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Chapter 62: Could It Be That When People Grow Up Everything Changed? 

     But after another minute, no one appeared. 

     Mu Xiao Xiao suddenly felt a little sad, thinking that Yin Shao Jie that bastard should have left, did not even think about picking her up, right?

     At this moment, the new guard who she met in the morning came over and said to her, "This classmate, are you waiting for Master Jie? He has already left school before the school ended."

     Hearing his words, Mu Xiao Xiao’s expression suddenly turned black.

     Smelly Yin Shao Jie!

     Actually, he really didn't wait for her, and went home first!

     Obviously, he said something too much to her which made her sad, but did he have no regrets at all? Have never thought about coaxing her or apologizing to her?

     Mu Xiao Xiao was really sad this time. In the past, Yin Shao Jie would not be like this to her. If he angers her making her not happy, he will think of a way to coax her.

     She has a melancholy and desolate feeling in her heart. Could it be that when people grow up everything changed?

     Thinking that she was still looking forward to him to pick her up, Mu Xiao Xiao felt that she was really stupid, stupid to death!

     The more she thought the more she gets angry.

     So Mu Xiao Xiao decided, she definitely did not want to go home, she wants to run away from home!

     Yes, since it is his fault, he has not apologized to her, why should she go home?

     However, if she doesn't go home, where can she go?

     If she goes to Yin House, and Yin Shao Jie knows it, he will only be relieved, will not have any effect at all.


     Since she is going to run away from home, of course, let him not know her whereabouts and let him worry about her.

     After thinking for a while, Mu Xiao Xiao turned over the contents in her bag and counted a total of more than 3,000 yuan of cash. These were extorted in the morning from Yin Shao Jie's wallet.

     With so much money in hand, she still afraid that there is no place to go?

     The clever eyeball turned and finally decided to go to the hotel! And also to stay at the best hotel!

     After thanking the guard, she stopped a taxi.

     "Driver, I am going to the hotel! The most expensive one!"

     The driver dumbfounded when he heard her and enquiringly looked back at her to verify. He asked, "Student, are you sure you want to go to the most expensive one?"

     Mu Xiao Xiao, like a local tyrant, said arrogantly, "Of course! Drive quickly."

     "Okay." The driver also had no opinion. Anyway, the passengers want to go anywhere. He just had to send them.

     After half an hour.

     The taxi parked in the most expensive part of the city center, in front of a magnificent hotel.

     Mu Xiao Xiao very generously gave a hundred yuan and said: “Keep the change."

     The driver smiled, "Thank you!"

     It deserves to be called a six-star hotel, the taxi stops at the hotel entrance, and the receptionist opens the door to her, with an amiable smile. "Welcome, do you want to check in?"

     "Yes." Mu Xiao Xiao was originally a daughter of a rich family, so the temperament is no need to pretend, the posture is extravagant and generous.

     She was greeted at the front desk.

     The front desk lady hung a professional smile and amiably asked, "Miss, Hello, what type of room do you want to check in?"

     Mu Xiao Xiao thought about it and said to her, "I want the best presidential suite."

     The front desk lady dumbfounded for a while as if she suspected she had heard it wrong, and asked quickly, "Miss, are you sure? The price of our hotel's presidential suite overnight..."

     Mu Xiao Xiao didn't care about the price. Anyway, it wasn't her money, and she specially chose the most expensive room to stay.

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