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‘Young master… everyone wants to protect Gun Gun,’ Yi Tu said.

‘I’ll protect Gun Gun,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘You don’t need to worry.’

‘Yes young master,’ Yi Tu said.

Yi Tu was satisfied he provoked Hao Yan Che to show Hao Yan Che’s true feelings.

At five in the afternoon, Tan Tan packed the textbooks in room fifteen.

‘Gun Gun, you’re a bright student,’ Tan Tan praised.

‘Big sister Yan, it’s because you’re a gentle and a patient teacher,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I love having you as my teacher.’

‘Why wouldn’t I be gentle with a loveable student like you?’ Tan Tan asked.

Tan Tan was usually indifferent to her colleagues and students, Yuan Gun Gun was the exception.

Yuan Gun Gun escorted Tan Tan to the car, and in the distance she saw Na Liu Ting Du’s car.

‘See you tomorrow big sister Tan,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘See you tomorrow Gun Gun,’ Tan Tan said and rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

After Tan Tan’s car disappeared, Yuan Gun Gun ran to Na Liu Ting Du.

‘Big brother Du!’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

Na Liu Ting Du’s arms lifted Yuan Gun Gun, and spun her around.

‘Big brother Du… you’re making me dizzy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Na Liu Ting Du held Yuan Gun Gun still in his arms. She kissed his cheek and he gave her an Eskimo kiss.

‘Did you miss me?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘I missed you too,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘Then why didn’t big brother Du come visit me sooner?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Dad wants to spend more time with mum,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘It means I’m busier at work.’

When Na Liu Ting Du kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s cheek, he didn’t notice Hao Yan Che’s reflection disappeared from the study room window.

‘Big brother Du must be tired,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Let me massage you.’

Na Liu Ting Du put Yuan Gun Gun on the ground.

‘My little princess Gun Gun knows how to care about others,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

Na Liu Ting Du opened the driver’s door, picked up the box of chocolates and gave it to Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Same rule,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘You can’t eat too many chocolates in one go.’

Yuan Gun Gun hugged the box of chocolates and smiled at Na Liu Ting Du.

‘Big brother Du is the best,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘You give me everything I want.’

‘How are you going to thank me?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

Yuan Gun Gun kissed Na Liu Ting Du’s cheek again. She didn’t see Hao Yan Che standing behind her, he looked like he wanted to kill Na Liu Ting Du.

‘Gun Gun, what about the other cheek?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked and looked directly at Hao Yan Che’s murderous eyes.

Yuan Gun Gun kissed Na Liu Ting Du’s other cheek, Hao Yan Che’s violet eyes changed color and Na Liu Ting Du thought he was seeing things.

‘Yuan Gun Gun!’ Hao Yan Che called.

Yuan Gun Gun turned around, and Hao Yan Che’s cold glare made her body shiver.

‘Young master…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Are you having a good time?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Yuan Gun Gun was too scared to open her mouth.

Na Liu Ting Du exchanged another death glare with Hao Yan Che.

‘Come here,’ Hao Yan Che said.

Yuan Gun Gun took a step back, and Hao Yan Che smiled coldly.

‘Do you want me to come over there?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Yuan Gun Gun walked to Hao Yan Che’s side. He knocked her head, but not softly like usual.

‘Ah…’ Yuan Gun Gun cried out in pain.

‘Gun Gun!’ Na Liu Ting Du called.

‘Do you know what you did wrong?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Hao Yan Che held up Yuan Gun Gun’s chin and her teary eyes were levelled with his cold eyes.

Na Liu Ting Du wanted to kill Hao Yan Che for hurting Yuan Gun Gun. Na Liu Ting Du walked to Hao Yan Che, but Hao Yan Che kicked Na Liu Ting Du to the ground. Even though Na Liu Tin Du had his guard up, he didn’t expect Hao Yan Che’s fighting instincts too be that fast.

End of Chapter Seventy-Five

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