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Chapter 776: Sister Yu, Let Me Be Your Leg Accessory

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A lot of media companies wanted to interview Qin Fangfei, but they were afraid of the Qin family’s reputation. They did not dare flock to the entrance of the Qin family home, nor did they dare rashly harass Qin Fangfei. They could only turn to the next best thing and surround A High.

Zhao Jiande had already expected this. He knew that Qin Fangfei would bring back the title of top scorer in the exam. So when this happened, he was not surprised.

However, he also knew that he was lucky to have the top scorer of the college entrance exam in his class. After all, Qin Fangfei could have gone to Special Class One, but she had transferred to the ordinary Class Seven for Jiang Yu. What did this have to do with him?

Facing the reporters’ questions, Zhao Jiande did not want to take credit for this. He attributed Qin Fangfei’s good results to her talent and hard work and explained to the media, “I just did my duty. Qin Fangfei was able to get the top scorer in the college entrance exam thanks to her hard work. I actually didn’t do much…”

Even though Zhao Jiande said so, everyone only took this as a humble excuse. Due to the top scorer in the college entrance examination, Qin Fangfei, appearing in Class Seven, and also the appearance of Jiang Yu who had been guaranteed admission to Bei U via the five-subjects examination, the school prepared to transfer Zhao Jiande to another class the following year. Some parents even began to ask which class Zhao Jiande would be in charge of in the future, wanting to send their children to his class.

The interview with Zhao Jiande was broadcast online. Later, Qin Fangfei also accepted an interview, but she did not show up in person. There were no photos of her on the Internet, only a letter that she had written. The letter mentioned a person who helped Qin Fangfei a lot. If it was not for this person, Qin Fangfei would not have gotten such good results even if she was the top student in the college entrance examination. This person was her classmate, her deskmate, and she called her Sister Yu. When other people saw this article, they would probably just skip past it. But the students of A High were very familiar with this name!

Jiang Yu had accumulated a group of fans at school. When those fans thought about how their goddess was about to graduate, they knew it would be very difficult for them to see their goddess again. They were all very sad.

Graduation ceremony.

The Grade Twelve students had all returned, and Jiang Yu was no exception.

As soon as she arrived at her class, she discovered that her seat was filled with things. There were many small wrapped boxes. They looked so colorful that her seat looked like a stall.

Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows and randomly picked up a small box. There was a card tied with a bow on the box. She took it out and the card said, “Goddess! Happy graduation! I’ll miss you!”

Jiang Yu laughed. She had not expected this.

Qin Fangfei gave Jiang Yu a big hug the moment she saw her. “Sister Yu, I did it!”

“Okay.” Jiang Yu pinched Qing Fangfei’s cheek. “You did well.”

Only Jiang Yu would dare to pinch the face of Ms. Qin.

After being pinched, Qin Fangfei still smiled happily, “Thank goodness I didn’t break my promise. Also, Sister Yu, I received the gift you sent me. Tonight when I light up the fragrance, I’m confident that I’ll sleep better.

“And that bottle of ointment. Grandpa and Mother used it on their shoulders and necks. My mother said that her neck isn’t as sore as before. It’s been some time since she had a headache. It’s amazing!

“Where did you get this medicine? I didn’t see the factory address or a name on the bottle. I only saw the instructions attached to it. Did you get this medicine from an expert? You must have put in a lot of effort, right? The medicine is so effective. It must be very expensive, right?”

Jiang Yu did not mind and said, “It’s fine. It did not cost much.”

“How is that possible?” Qin Fangfei obviously did not believe Jiang Yu. “Since the effect is so good, it must be very expensive! Sister Yu, why are you being so polite to me? Tell me how much it is and I pay you back.”

Jiang Yu replied plainly, “Yes, so don’t be so polite.”

Seeing that it was impossible for Jiang Yu to accept her money, Qin Fangfei pouted, “Then, Sister Yu, tell me the maker’s contact information. I’ll buy it from them directly. You don’t have to trouble yourself. It’s already great that you helped us find such a useful medicine!”

But Jiang Yu refused, “No need. I’ll send it to you regularly.”

Qin Fangfei mumbled, “Sister Yu, you’re being too kind. How could I waste your money?”

Jiang Yu: “It really isn’t expensive.”

She turned around, obviously not wanting to continue this topic.

Qin Fangfei pursed her lips. She was both touched and a little miffed. Sister Yu was really too good for her. She did not know how to repay Sister Yu. She could not possibly give her money, right? That would be so tacky!

Qin Fangfei rolled her eyes. “Sister Yu, why don’t I give you a villa by the river? The scenery there is pretty good and it’s close to our house.”

Jiang Yu: “No.”

“What about a limited-edition car, a branded bag, and limited-edition perfume?”


Qin Fangfei sighed. “Then I can only give you my produce stall.”

Jiang Yu: “Sure.”

Qin Fangfei: “???”

Jiang Yu: “You’ll send me vegetables, and I’ll send you medicine. That’s perfect.”

Qin Fangfei: ‘…No, how is that perfect?’

After all this time, Jiang Yu only wanted the produce she grew?

Qin Fangfei suddenly became playful and leaned over to Jiang Yu’s shoulder, “Sister Yu, I’ve already decided to choose the biology major at Bei U. In the future, I’ll also study biological cultivation and reproduction. Since I’m so useful, why don’t you bring me along in the future and I’ll be your leg accessory?”

Jiang Yu pushed Qin Fangfei away. “There’s no need for that.

“You’re too heavy.”

Qin Fangfei: !!!

She complained unhappily, “I’m 1.63 meters tall. I’m only 90 kilograms. How am I heavy?!”

Jiang Yu said plainly, “You’re heavier than vegetables.”

Qin Fangfei: “…”

The students first gathered in class before filing into the general assembly hall.

Qin Fangfei held onto Jiang Yu’s hand as she chattered beside her.

Along the way, there were people waiting by the side of the hallways. When they saw Jiang Yu appear, they waved their hands and said excitedly, “Sister Yu, Happy Graduation!”

“Sister Yu! Goodbye!”

“We’ll miss you!”

Someone even rushed up and stuffed the gift in their hands into Jiang Yu’s hands. The girl blushed as she rubbed the back of her head and said in embarrassment, “Goddess, I don’t know how to speak and I don’t know what to say. Just…

“I wish you all the best!

“You are my role model and I look up to you! My dream is to enter Bei U and I’ll work hard to reach your level!”

Her gaze was firm as she looked at Jiang Yu with a smile.

Jiang Yu was stunned.

Then, encouraged by this girl, the other girls shouted, “Sister Yu, I’ll work hard to enter Bei U too!”

“Wait for me at Bei U!”

“Sister Yu, I can’t get into Bei U. But I’ll work hard to achieve my goal!”

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