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Chapter 74: Seriously?

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“I can try and see if my second brother would agree with me doing that. But I can’t guarantee it,” Sheng Yue said as she sneered in her heart.

Yes, in your dreams!

What made Lou Shu believe her second brother would be interested in her?

After Lou Shu left, Sheng Yue took out her cell phone and sent a text message to Sheng Hanjing. “Second Brother, it’s been a long time. Can we have dinner tonight?”

She didn’t even mention Lou Shu.

The text message received a quick response and Sheng Yue opened it confidently, but then her face turned pale.

“Sorry, Yueyue, I just came back and have a lot of things to attend to. Let’s meet up another day.”

She was actually rejected by the gentlest second brother, who never refused anyone. Sheng Yue couldn’t believe what she saw and was terribly upset.


The test papers were handed out, and instead of checking her own score, Fang Duo immediately looked at Sheng Yang’s test paper.

Although Yangyang said no, Fang Duo still explained a few key exam questions to Yangyang before the exam, trying to help her raise her score.

And it happened that those exam questions appeared on the test paper this time.

So Fang Duo was very confident that Yangyang would at least do better than the last test.

But when she saw Sheng Yang’s score, her face turned green.

Seriously?! 89 points again! Why does Yangyang always get such scores?

It was a great blow to her. After all, she was committed to helping Yangyang, her idol, improve her scores in Chinese. However, Sheng Yang still seemed to be in a pretty good mood. She was looking at the test paper as if admiring her best work.

Fang Duo was immediately discouraged and her little shoulders collapsed. Yangyang must be really bad at Chinese, so even if she only got 89 points on the test again, she was still happy.

But what could she do?

Well, she had to just take it easy.

Fang Duo looked at Sheng Yang’s gorgeous face and was immediately filled with energy again. She clenched her fists. She wouldn’t give up. She must try her best to help Yangyang overcome this weakness. She would help Yangyang set a small goal first, or at least help her get a passing score!

In the office, after Li Mei received Sheng Yang’s test paper, she happily copied it and went to taunt Chen Lan with the copy.

She was a narrow-minded, vengeful person. Sheng Yang did a good job on the math exam last time, and her math teacher Mr. Zheng copied Sheng Yang’s test paper and circulated it among the students. So this time, she also copied the 89-point test paper of this “Goddess of Study” and showed it to her classmates.

“Ms. Chen, look at this test paper,” Li Mei said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

As soon as Chen Lan saw this score, she had a headache. She knew it was Sheng Yang’s test paper.

Why was this girl so bad at Chinese?

“Look at this question she got wrong. It’s so simple. And this one. Oh, how could she leave this question unanswered? Even an elementary school student could answer this question, right? Haha, I heard she’s from a little village. No wonder she has such a weak knowledge base,” Li Mei said, frowning, “How can I help her improve? I think she should turn to an elementary school teacher for help!”

Knowing Li Mei said all this with ill intentions, Chen Lan still listened very carefully because it involved her student. What if her words could be helpful? But listening to these words, she checked the test paper carefully and her eyes gradually glowed.

Then, as if discovering something shocking, Chen Lan suddenly grabbed the test paper from Li Mei and turned it over, eager to verify her guess, and her eyes grew brighter and brighter.

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