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‘Don’t let me hear your teacher report you’re a bad student,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘If I do hear a bad report about your studies, you’ll suffer.’

Hao Yan Che caressed Yuan Gun Gun’s bottom, and she sat rigid on his lap.

‘Understand?’ Hao Yan Che asked and patted Yuan Gun Gun’s bottom.

Yuan Gun Gun gulped and nodded her head. Hao Yan Che held her face, and kissed her irresistible lips. He let go of her when she stopped breathing.

‘What do you use your nose for?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Breathing,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Then why aren’t you using your nose to breathe?’ Hao Yan Che teased.

‘I forgot…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun thought it was impossible for her to remember to breathe whenever Hao Yan Che kissed her.

Hao Yan Che caressed Yuan Gun Gun’s face. She wasn’t an eloquent speaker, but he loved her being herself. Was it a symptom of love? He contemplated whether he would be charmed by another woman like her, and felt repulsed. The only woman he wanted to be intimate with was Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Young master… we shouldn’t do this together,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘My mum told me…’

‘Who do you belong to?’ Hao Yan Che asked. ‘Have you forgotten?’

Yuan Gun Gun remembered what happened at the hospital. She covered her face and ears.

‘I’m yours,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Good,’ Han Yan Che said. ‘Between me and your mum, who can make decisions for you?’

‘Me… I mean young master,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Che scoffed and looked around the pink bedroom.

‘Your room is messy,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Pack up your belongings.’

‘Are you saying I can go home?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Hao Yan Che knocked Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

‘Do you want to see what happens if you mention going home again?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Then why do I need to pack?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘You’re moving rooms,’ Hao Yan Che said.

‘To where?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Yuan Gun Gun was attached to the pink bedroom, she didn’t want to move bedrooms.

‘Master bedroom,’ Hao Yan Che said.

‘Huh?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘Master bedroom? But the master bedroom belongs to you.’

Hao Yan Che silently looked at the dummy in the pink bedroom.

‘Are you saying you want to swap rooms with me?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Hao Yan Che’s patience was running out.

‘Am I wrong?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘We’re sharing a room together,’ Hao Yan Che said.

‘You and me… sharing a room together?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘I don’t mind sharing a room with a dummy,’ Hao Yan Che said and pinched Yuan Gun Gun’s face.

‘Ow…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Hurry up and pack,’ Hao Yan Che said.

Seconds later, Hao Yan Che got a headache watching Yuan Gun Gun make the pink bedroom messier.

‘Now I know why a dummy shouldn’t pack,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘I’ll ask someone to pack for you.’

Chen Jia Ting knocked on the door.

‘Come in,’ Hao Yan Che said.

‘Young master, the meals are cooked,’ Chen Jia Ting said.

‘Um,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Help Yuan Gun Gun pack her belongings. Then ask someone to help you move her belongings to the master bedroom.’

‘Yes young master,’ Chen Jia Ting said.

Chen Jia Ting bowed and smiled at Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Let me pack,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Hao Yan Che held Yuan Gun Gun’s hand.

‘You’ll only make the room messier,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Let’s go.’

Chen Jia Ting happily watched Yuan Gun Gun and Hao Yan Che walk outside together. Unlike Yuan Gun Gun, Chen Jia Ting understood why Hao Yan Che wanted Yuan Gun Gun to move to the master bedroom.

In the dining room, Yuan Gun Gun looked sadly at the food on the dining table. She was going to be used as guinea pig to test if there was poison in the food again.

‘Everyone go outside,’ Hao Yan Che ordered.

Hao Yan Che pulled Yuan Gun Gun onto his lap. She didn’t know why he liked to hug her to eat. But she loved his body scent, and his warm embrace. Most importantly when he hugged her, she didn’t feel he hated her.

End of Chapter Sixty-Four

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