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Chapter 304.4: 304.4
Chapter 304 . 4: Lian Shi’s Origins (2)

“Would you then believe me?” The woman’s face slowly came to break into a smile, a misty sheen seeming to shimmer within her eyes . “Why? Why do you… . . have to be the demon seed?”

“Then why did you have to be the heir to the throne of the gods?”

The man seemed to be tickled by her words, and his long fair skinned fingers gently lifted the woman’s chin, as his handsome face leaned in closer .

His voice was close to bewitching as he said slowly: “Since you love me, why not… . . you give up your race as a god for my sake? And when the day that we are wed, I will definitely invite your father to attend in order to show my sincerity . The races of gods and demons will then be bonded more strongly . What do you think? Isn’t that a really great idea?”

“Do you sincerely want to marry me or are you just trying to make use of me to achieve your objective of humiliating the gods?” The expression on the woman’s face that was forced to look up at him seemed to carry a tinge of pain and sadness .

That expression of hers did not elicit the slightest bit of sympathy from the man, but made him push her away with a look of disgust on his face . “Why would you need to put on such a pitiful face for? Making it look like I am dumping you after having toyed with your feelings . Ha! With a woman with such a devious and scheming mind like you, I will never believe a single word that comes out from that mouth of yours . ”

Throughout the entire process, he was like an uninvolved outsider, watching the love and hatred evolve and erupt between them .

He saw the instant the light that shone from deep within the woman’s eyes in the beginning which slowly dimmed and turned grey, till there was not a single bit of light in them .

Maybe the man was wrong in one thing . Though she had indeed wanted to get close to the man and him with impure intentions in the beginning, something that not even he himself could have ever expected then happened in the end .

And that was, she has really fallen for the man, fallen in love with the enemy that the gods wanted to kill and be rid of the most .

What the man did not know was, the reason she had come to be captured by the demon race, and was even abandoned by the gods, was all because of him .

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It was because she came to find out the man’s identity in the end, and after an intense struggle within herself, she still chose him . She had even attempted to persuade her father, the highest and undisputed ruler of the people of the gods race, to call a cease to the warring and let peace and tranquility return back to the lands .

She was the most obedient, the sweetest and most loving one all this time, and was highly favoured . Her abnormal and unusual conduct this time had caused her father to smell that something was amiss in all this almost immediately .

In the end, she had told her father truthfully, that she had fallen in love with someone from the demon race .

Her father had of course flown into an unbridled rage, admonishing her that she must completely give up on that idea, or she would not only lose her place as the heir, but be spurned and suffer the abuse from the entire race of the gods .

At that moment, she defied her father for the very first time, and just as she expected, she was chased out by her father .

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As she was feeling down and dispirited, her mind in a fluster, she ended up being ambushed by the demons and captured . And when she saw him again after going through so much, she was being treated by him like this .

With ridicule, suspicion, disgust… . .

Haha… . . She’s such a great big joke… . .

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