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Chapter 6 : I Want To Ask, Does He Have A Girlfriend?

     The appearance, the figure, and even the calm and cold atmosphere all over his body.

     He confronted the opposite wealthy young master, and he did not seem to be a low-level bodyguard. He was more like an arrogant high-ranking person, not to mention in that trifling smile expression hiding a reticent mocking.

     Chi Huan looked and she was always familiar with it. At the moment, she suddenly felt unfamiliar, unexpectedly her heart slightly papillate.

     The one who was irritated in the group immediately wanted to come up but was immediately pulled by the person next to him.

     Although the voice was lowered, Chi Huan still heard it clearly.

     "Master Xu don't impulsive, fighting with him will not have any advantage of it."

     "This man has mingled up with the army and the underworld. I heard that one person can lay down dozens of people."

     "Let's go, it’s not worth fighting with this kind of people, unworthy."


     In the end, the young master who was twisted by Mo Shi Qian ferociously spit. "Chi Huan, you better not have the day that you fell in the hands of me."

     Chi Huan’s red lips pulled out a cold smile. “Even if I have that day, you are still a coward who can only bully women.”

     Afraid of Mo Shi Qian, they still walk away.

     After they left, Chi Huan looked down and looked at her wrist was entangled with his fingers.

     As he was about to finish, Mo Shi Qian had loosened and took back his hand.

     A low and thin voice rang at the top of her head. "Offended, Miss."

     Chi Huan stepped back two steps and pulling a little distance with him.

     She gave the coat to Chu Xi, and she had only a thin beige v-neck sweater on her body.

     Under the tall and straight posture of the man, she is even thin and slender.

     She looked up and looked at him suspiciously. "How come you are here? Do you follow me?"

     She said to him to pick her up a little late. Did he come so early?

     Chi Huan looked at the handsome face in front of her eyes, and she tactlessly remembers the last night's things, and immediately became uncomfortable, and her thoughts flutter uncontrollably.

     This man is really dedicated and worried about her accident, so he came over very early, or...

     Chi Huan is a bit awkward and has some arrogant thoughts, he should not be... like her?

     When she thinks about it carefully, he came to Chi House for ten years. He stayed at her side for two or three years. She had never seen him with more than half women, and she had never seen him close to a female.

     Basically... are by her side.

     Yes, She is a beauty, it’s not surprising that he followed her all day long and then like her.

     But what if he really likes her?

     Although she does not despise his origins, she already has Xi Gu, so does she has to pretend not knowing, or dismiss him to let him give up?

     However, he seems to have something in his hometown, fiancee arranged by the parent.

     Mo Shi Qian slightly bowed his head. He didn't realize that in a few seconds, she imagines a big show in her heart. But he was just as calm and indifferent as before. "I came here to handled something, happens to see you."

     Chi Huan looked at him, with a long “O”.

     The man’s gesture is respectful and indifferent. “I am going to deal with my business. You find your appointment friend. When it’s over, give me a call. I will pick you up.”

     She was preparing to nod and suddenly felt a bit cold.

     She gave her clothes to Chu Xi, naturally, she would be cold.

     Chi Huan frowned and hugged her shoulders. "Mo Shi Qian, I am a bit cold."

     Mo Shi Qian glanced at her thin sweater, quite for a moment, and said, "I let the boss raise the heating a little."

     Chi Huan, "..."

     It’s not in the winter, it’s still autumn, open what kind of heating.

     She unhappy said, "Then other people will be hot."

     Mo Shi Qian frown.

     After a while, he said, "I will call someone to bring clothes."

     "But I am cold now."

     Mo Shi Qian finally noticed that the woman’s sight was on him.

     He looked away, but still make an exception, took off his black thin windbreaker jacket and put it on her.

     Chi Huan allow him to put it on her. When she raised her face, she accidentally saw his firm and persistence chin. The man’s eyes looked cold and absorbed.

     It was just such a sturdy but natural posture, might be too close, she had a little bit difficulty breathing and quickly withdraw her sight.

     "I wear your clothes, will you be cold?"

     The voice of a man is as deep and indifferent as before. "I’m alright."

     "Well, if you are cold, you can go buy clothes nearby."

     She is actually said just for symbolic meaning.

     Mo Shi Qian did not answer her, and after he finished putting on her coat, he indifferently said, "I will go first."

     After that, he takes a step back and then turns and leave.

     The back is straight and cold.

     Chi Huan looked at his figure and curled her lips. He had been with her for two or three years. It really doesn’t have a little bit of close feeling.

     She looked down and smelled the clothes on her body, a very cool and refreshing manly flavor.

     It’s the same as in her memory... when did she remember the flavour of this man?


     Push open the door of the box, Chi Huan skillfully played with sunglasses, leaning against the door frame, posing an enchanting stance, red lips outlined a lazy curve, and the voice was a little lazy, "Miss is here."

     About seven or eight people in the box.

     "Tsk, Miss Chi, since she was in love, really after a thousands call has been coming once in a while."

     "Oh! what is your new look today, isn’t this dress too big? Or is the fashion circle now changing day by day till even me can't get it?"

     "That is a man's clothes, Chi Huan, you won't be so lunatic that you wear Mo Xi Gu's clothes to show off your love, right."

     Chi Huan lifted her foot and walked in.

     "This kind of thing can't be done by others. But why can’t Chi beauty can’t do it, but Huanhuan, Show public display of affection will die fast, you have to be careful."

     Chi Huan glanced at the talking person and found an empty place to sit down. She reached for a glass of wine, raised her head, drank it in one glup, and then put the empty glass back on the coffee table.

     At the end, she said casually. "I just saw a few scums bullying a woman downstair, splashing wine of others. I pity her, and let my clothes worn on her. This is my bodyguard, make do with it." ”

     She just said, a soft female voice rang, "Miss Chi."

     Chi Huan raised her head and looked over, "Yes?"

     The one who is talking is a girl who is about the same age as her. She is not very familiar with her. She is a friend of her friend. She looks from a very rich family. If she remembers it correctly, she is called Ji Yu.

     Ji Yu was embarrassed to look at her, her cheeks were flushed. "You said that bodyguard... Is it called Mo Shi Qian?"

     Chi Huan raised her eyebrows. "It’s Mo Shi Qian, you know him?"

     "I have seen it a few times... I want to ask, does he have a girlfriend?"

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