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Chapter 1275: Please Let Me Out

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However, the barrier was still sealed. Chi Jiao couldn’t hear what the old lady said, so she shot Shen Xing a look.

Shen Xing removed the soundproof feature, and the old woman’s hoarse pleas for mercy were immediately heard.

“Miss, Miss, I know my mistake. I won’t do anything evil again. Please let me out!” The old lady cried. She looked very pitiful as she raised her hand to wipe her tears.

The old woman had been living a life worse than death for the past month. She had been hiding in the dimension for the past few days, but she was hungry and thirsty after hiding for a long time. Therefore, she carefully came out of her dimension in the dead of night.

However, Shen Xing had been waiting for the old lady outside. When it saw the old lady coming out of her dimension, it beat her up without even a word.

Although Shen Xing looked like a little brat, it was definitely serious when it came to attacking. It easily beat the old woman until she screamed and hurriedly hid in her dimension.

Shen Xing beat the old woman until she was so frightened that she stayed in the dimension for more than a day. She laid down in her dimension and fell asleep groggily. When she woke up, her throat felt like it was on fire. She had no choice but to muster her courage and leave the dimension.

This time, the old lady was in luck. Shen Xing was not waiting outside the dimension this time. The old lady found some food at home and collected some remnant water from the water pipes in the house into a cup. After hurriedly drinking it, she realized that Chi Jiao had cut the electricity in the villa!

The old lady cursed angrily. Unexpectedly, she received a response. A voice sounded from outside the door. “The water has been turned on. Aren’t you thirsty? Go and drink it.”

At that time, the old woman was already about to go crazy from thirst. She hurriedly turned on the tap and realized that there was really water. She placed her mouth right at the tap and drank. But it was not water. Instead, it was a foul-smelling sticky liquid. Thereafter, a stream of worms flowed out.

The worms fought to get out of the tap and into the old woman’s mouth.

The old woman was frightened and screamed like a pig being slaughtered. She wanted to turn off the tap, but in her haste, she accidentally pulled the whole tap out of the sink. The worms surged out of the exposed pipe and engulfed the old woman like a wave.

The old woman screamed and opened her eyes to realize that she was lying by the toilet bowl. There was a foul smell of disinfectant in her mouth, and half of the water in the toilet bowl was gone.

She had been hallucinating from thirst and had drank water from the toilet bowl!

The old woman’s stomach churned. Then, she bent down and vomited when she recalled the disgusting scene in her dream.

The old woman’s vision turned black. Just as she was being tortured to near death, she suddenly heard innocent laughter behind her.

As if she had been struck by lightning, she turned to look out the window behind her and saw Shen Xing smiling at her. It then suddenly raised its hand. Its fair arm suddenly turned into a snake that flew towards her.

The old lady couldn’t take it anymore after a few days. She was tortured by Shen Xing’s hallucinations all day every day.

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