a slight hoarse tinge suddenly echoed in that vast hall, her words causing the shade on the faces of the two men in there to change .

“Just have me killed… . . ”

The woman’s voice was calm and level, without a single ripple in its intonation, like she was speaking of something that could not be anymore ordinary .

“What did you say?” The man’s violet eyes peered sinisterly at her, seeming to carry an indecipherable emotion, an emotion too deep and complex to be perceived .

“Just kill me!”

The woman looked right at the man and came to repeat the words she said earlier, her beautiful silver eyes wet with a heart rending mist .

Her pale white lips were curled up in a cold hard smile . “Killing their chosen heir right before the people of the gods race would definitely still deal a devastating blow to their morale even though I have been abandoned by them… . . ”

“You want me to make use of you to defeat the gods?” The man’s eyes narrowed, as if he was determining the veracity of her words .

“The gods have already abandoned me anyway, and you do not trust me, isn’t that right? In that case, is there a need to spare me my life? I am now just a pawn who is no longer of any use, so at least let me do something for you just before I die… . . ”

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The colour on the man’s face grew even darker . “You think I will believe your words?”

Against this face of cold taunting sarcasm of his, the woman seemed to have become accustomed to it . She merely smiled faintly in response and said: “A dying person’s words come right from the heart… . . I admit that I did hide my identity in the beginning, but… . . ”

Her voice paused for a moment at that point, her gaze locked straight onto the man’s deep violet eyes . “I love you . This much is true . ”

“Love me?” The smile on the man’s face grew ironic . “A person from the gods race has fallen in love with one from the side of their most hated enemy? Even if you were really unaware of my identity as one of the demon race, for you to come to fall for a demon, is it because you have merely grown bored and was just tired of staying there among the gods, so you thought to come to experience living with the demon race for a bit! ?”

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The woman’s face grew even more pale . Her lips moved, looking like she wanted to say something, but was then heartlessly interrupted by the man .

“You do not need to waste anymore of your breath . Since you want to do something for me before you die, I shall grant you your wish . ” Immediately upon saying that, the man turned himself around and strode out of the palace hall .

The thick and heavy door was pulled open, and it then boomed shut, the short chill gust of wind that blew in causing the air in the palace hall to turn sinister and cold .

The woman stood there with her head raised up, looking at a tiny window above that let in a sliver of the moonlight . She did not move for a good while, and it was not known what was going through her mind at that moment, the back of her thin and frail looking body looking so desolate and pitiful .

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He lowered his eyes and remained silent for a long while, hesitant to speak . In the end, he asked slowly in a soft voice: “Why did you… . . not tell him?”

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